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Exam 2 study guide

by: Carly Ott

Exam 2 study guide 3489

Carly Ott
GPA 3.89
Algorithmic Problem Solving
Adam Carter

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About this Document

I wrote out all the answers to the clicker questions that will be on the next exam. I wrote part of the questions, but the full questions with the code to look at, is on his website.
Algorithmic Problem Solving
Adam Carter
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Carly Ott on Wednesday April 8, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to 3489 at Washington State University taught by Adam Carter in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 88 views. For similar materials see Algorithmic Problem Solving in Computer Science and Engineering at Washington State University.


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Date Created: 04/08/15
Chapter 6 Clicker Q s Part 2 1 Value of s after the code executes a Dictionaries give you the name of the box or value within it b Items quotaquot 1 i quotaquot key ii 1 value c Boxes are probably in a different order because the order you type it doesn t mean that is the order d For lists the answer would be 123 you get the values e For dictionaries you get the keys f Answer abc c 2 What gets printed to the screen printotheritemsquotbquot a Items quotaquot 1 b 2 quotcquot 3 b Exy5xyxx 2Dvalueofygoestox i But in lists and dictionaries you can make x equal y when y is a listdictionary c When you change items you also change otheritems d The new values would be 2 3 and 4 e Answer 3 c but with the mistake printotheritems1 answer would be E 3 What is the value of s after the code executes this question has a lot wrong to it a For x y in enumerate items s y b X gives us the keys c To get values itemsx i Name of the variable at x gives us the value d Y gives us the values only in the format given e Answer 123 d s x y would give you the answer B 4 How will Python react to the following command a Answer a python will create a new slot and store the value for that slot b This works for dictionaries not lists 5 What is the main difference between lists and dictionaries a Keys for lists are numbers and start at 0 numeric names b Dictionaries keys can be called anything custom named boxes 6 How to determine if we should use a list or dictionary best data structure to use a Dictionary i Care about name of the box ii Ex worked well with days of the week iii Better with mapping makes programming easier b Otherwise use a list Chapter 6 Clicker Questions Alist 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 a The length is 4 B b The 4 sections are 1 23 4 and 57 Xlist 1 1 2 1 2 3 printxist1 a The output is 1 2 C The value of s after the code executes a quot5quot would be quotabcquot A b Make a table to help see how the loop is running and to see the values for each variable The value of s after the code executes a quot5quot would be quotcbaquot C b Make a table to help see how the loop is running and to see the values for each variable What is the output when we printzlist a The answer is none of the above D b It should print quot34quot Which will sum the values of the second element of the nests lists a The answer is all of the above E Chapter 8 clicker Questions part 2 l I Why isn t it a good idea to include print andor input to computational functions a Answer it makes modular development more dif cult B 2 What value gets printed to the screen a Answer 4 A b Default value of x is 4 defined in the function c The return value would be 2 B What is the value of xlist after the code executes a Answer 2345 B assuming xlist somelist i With the code unchanged the answer would be D error b If we change a list within a function as the input perimeter the change stays 4 What is the value of xlist after the code executes a Answer none C b You would need to return a value i Xlist does not exist before we call the function in this code but it does in the previous question What is the value of xlist after the code executes a Answer 1 2 3 4 A b This kind of FOR loop for a list the change does not stick i At the end of the FOR loop the values revert ii No actual change occurred iii Adding return would not make the changes stick What is the value of somestr after the code executes a Answer quotbcdequot D b The 1 singles start 1 signals stop c Get values 14 i When it starts at 0 UL U39l 01 Chapter 8 Clicker Questions Which is NOT an advantage to using functions a Answer produce faster code e Value of X after the code has been executed a Answer 20 b b Will give you a oat number In the example below f s input does this always need to be the same a Answer No b b Can use any variable name that you want Value of X after the code has been executed a Answer None c b Function did not return anything just said return not return x or y c Would need to say return x to get 13 Return y would get you 10 What variables can f1 see a Answer abc b b Just because f2 calls f1 does not mean it can see f2 s variables How many variables boxes might be called quotaquot Answer 3 d 3 de nitions 3 boxes For f1 A 5 For f2 A 7 e For global A None because f2 did not have return within it If the user enters 4 what is the value of y a Answer 20 b anew


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