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UGA / Geography / GEOG 1101 / What are some examples of cognitive?

What are some examples of cognitive?

What are some examples of cognitive?


School: University of Georgia
Department: Geography
Course: Human Geography: People, Places, and Cultures
Professor: Amy ross
Term: Winter 2016
Cost: 25
Name: Human Geog Week 2 notes
Description: Week two notes for Human Geography
Uploaded: 01/20/2017
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Sulle o-rules to norms become associated with the place not con the people in it

What are some examples of cognitive?

11716 17 Slice a cognative images - the way we simplify the wona

based on what we see or remember. What you remember from a place is a cognative image

Slide 10 paths

Study SOUP If you want to learn more check out What are the functions of neurotransmitters and hormones?



Shows our

brain't personality witure cognitive

What is an ordinary landscape?

senses edges= barriers districs = arcas wi identitate charactenstic

nodes = important Strategic points land marks-physical refrenu poin Slide 13 Socio Spatial dialect - people and places are We also discuss several other topics like What is the global distribution of the world?

I constantly interacting and changing continuous away process

o places act on people and people act on places Slidell land Scapes-Vätves, cwturar ideas, places of power

Do spaces matter in coding?

often a reminder of valves of a place (ex: UGA arch) Place of power? Tinamin Savare reflects pover of Caremment ble large statues of owers & GIANT SQUARE Ondhary landscapes-like suburban piaus, ex: busnes, sans, trees We also discuss several other topics like What is the meaning of osmolality in biology?

dereich Landscapes, reflect danger Isadness. ex nomencas praees Side 6 modernity- way to look @wond that emphazies.

reason, scientific rationality, creativity, novelity & progues ex: large highways, technology progress, etc.

youre either comfortable or not w/ modernity. Slide 20 key Take Away Spaces are always coded If you want to learn more check out What is the meaning of the second group is adolescent limited in criminology?

landscapes can be read as text to see whats

important, vares. clesives etc. carole 21 places are objects of consumption - we go to be in.

the place, play to do things refreets importance of our

matenat eiture how we desire to experianes a prace ex bear 12 often there are wies for what you can / can't do lex mall wies) 23 - Gobanization & Place making If you want to learn more check out How do endotherms regulate their body temperature?

Ginerease in interaction


ticle 22

doesnt awwams makeau

places the same. migut share of Claus (economically, poutically sociauetc)

un sociallgetc)

chorartenst characterstics, but coitur

makes then different

I th others they remain distintine

Walan Cosmopolitanism - were au connected Cglobal)

Chaptera: Changing Global context We also discuss several other topics like Who is defined as a criminal?


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World is increasingly connected ex: Coffee not grown here but most all consume. however

life of ethiopian coffee grower tus is very different Slice? Globalization increasing terterconnected hass

of diffgent parts of the wond through common processes of ecoronil, enviromentat.

and political Change Slide 8 - putting no man geography in a niston can

contex helps us see change slide 10 early "hearth areas were self contained (seperate

independantly went from hunter Igatheres = agricultore

e created reciprical Societies - Shared of others technologie slasn/born agriculture (refertile Soil to Stay), demesticate

1 Sneep cattle, food sto





Shudy so

them to stay 4

in plaid

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- Create specialization taivison of labor thew compucated relationships. where? ferride cresent (midele, South asia lepegecere debeoco China, mexico/andies.

hot same as wealthy areas today slide 1 - Food Processing Systems ->

-population density increased -Social organization - Specialization

- more economy & trade.conneet between Societies. Sude 12 urbanization ~ towns coties became essential

as centers of administration for eany word empires.

people come to power, distribute wealth, taxes, laws Side 13 place making to human relations were fundamentam

transformed w/ the rise of agneulture - Sride 14 empires established more complex trade systems

specialization of the empires. (economic specialization) Istart trading Knowledge, witure, renigion - GLOBALIZATION

desieses, weapons, laws, etc. slice & economie specicuization Starts to explain why

deneaner places are different, alows Societies to

word w/ their enviroments. Slide 17 What changed this system? the Rise of Colonization

o colonization - pysical settlement & poniticar &

Sociaal control over origional people in the country slide 18 olaw of diminishing retums - proauctivity

decrease sadece if youre not apie to incre are

your resources & technologies guns, cannons, Ships awow colonization. expansionany logre a new *White man's burden &

that one has the right to colonine colonization Strateeps new boundries to clince witores I groups

to create tensions So Britian coura take over.

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Idy Sou


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slide 4 history & ad legacy of colonization major

effects current socio-economic patterns Slide 25

threen effects of colonization 0 ExpoA driven economies created in

place of self-sufficent econonces. -reigons no longer provide for themselves. dependant on Golonizers to get their restorf

(2 colonial boonaries promoted poutical instansiuty -clone purposey to prevent people from opsising to organizing

3 Wew physical t cituran infrastware

that promoted the culture of the colonizers - English, Spanish, to French as So prominate gabary because

V Of coamation suce 28 - Created for social noms (clothing (woment men roles, etc). sua altural hegemony- by enforcing norms to

customs of coomress Schools, citures hoosing If religouns auctors you create cultural hegemony

of colonization snice 30 outcome? set stage of economic system we

T comperitare have today Especiairation, who rich/poor, etc) adventage


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