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UTEP / Chemistry / CHEM 1305 / What is meant by homogenous?

What is meant by homogenous?

What is meant by homogenous?


School: University of Texas at El Paso
Department: Chemistry
Course: General Chemistry
Professor: James becvar
Term: Summer 2015
Tags: General Chemistry
Cost: 25
Name: CHEM 1305, week 1
Description: these are note of what we cover on the first week of classes
Uploaded: 01/18/2017
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If you want to learn more check out What do you mean by reference frames?

Balance should be balance because it can give you a not accurate number

If you want to learn more check out What are the five sub disciplines of Anthropology?

⇒ you should very accurate and preciseDon't forget about the age old question of uconn skybox

Significant figures ⇒ numbers that affect or contribute to the measurement resolution

         not accurate but very precise because (has 5 significant figures)

         scientific notationDon't forget about the age old question of What should be produced?

Metric system (meter-kilogram-second)Don't forget about the age old question of Cite an example of dynamic equilibrium.

is the one that use the usually

or more known system units        

Don't forget about the age old question of What is assumed by the Principle of Superposition?




        cm        cm

1 meter          mm                         L

        om        mL                mL        

        nm        (volume)        pL


A substance

A compound


Pure   ↔                      mixture

                           ↙            ↘


Mixture of substance that has uniform composition and properties


They don't have uniform composition and properties

        Elemental                                        Compound Mixture


How many molecules?

~molecules         four

                 pentillion trillion trillion billion million thousand


a trillion trillion of it ⇐ a trillion is more than a billion (much more)

Scientific notation



Chemistry 130S

Office: chemistry and computer science bldg. 2.042

Class Room Credit

*textbook homework - tophat

*workbook homework and activities - workbook

*attendance workshop and participation

Exam I-IV +  Final

Lecture attendee is extra credit

First semester general chemistry spring - 2017

Chemistry greek word χημεία (khēmeia “cast together”) molecular science

How we use chemistry

  • Clean water and child mortality rate
  • 84% of population lives in rural areas (or the world)
  • Membrane nanotechnology

Electro > AMBAR

        Meaning: a combining form representing electric, or electricity

neutrino + gamma photons = electron and protons

Li        Sc        He        Ne

Be        Ti        B

Na        V        C

Mg        Cr        N

K        Mn        O

Ca        Fe        F

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