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Persuasive Speech Outline

by: Danielle McCarthy

Persuasive Speech Outline MKT2020

Marketplace > Ohio University > Marketing > MKT2020 > Persuasive Speech Outline
Danielle McCarthy
GPA 3.096

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About this Document

Public Speaking: Coms 1030 persuasive speech outline!
Study Guide
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This 6 page Study Guide was uploaded by Danielle McCarthy on Friday April 10, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to MKT2020 at Ohio University taught by in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 140 views. For similar materials see in Marketing at Ohio University.


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Date Created: 04/10/15
Danielle McCarthy Formal Sentence Outline COMS 1030 Title of Speech Organ Donation Speci c Purpose My audience will donate their organs Proposition Everyone who is eligible to donate their organs should donate them Introduction IV Attention Getter According to an article written by The National Kidney Foundation in 2005 quotNearly 10 of the patients currently waiting for liver transplants are young people under the age of 18quot That was us last year That39s our little siblings and cousins The little kids running around our neighborhood And that39s only the statistic for livers not to mention all the other vital organs Audience Relevance Link Every day 18 people die waiting for a transplant and every 10 minutes another person is added to the list to wait and try to nd a match Credibility lam an organ donor as well is my entire family Although I haven39t had a need for an organ yet I do know many people that have needed organs including my grandfather His kidneys were failing and he needed a kidney and fortunately someone in my family was a match and was willing to give him one of her kidneys Proposition Everyone should become a certi ed organ donor and donate their organs V Preview The bene ts of donating organs extend beyond helping giving someone something that they don39t have It39s giving them a second chance while you are living or dead Transition Although donating organs and going through surgery is a trying process and can take recovery while you are alive there are many vestigial organs in the body that other people may need Body I There are certain organs that are not necessary to survival during your life that can help other people A We can donate these organs to people that need them and still survive 1 We have two kidneys but we only need one to survive A kidney transplant is very common and happens often 2 There are also many others According to Donate Life America quota living donor who can give a kidney or a portion of the liver lung intestine or pancreasquot 2013 B If our organs are not necessary during our life why not give them to people who need them 1 Going through surgery and having a quick recovery to give someone an organ or part of an organ is nothing compared to what someone has to go through when they have an organ that their body is rejecting 2 Watching a family member go through the pain and struggle of ghting an organ is awful and if you are a match you can stop that by donating to them Although I was too young to remember I am positive that my mom and her siblings were suffering almost as much as my fatherjust by watching him Transition There a multiple myths that some people think can affect whether they can be a donor or not II There are multiple myths about organ donation and how it can personally affect you A Some people think that organ donation is against their religion 1 According to Mayo Clinic quotOrgan donation is consistent with the beliefs of most major religions This includes Roman Catholicism Islam most branches ofJudaism and most Protestant faithsquot 2013 2 In an article written by Donate life Tennessee The author says that donating organs is considered a great gift in the eyes of most religions It is an act of kindness and almost all religions stress being kind to others nd B Many people also think that if you donate organs you cannot have an open casket funeral 1 This is very incorrect according to the Of ce of Women39s Health in the US Department of Health and Human Services They say quotDonation does not change the appearance of the body Organs are removed in a surgically in a routine operationquot 2012 2 In the casket you are wearing clothes that would cover up an incision and surgical scars so there is no reason for you to not be able to have an open casket Transition Knowing the good that can come from donating and that these myths are false it39s easy to become a donor Ill You can help save lives A Every person that is a certi ed organ donor can save up to 8 Iives just by donating organs If you also donate tissue and eyes you can save up to 50 lives According to the New York Organ Donor Network in 2012 With these statistics and how simple it is to become a donor why wouldn39t you 1 Becoming an organ donor is easy They just ask you a question when you get your license or ID 2 Being an organ donor does not keep you responsible for anything like donating blood or bone marrow They look at everything after you have been announced dead B It is giving someone a second chance and an improved quality of life 1 When you have passed on and no longer have use for your organs someone else will 2 If you are nished and have used all that you can out of your organs why not give them to someone else Transition Becoming an organ donor is a great way to show people that you care Conclusion Review Main Points As earlier explained there are many reasons why you should become an organ donor Not only are many myths about donating false but there are organs that are not necessary to you and you are helping to save lives Restate Proposition Everyone should become a certi ed organ donor and donate their organs Decisive Closing Donating your organs is not just about the life you are saving Your choice to donate will be more than saving a life It is giving someone another shot You may be saving the scientist who cures cancer or the next Bill Gates or maybe some little girl39s grandpa You could never know the potential of the person that you are saving They could be great You just have to let them References Donate Life America 2013 Organ Donation Retrieved From httodonateifenetunderstandinodonationoroandonation Donate Life Tennessee nd Misconceptions about Donation Retrieved From httpsdonatelifetnorgMisconceptionsaspx14 Mayo Clinic Staff 2013 Organ Donation Don t Let These Myths Confuse You Retrieved From httpwwwmayocliniccomheathorgandonationFL00077 National Kidney Foundation 2005 25 Facts about Organ Donation and Transplantation Retrieved From httpwwwunckidneycenterorg2 5factspdf New York Organ Donor Network 2012 Organ Donation Facts Retrieved From httpwwwdonateifenyorgaboutdonationquickfactsaboutdonation Taranto Sarah 2012 Organ Donation and Transplantation Fact Sheet Of ce on Women 5 Health US Department of Health and Human Services Retrieved From httpwwwwomenshealthgovlpublicationsour nublicationslfactsheetorgandonationhtmli


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