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CSU - ACCT 129 - Study Guide - Final

Created by: Sydney McCourt Elite Notetaker

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CSU - ACCT 129 - Study Guide - Final

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background image MTH 129 Final Study Guide  “Stressed In-class” ​ ​“Stressed in Reading”   EXAM Wed, Dec. 14th, 2016 12:30-2:30pm     Chapters 12.1; 12.2; 12.4; 12.5; 12.6   
12.1 Observational Studies & Experiments 
Inferential Statistics 
Observational Studies 
● Survey questions   
Population vs. Sample 
● Define population 
● Define Sample 
○ Problems that may occur with sampling  ● Sampling methods  ○ Stratified random sample 
○ Convenience sample 
○ Voluntary response sample 
● Bias of sampling  ○ Undercoverage 
○ Nonresponse 
○ Response bias 
● Walk through steps of experiment  ○ Random selection 
○ Treatment group 
○ Control group 
■ Placebo effect   
background image 12.2 Statistical Graphs & Tables 
Types of Data 
● Categorical data 
● Quantitative data 
Descriptive Statistics 
● Positive correlations 
● Negative correlations 
● Line of best fit / trend line (slope) 
Types of Graphs: (be able to draw & understand) 
● Bar graph   
    ● Pictograph 
background image  
Number of Dogs 
Jane     Billy      Peter 
  Sally      1 dog =     
● Lineplot   
background image    
● Stem-and-leaf plot   
● Histogram   

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School: Cleveland State University
Department: Accounting
Course: Math Elementry Sch Teacher III
Professor: Kathleen Adams
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: mathematical reasoning for elementary teachers
Name: MTH 129 Final Study Guide
Description: Covers Key Concepts in Chapters Reviewed in this course
Uploaded: 12/10/2016
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