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UMB / Health / HLTH 377 / What is the new hiv vaccine tested in south africa?

What is the new hiv vaccine tested in south africa?

What is the new hiv vaccine tested in south africa?


School: University of Maryland
Department: Health
Course: Human Sexuality
Professor: Jenna beckwith
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: human sexuality, #freethenipple, HouseBill2, Hyde, Religious, freedom, restoration, ACT, PlannedParenthood, TitleX, Erin'sLaw, Hb-72, DatingAroundtheWorld, FamilyMedicalLeave, medical, leave, Sexuality&Media, HIV/AIDS, SexWork, Polyamory, polygamy, polyandry, Sexting, and Sexting101
Cost: 25
Name: HLTH 337: Human Sexuality Group Presentations
Description: These notes cover all of the group presentations, excluding the one I presented. The group presentations were selected by the class, covering topics from lectures throughout the semester. The notes DO NOT just include what is on the power point slides, and in some instances, it is only what was said and/or discussed -- these are the important points for the final exam.
Uploaded: 12/13/2016
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Group Presentations

What is the new hiv vaccine being tested in south africa?

Thursday, November 3, 2016

11:08 AM

I Free the Nipple

a Gender equality campaign -- men and women should be granted the same freedom  

b Started b/c

i Women are objectified, shamed

ii Media: Film "Free the Nipple"

1 Women go topless to get media attention

2 Was not able to be released --> started the campaign  

b Policy

i Indecent exposure --> illegal

ii Unique laws: NY, Maine, etc.  

b Social Media - Online Censorship

i Women are not allowed to show their actual nipple -- breast is OK?  b Appearance: women and men nipples look very similar

i Differences include body hair  

Define erin's law.

II Bathroom Bill - "House Bill 2" - HB2

a Everyone must use the restroom that aligns with biological sex or sex  assigned at birth  

i Consistency

b Targets transgender men and women  

i NO transgender individuals have been assaulted for using the  bathroom of their choice  We also discuss several other topics like Who are an american pitcher, manager, and executive in the early years of professional baseball and the co-founder of a.g. spalding sporting goods company?

ii There's never been an issue before, why make a law?

II HYDE Amendment  

a Prohibits funding for abortions unless the women are at harm or a victim  of rape -- targets low income women  

b Created by Henry Hyde: does not believe in abortions  

c Issues

i Affordability

ii Accessibility

iii Discrimination - low-income women of color  

II SB 101: Religious Freedom Restoration Act  

Define hiv.

a Prohibits a government entity from burdening a person exercise of religion b Ex. Inmates at jail access to Kosher diets  

c Cons:

i Increased discrimination against LGBTQ+ community

ii Gives religious facilities the ability to exclude LGBTQ+ individuals  II Planned Parenthood  

a Only 3% of procedures are abortions  

b Legally abortions can be done -- 12 states have defunded planned  parenthood  

c Hilary Clinton is a supporter of planned parenthood  

II Title X

a Low income families have a greater chance of unplanned pregnancy  because of access

b Title X allows accessibility for everybody -- breast cancer, cervical  screenings, birth control Don't forget about the age old question of Differentiate the two primary function of dna.
We also discuss several other topics like Why are the voice onset times for voiceless stops longer?

c Family planning: individuals anticipate their desired view of a family  d Impacts: We also discuss several other topics like How is music meaningful?

i Low income men and women, esp. women of color

ii Young people seeking reproductive health care/testing

iii Those seeking a safe form of abortion

b Benefits

i Accessibility and cost

ii STI testing

iii Specialized staff If you want to learn more check out Define electrophoresis.

