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SJC / Biology / BIOL 112 / bio 112 final exam

bio 112 final exam

bio 112 final exam


School: San Juan College
Department: Biology
Course: Human Body Structures & Functions
Professor: Schiess
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: Human Anatomy
Cost: 50
Name: Study guide final exam
Description: A few questions and answers to remember and go over for the exam.
Uploaded: 12/09/2016
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What is the study of function?

• What is the study of form?

Human Anatomy Stvide guide A The diaphragm seperates what cavities?

Study Soup ht anos pngs Human Anatomy Stvide guide A The diaphragm seperates what cavities? Thoracic cavity & Abdominopelvic cavity • What is the study of form? Anatomy What is the study of function? Physiology "What is within the ventral body cavity? pericardial cavity, adbominal cavity, pelvic cavity & pleural cavity. ' what aIf you want to learn more check out osu math 1150
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re the main functions of the skeletal system? To provide support & store minerals. • What is metabolism? All Chemical & Physical changes in the boay. What are other terms for anterior & posterior? ventral & dorsal.. Name Components of the endocrine system. pituitary & thyroid glands. functions of the integumentan system? cover outer surface protection thom infection & thermoregulation. what system is significantly different between genders? Reproductive system define a lipid. organic compounds containing martly carbon & hydrogen of oxygen. What are protons positively charged subatomic particles. What is the mass number? the number of protons & neutrons. What are lipids used for? forming the phospholipid bilayer of cell membranes. 'What are electrons ? tiny subatomic particles, orbit the nuciew of an atom. name a characteristic of nucleic acid DNA. Double stranded What is the atomic number? number of protons. • What is a double covalent bond? When a pairs of t ons are shared between a atoms What is a nonpolar covalent bond? a pairs of elections shared equally in molecule of oxygen • find product of H2 + Cl2 + 2HCl. Hal is the product. • What is a hydrogen bond? weak electrical attraction between molecules. What is a covalent bond? aroms share electrons. What molewle performs most celular functions? proteins 'What does a DNA nucleotide consist of? deoxyribure sugar, nitrogenous base, & phosphate group. a what is unique to RNA? Ribose what is translation process of forming a polypeptide from mRNA instructions. function of transport proteins? regulate the passage of ions. •Where does transcription occur? the nucleus. "What is active transport? process that requires ATP to move a substance independently of its concentration gradient. Study Soup A StudySoup • what is diffusion? molecules mare into cells along concentration gradient directly through the cell membrane. "what is the cell membrane's job? protects the cell & acts as a filter. "What must occur before cell division in mitosis? Replication of DNA 11 la metaphase? part of cell cycle when duplicated chromosomes line up along the equator of the cell. Where is protein mostly produced in a plasma membrane? rough endoplasmic Reticulum • Where is the cells RNA produced the nucleous name a function of the cell membrane sensitivity to changes in the extracellular flod 5 Where do the reactions of anaerobic respiration occur? the cytosol • DNA organic base. II.A, CG, A, what's the corresponding messenger RNA sequence , A, U, 6,9 "DNA Base TC, G, A, T, C, what's the complementary strand sequence? A, G, C, I AG C what is a codon? a set of 3 nucleotides of mRNA molecule that correspond to specific amino acid. "What's a denatured prorein? protein attered by exposure to certain chemicals, heat, extremes of pH electricity, or radiation, what becomes more abundant during cellular respiration? ATP Ca How do enzymes enable chemical reactions in organisms to proceed fart enough to sustain life? By lowering the activation energy. Study Soup sapnis ( Study Soup Study Soup Study Soup

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