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ODU / Engineering / HIST 102 / Who is Ahurmazda?

Who is Ahurmazda?

Who is Ahurmazda?


School: Old Dominion University
Department: Engineering
Course: Econ 200s
Professor: Michale carhart
Term: Fall 2015
Tags: history, Syllabus, european, past, Sources, and ODU
Cost: Free
Name: History 102H, Week 1 class notes plus reading notes
Description: Review of Syllabus and notes on second chapter (first chapter we read) in McKay textbook for the quiz due tuesday
Uploaded: 01/14/2017
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What explains the Rise and Fall of the Assyrians?

What was Unique about Hebrew Civilization?

What New Kingdoms Arose in the Near East After 1100 BCE?

History 102H Notes January 10,2017 class- January 12, 2017 class January 10, 2017 Class Class on the 10th due to snow!  January 10,2017 Reading  Syllabus Notes  Course Description:  - History of Europe from ancient times ???? today  - Two themes that continue to surface are: 1. The rule of Law 2. Religious ExpressiDon't forget about the age old question of What is an observation that two traits or attributes are related to each other?
Don't forget about the age old question of terrie white lsu
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We also discuss several other topics like Explain the definition of quarks.
on Learning Outcomes: - Three major life skills  1. Making a Persuasive argument in a paper 2. Summarize a variety of points / arguments  3. Synthesizing info from diverse sources  - You will also be able to o Identify and explain important events, key people, and overarching themes o Telling the difference between primary and secondary sources  o Understanding the strengths and weakness of different types of literacy, visual, and material evidence  Grade Breakdown: 1. Keeping up with Reading- 390pts  o Informal writings-210pts o Open note quizzes- 60 pts o Online quizzes – 120pts 2. MAJOR assignments-290 pts o Primary source essay- 150pts  o Reaction to the past debate- 75pts o Taking sides debate- 65pts 3. Exams- 320pts o Midterm -130pts o Final- 190pts Attendance: - No more than 6 absences or you will fail - Should be reserved for illness, family emergencies and religious holidays - Arriving late and leaving in the middle of class, even if you come back, counts as half an absence  - Cell phone ARE NOT allowed in class - Tablets and computers are ONLY allowed to access readings Class Notes: - You can access handwritten notes to use on quizzes  - The powerpoints on blackboard are only used for primary source quotes or images Informal Writing: - Mix of in class and take home assignments  - Questions are relevant to the Taking Sides text and primary source readings  - CANNOT be made up  Exams: - Identification Section**** Worth the Most - 2 Matching Sections  - One or More Short Answers  In Class Quizzes:  - May use handwritten notes - Four/ semester Online Quizzes: - Eleven quizzes - Eight quizzes count toward grade. Other grades extra credit - Will be on a single chapter in McKay - Take twice in a lockdown browsers  Taking Sides Face Off: - 3-4 minute oral presentation - Topics and dates on blackboard. Sign up on January 18 at 8am Reacting to the Past Debates: - Pick one: o Investiture controversy o The hundred years war  o The French revolution  - Argue the assigned position in both worksheet and in class debate  Primary Source Essay: - Short argumentative essay based entirely on primary sources on BB - Between 900 and 1000 words not including footnotes Extra Credit: Built into the semester.  McKay Chapter 2 What New Kingdoms Arose in the Near East After 1100 BCE? The End of Egyptian Power - Sea Peoples brought their power to an end  Write a Paragraph explaining events,  people, terms,  images, and/or  primary sources 1st: Ordering Events in Correct Order 2nd: Map of Regions/ Famous Sites- This caused political upheaval and economic chaos  - This was called the third intermediate period  - In south Egypt this opened up the space for the Nubians, who actually adopt much of Egyptian culture  - Libyans also come up the Nile and established independent dynasty  - Both groups adopted Egyptian religion and way of life  - With Egypt in shambles the African kingdom of Kush formed the Sudan  The Rise of Phoenida  Nubian Cylinder Sheath  Purpose unknown shows Nubian debt to Egyptian  religion and art  - Sea people = the Phoenicians  - Master builders - Manufactured goods to trade with Egypt - Led to the building of Carthage  Phoenician Ships Canoe-esque ships that  somehow managed to  cross the Mediterranean  - Planted trading posts and small farming communities along them Mediterranean - They developed an Alphabet  What was Unique about Hebrew Civilization? South of Phoenicians  This is