iv Safety

v Comfort

vi Lowered stigma  

vii Contraception  

viii Education

ix Counseling

x Lollipops  

b Drawbacks

i Morality/religion  

ii Legal/ethical argument

iii Tax dollars  

II Erin's Law: Hb-72  

a Serves to shatter the silence and stigma around sexual abuse -- requires  all public schools to implement a prevention-oriented child sexual abuse  program  

i Educates children through discussions and books  

1 Programs differ for each age group -- specific for efficiency  ii Gives children the tools to speak up if they have been inappropriately touched  

iii 28 states passed, 19 introduced, 4 still in progress  

b Every 6 mins, a child is sexually assaulted in the US

c 1/10 will be abused before age 18

d Secrecy

i An abuser may coach a child to stay silent

ii Fear of being removed from home

iii Fear of not being believed

iv Shame or guilt

v Threats of bodily harm - older, stronger, bigger

vi Language skills - unable to process and communicate issues b Signs

i Sleeping problems If you want to learn more check out Who went to holland until jesus was overthrown?

ii Appetite changes

iii Sudden mood swings

iv New unusual fears

v Suddenly having money, toys, or gifts

vi Talking about a "new older friend"

vii Leaving "clues"

b Targeted Demographics = Family Structure

i Step and single parents or no parents (10x more likely)

ii "Broken homes"

iii Females are 5x more likely

iv Children ages 7-13

v Low income

vi Disabilities

b Erin Merryn's Story -- educate and prevent sexual abuse in schools  II Dating Around the World

a Hookup Culture: accepts and encourages casual sexual encounters  b Saudi Arabia

i Illegal for men and women to interact with each other in public if they are not family  

b Japan

i Dating culture is almost non-existent -- usually not until after HS ii 42% of men and 44% of women between 18-32 are virgins  b Brazil

i Overly affectionate -- PDA is not a term b/c it is a norm

ii Making out does not have to carry the intent of moving forward  b US

i Millennials are having less sex than any other generation in the past  60 years  

ii Netflix and chill

iii America-Huffington Post

1 Don’t text someone to ask them out

2 The most attractive thing in opposite sex is a sense of humor 3 Everyone is confused about what constitutes a date -- make  intentions clear

4 The number one dating deal breaker for both genders is poor  hygiene  

II Family Medical Leave

a Every US citizen has 12 weeks of unpaid leave

i Employee must have worked at least 12 months for employer ii 1/2 of people even qualify -- 40% of women don't qualify  

b Impacts

i After 2015, same-sex couple gained equal access

ii Most detrimental to those w/ low SES, esp. w/ child care  

iii Who birthed the child -- Maternity leave -- more physical and mental  issues that need more time

iv Father Figure -- Paternity leave -- less likely to get paid leave 1 Fathers are more involved in their child's daily activities if they  take leave  

ii Child -- more health benefits for child when both parents receive  paid medical leave  

1 More likely to be taken to pediatrician  

2 More likely to breastfeed

b Compared to other countries

i Only developed country that does not have a national paid leave  mandate, financial benefits

II Sexuality in the Media

a History

i 1930's: Hay's Code for motion pictures -- nothing related to sex was  allowed to be shown in media

ii 1947: Mary Kay and Johnny shared bed on screen

iii 1950's: I Love Lucy got pregnant  

iv 1973: first time nude women shown on TV  

v 1991: first on air kiss between 2 women  

vi 1990's: sex is now incorporated in all aspects of media from cartoons  to commercials  

b Prevalence of Sex in the Media: TV

i Teenagers spend 7+ hours a day on media

ii More than 75% of prime-time TV programs contain sexual content iii Only 14% of sexual incidents mention any risks or responsibilities of  sexual activity  

b Prevalence of Sex in Reality TV: The Real World

i Popularizes casual hook up culture  

ii Young people are more comfortable with revealing self on video  b Prevalence of Sex in the Media: Music

i 40% of lyrics contain sexual material  

ii Only 6% contained healthy sexual material

iii 37% of lyrics contain sexual references that degrade women iv Music videos: women are oversexualized  

