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UCLA / Communications / COMM ST 140 / What is the attitude accessibility theory?

What is the attitude accessibility theory?

What is the attitude accessibility theory?


Amanda Magalski K email him what to look for in monien

What is the attitude accessibility theory?

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TA office hours

Thurs 12:30-2pm GSEIS -> yellow building behindthern Lights

m 294

Lecture 3 m con social judgement theory: hd-selective perception - ppi already have a way

of looking @ the world - selective exposure - you only expose yourself to stuff you agree with expose themselves to

What is the meaning of implicit attitudes?

If you want to learn more check out What is the function of basal ganglia?
We also discuss several other topics like How are drugs excreted from the body?

Christians will not go to Athiests United meeting

•study-smoking us. non smoking messages

- could turn knob to get rid of static there are stuctions when we look @ Oppositional views, but selective exposure is the norm -Pick friends, neighborhoods, news channel that align w/ your views / attitudes political segregation - choose news sources

What is the meaning of prejudice in implicit attitudes?

If you want to learn more check out What is the principle of uniformitarianism?

that align w/ your point of view (FOX = conserv echo chambers" ego involument ppl - not the only ppl who have strong attitudes

-everyone is biased on some issue these ideas are usually not from yourself, but from influences (upbring

ing, etc - other ppl have valid perspectives

too though attitude accessibility theory

issue, person, etc.

-Russell FOSIO)

or linkage - attitude association between an object & evaluation - ex- link between country & patriotic feeling -ex- link between ethnic identity & pride If you want to learn more check out What is the tone in the line "shall i compare thee to a summer's day" by shakespeare?

ex- link between a race & hatred o vary along a continuom Tweak If you want to learn more check out When does j. s. bach die?

of strong &



@StudySoup If you want to learn more check out What is the meaning of pangea in geography?

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Amanda Magalso

we all have many subconscious thoughts

evaluations of

undhown ongin/ source

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- may stub naissod ti si soubor toumata

psiphroud lot

ило с руи колит 24

у 695 роЧОЈ ТИП

o implicit attitudes - hidden attitudes (below the threshold of consciousness)

- some strong attitudes =subconscious (ex-racist feelings) - prejudice -blindly nating ppl from

a diff. group i n - can also be activated automatically

(immediately let spring forward) - influence implicit responses you are

unaware of luncontrollable) nonbal & expressions of an attitude - habitual verbo 2 • emerge automatically - can come from upbringing

children as early as 6 can have

anti-black aimplicit attitude og even if you change these can be mitigated ressened them there is

wl education?

la residue of

- no, they are persistent

your old


- do we have dual attitudes? or are they

just complex aware unaware)? some feelings (gut-levels are so strong that they go against social norm

- very difficult to persuade otherwise * Funchonal Approach to attitudes (theory)

- attitudes serve diff. functions for ppl" *-in order to persuade someone, consider what

functions their attitudes serve dis . why do ppl hold the attitudes they do?

Fw/o attitudes, we would have to assess 1000s so are nal of costs/ benefits for each thing

Study Soup

Study sou

sono in tudis

functional /

Temubul paso19.


in ideas

(process processing

• accessible attitudes = influence

to nolta ho hod Turout nyou of hisill alohi wolf tatto PuanHula UPS soprituto anifolosso buaus. НО ЛИЧНо моў) прир Арт =mois busys = din- nuh ha pobpn!

I Hillsip O !! noh fl uolina u snd 'sabou! umous-hpots. ta 'SaniONslovnoua pato nuantul um.

sportul MDOM ald radio, t t = suos & E= Saull suos

Study Sou

uopaat &


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uo duo ob




attitude ambivalent

- can have

too objects .(-) links to certain.





you free which


ex- USA (object) =

each of associative networks


the the stronger the links, the stronger


me <object t

the components association - links among vo) -accessibility - ease of getting in touch

pulus et ramos llim bulut > was hooaj.

duou not full cm Dbuaris

accessibilitu $ association -key aspects! Of

hort slut




@ Study

sanb puos tusaop tha sphfitto un təb ubo.

1000 soy mous to pull oum loto -X2


pot halbipniu

bulutruos hiatopouu!

& 4sh. PIOMI oum totoo -X2.6 out 2001-xa sophttlo DOM SA buants.

bulbalnio NISO & burnua buants -Suollo Dossio pribol-llam

towards it


. lukewarm

familianty w/ the object, but

So buuabbut

Pol get from 6 main functions/benefits of attitudes:

- StudySoup

1 knowledge

Study SOUT


- helping ppl make sense of the wond. - Provides structure / overarching framework -ex- religious attitudes-blea God has

a plan


artthru the maths

Study Soup

- help ppl obtain rewards/ avoid

punishment -ex- (t) attitude towards Stats 10

even tho I hate math - helps me get thru the class

-ex- at athlete likes coach 3 social adjustive

-help us tt into a certain group -ex- (1) attitude toward rap music B. so that I can get along w/ my

roommates 4 social identity that I

- attitudes we use to communicate

who I am -(t) attitude toward tattoos ble it

shows I am unique ledgey © value expressive

- support recycling to show that you value the environment

(6 ego-defensive

- adopt attitude to shield yourself

from uncomfortable outcome -ex- I don't like some one bo

I think they don't like me.

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