where Judaism and Christianity began Hebrew State: - The Followers of Abraham migrated here from Mesopotimia in 2184 BCE  - From here Moses led them out of Egypt to the Promise Land - After 40 years of wandering they found the promise land  - Bible Stuff The Evolution of Jewish Religion  - Creation of the Hebrew bible  The Golden Calf When Moses Received the 10  commandments he came down and  found people worshiping a calf,  which was against the religious,  This was proven when a gilded calf  was discovered Yahweh Hebrew God  appeared to Moses  on Mount Sinai  - Judaism is an agreement between Yahweh (God) and the Hebrew people to only worship Yahweh and obey the 10 commandments - Did not feel the need to spread their beliefs  - Ten commandments evolved into Hebrew law - Yahweh is a single God with no other entity - No female counterpart - Yahweh does not have sexual relations  - Did not accept any form of magic Covenant Agreement  between Yahweh  and the Hebrew  people - Yahweh’s image as a man created the patriarchal society. As men could cheat/ divorce their wives with little to none repercussions where woman could not - Women’s role???? Home, Man’s Rolle ???? Temple Lives of the Hebrews - Tribes - Farmers Hebrew Archer Gracen Images were taboo. However this is an image  of Hagabs, who King Cyrus returned from Babylonia - Woman were limited in their freedoms and they were seen as impure because of menstruation and child birth - However, the wife was the pillar of the family  - She taught her children What explains the Rise and Fall of the Assyrians?  9th century led to the super power of the Assyrians  The Power of Assyria - Shalmaneser launched the attacks on Syria and Palestine  - They eventually moved on to Babylonia and Egypt  - Tiglath- Pilser III ampted up attacks  - Israel fell - Their success was due to sophisticated and effected military organization - Created a corps of engineers  Assyrian Rule and Culture - They ruled with an iron fist and all they conquered they ruled  - Babylon won their independence and then joined forces with Persia  - This destroyed the Assyrian  - Their Art last longer than their military  The Neo- Babylonian Empire - Babylonian created a dynasty of king and priests  - Took over the Assyrian empire as well as taking over - Focused on solidifying power - Failed to bring peace to the area  How did the Persian Empire differ from it’s predecessors? From Central Europe but migrated  Gave the Near East political unity and cultural diversity  The Land of Medes and Persians - Modern Iran - Combination of Russia and Central Asian  - Horse breeders The Rise of the Persian Empire Surrender of the Jews Showed King Jahu kneeling.  Then his people were led off  to slavery. - Cryus the Great unified  - Showed benevolence as well as military might  - Including the Jews allowing them to return to Jerusalem - Successors rounded out the middle east - Royal road spanned 1677 miles  Persian Religion - Tied to nature  - Main god: Ahurmazda  - Fire was a major god and the magi tended to the scared flames - Good Vs. Bad was a personal responsibility - Zoroastrianism swept through the Persian empire  - Influenced Judaism, Christianity, and early Islam Royal Road Main highway  created by  the Persians Zoroastrianism Ahurmazda, god of good  and light. Ahriman, god  of evil and dark. People  had to choosePersian Art and Culture - Respected and welcomed new religious and beliefs  - Promise of happy life after death - Encouraged subjects to live according to their own social/ religious customs. January 12,2017 Class Religion will be a reoccurring theme Interrupting Activities: - Primary source analysis - Reading - Pictures/ artifacts to explain pasr - Role playing in history - Speeches about history European: - Influenced our culture  - Learned from our mistakes  - Influenced the rest of the world - Ancient Greece and Rome influence our government  - Religion, war tactics, law and architecture all were influenced  - First major global powers were in Europe  - Our roots are based in Europe Syllabus Highlights Extra credit built in: - Class participation - Informal writing - Quizzes Choose a deadline that works for you ???? check other syllabus Bring primary sources/ taking side to class when assigned Primary source essay ???? end of Feb Talking sides ???? choose Reacting ???? choose Types of sources: Primary sources - First hand account  - Ex:o Journal o Letters o Maps o News papers  o Art (visual) o Music o Diagrams o Books  o Religious texts o Legal texts o Videos (film) o Photography o Public records o Poems  Secondary sources: - Making arguments about primary sources Tertiary sources: - Compile info like textbooks  Fiction (Great Works) Biography Autobiography

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