1 Minimal clothing, provocative dancing, submissive to men  b Prevalence of Sex in the Media: Movies

i Every R-Rated teen movie since 1980's has contained at least 1 nude  scene  

ii Leads to distorted view on body image, romance, and normal  adolescent sexuality in movies  

iii 85% of movies from 1950-2006, contain sexual content  

b Research

i Higher exposure to TV w/ a lot of sex --> more personal sexual  activity  

b Positive Impacts

i Kaiser Family Foundation put money towards safe sexual acts in  media

b Negative Impacts

i Pleasing guys, not girls

ii Unrealistic body image ideas  

iii May be teens only education for sex behaviors  

iv College student releveled that viewing reality dating shows creates a  double standard  

1 Start having sex at younger ages, more partners, less likely to  wear condoms  

b Adolescent are vulnerable to sexual messages --> PUBERTY i Puberty = physical and hormonal growth  

ii Prefrontal cortex still building -- what is right and wrong -- decision  making!

iii What to do

1 Parents should monitor children's media content  


a 1/8 people w/ HIV do not know that they are infected

b HIV: no effective cure, but controlled with proper medical care  i Attacks immune system and damages it

ii Decrease in immune system can make it easier to get infected by  other diseases

b AIDS: only reach when immune system is severely damaged  i Stage 1: Active HIV Infection Stage

1 2-4 weeks after HIV infection, people develop flu-like symptoms  -- high fever, sore throat, muscle/joint aches

2 Virus weakens the immune system by replicating and destroying CD4 cells -- play major role in protecting body from infection 3 Optimal time to begin ART

b Prevention Methods

i PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis)

1 Prescribed to high risk populations

a Sexually active gay men

b Transgender women that have sex w/ men

2 When taken regularly, chance of preventing HIV is very high 3 Contains 2 medicines

a Tenofovir and emtricitabine used to prevent virus from  establishing a permanent infection in body  

ii PEP: effective in preventing HIV  

iii NOT 100% preventable -- recommend condoms  

iv Some barriers do not work as well on everyone -- negative stigma b The Stigma Project

i Grassroots organization

ii Goal: lower HIV infection rates and battle stigma through education,  advertising and social media  

b HIV Spread and Medication

i HIV virus attacks CD4 cells (T-cells)

ii Medications stop the spread of HIV -- disrupt replication  iii Allows immune system to recover from any CD4 cell loss iv Most effective method: keeping up with medications

b Magic Johnson

i 1991: contracted HIV and revealed to media  

ii 25 years later: NOW: still a healthy sports analyst, businessman, and  HIV activist  

iii MYTH: access to special medication that gives him an advantage in  survival compared to other HIV patients

iv MYTH: Johnson is cured of HIV

v MYTH: HIV/AIDS is a homosexual disease

vi MYTH: HIV always leads to AIDS  

vii How he does it?

1 Takes the medication that are available in developed countries 2 A lot of people still live with HIV and not AIDS -- live healthy,  normal lives  

b Treatment Methods

i TasP: Treatment as Prevention

1 Treat HIV positive people to PREVENT further spread of the virus  2 The earlier they start ARV therapy, the more effective it will be

3 Ultimate goal is to have an "undetectable load"

ii HIV Drug Cocktail

1 Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART): most common  prescription

2 Doctors combine drugs for most effective use  

b HIV Vaccine

i New vaccine being tested in South Africa -- HVTN 100

II Sex Work

a Definitions

i Sex work: the provision of sexual services for money or goods ii Sex workers: people who get money or good in exchange for sexual  services

iii Clients: people (typically men) who pay for sexual services either  explicitly or within an agreed package that includes other services  (entertainment)

iv Third parties: people who play roles in commercial sex, arranging  meetings between sex workers  

1 Pimps

2 Panderers: facilitate conversation w/ client for sex worker

3 Commercial sex:  

b History

i 1700's: Brothels opened in cities such as Boston and New York due to stationing of soldiers

ii 1800's: California Gold Rush brought miners and women from Europe, South American and Asia  

iii 1894: "Red-Light District"

b Federal Laws

i Federal government cannot regulate prostitution  

ii State by state basis:

1 Illegal in all states except Nevada  

a Brothel owners are charged large fees

b Prostitutes must be tested for STI's

c Unprotected sex is illegal -- condoms must be used  

2 Punishment

a Prostitutes and customers are charged with misdemeanors b Primps and brothel owners are charged with felonies

c If underage, penalties are much greater  

b Present Day Statistics

i Average age of entry into prostitution: 12-14 or 14-21  

ii Sex Workers are vulnerable

1 73% reported physical assault

b Exploitation or Empowerment

i Believe exploitation

1 Trust consent is impossible; money acts as coercion

2 Unproportionable affects those most desperate  

3 Reinforces damaging patriarchal ideas: women exist for men's  pleasure

4 Point to violence against women in the industry

5 Perpetuates patriarchal ideas of male monetary dominance over  women

ii Believe Empowerment

1 Women's bodies, women's choice

2 Done currently the workers hold final say on what they are  willing to do  

3 Provides additional options for women to advance economically  and become independent

4 Reject inherent sexism, classism, and unbalanced power  relations -- construct of societal issues not the industry  

b Legalization Debate

i Pro

1 Prohibition does not work

2 Regulation makes work safer -- controlled  

3 Workers gain access to health services

4 Government money!  

ii Cons

1 Creates incentive for human trafficking

2 Dangerous work

3 Spread of STI's  

b Polyamory

i Polygamy: when you have more than one spouse

ii Polygyny: man with multiple wives

iii Polyandry: women with multiple girl partners  


1 They don’t get jealous

a More communication

2 Poly is just cheating

3 You're dividing your love

4 All poly people are bisexual

5 Poly individuals are more at risk for STD's  

ii Polyamory and Cheating: based on knowledge and consent of each  person involved

1 Unambiguous rules must be established in polyamorous  relationship that involves everyone  

2 A healthy relationship comes from knowing wants and needs  3 New Relationship Energy: can blind partners from following rules ii History and Legal Issues

1 Polyamory has been around since prehistoric times

2 Polyamorous individuals are not protected by law

a Increased risk of losing job

b Increased risk of prosecution

c Loss of housing

d Inability to marry legally  

ii Polyamory Culture

1 More common in atheists/agnostics, Buddhists, bisexuals 2 Estimated 500,000 polyamorous relationship in the USA a More common in LGBT progressive countries

2 Form of sexual liberation or freedom

a "open thinking"

b Increasing support with LBT movements

c Anti-patriarchal

ii Oneida Community

1 Religious utopian commune: 1848-81

a Free love and complex marriage

i Consensual sex with any other members

ii Possessive/exclusive relationships disliked

iii Children raised communally

b Everyone treated as equals

i Stronger women's right for the time period

ii Rotating roles/jobs apart from specialists

b Up to 300 members

ii Animal Kingdom

1 Less than 5% are considered monogamous  

2 David Barash and the Myth of Monogamy

a Monogamy is culture-based  







Less genetic diversity

Infanticide: male  

protects group of  


a Sexting 101

i History of Sexting:

1 Cave paintings

2 Pigeons carried letters

3 Polaroid camera  

ii 48% Women-- more likely to send pics to a significant other 1 Men more likely to send pics out of relationship

ii The "Flappening"

1 Federal laws give copyrights to the person who created the  images  

ii Consequent at Work

1 Lose job  

ii Emotional Consequences

1 Negatives

a Bullying

b Unwanted eyes seeing what you did not want them to see c Employment opportunities damages

2 Positives

a Committed couples have increased satisfaction in their  relationship when frequent sexting is involved

b Can help long distance relationships  

ii Guide

1 Decide whether to include your face or any identifying mark that could be traced back to you

2 Don’t drink and sext

a Sloppy

b Regrets

c Not a clear choice  

2 Delete the evidence  

3 Time and place  

4 Make sure you trust your partner  5 Try not to surprise anyone  

6 Don’t send a text you don’t want to send 7 Autocorrect can kill the mood  8 Slightly risqué all-out raunchy

9 Think about your future

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