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hiphopabad, botoxia, and trumpistan are all places in an inventive map by

donald meeker was instrumental in updating the font of

Created by: Amazing Grace Ehikioya Elite Notetaker

> > > > hiphopabad, botoxia, and trumpistan are all places in an inventive map by

hiphopabad, botoxia, and trumpistan are all places in an inventive map by

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background image PART TWO: THE MEDIA OF ART Chapter 10: Moving Images: Film and Digital Arts Multiple­Choice Questions                                  1.  Eadweard Muybridge is known for  portraying his ideas in storyboards.
pioneering the genre of film noir.
developing the technique of montage.
photographing people and animals in motion.
Answer:  photographing people and animals in motion.                                  2.  The phenomenon in which the human brain retains a visual image for a  fraction of a second longer than the human eye records it is known as   collective dreaming.
persistence of vision.
Answer:  persistence of vision.                                  3.  In filmmaking, each unbroken sequence of movie frames, with the camera  still rolling, is called a take.
Answer:  shot.                                  4.  Oskar Fischinger's Circles is considered to be the first motion picture.
digital film.
silent film.
experimental film.
Answer:  experimental film.
background image                                  5.  Which is an example of a Surrealist film?  Scorpio Rising La Dolce VIta Citizen Kane An Andalusian Dog Answer:  An Andalusian Dog                                  6.  One of Russian filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein's major contributions to film  was his skilled use of storyboards.
special effects.
Answer:  montage.                                  7.  Which artist is known for the five-part series of films, the CREMASTER  Cycle? Matthew Barney
Nam June Paik
Joan Jonas
Doug Aitken
Answer:  Matthew Barney                                  8.  This early filmmaker pioneered many special effects, such as dissolves  between scenes and time-lapse photography, as seen in his  Voyage to the  Moon. D.W. Griffith
Alfred Hitchcock
George Méliès
Sergei Eisenstein
Answer:  George Méliès                                  9.  Director Ridley Scott states that his creative process is strongly aided by storyboarding.
black-and-white film.
digital manipulation.
Answer:   storyboarding.
background image                                  10.  Film noir originated in Hollywood.
New York.
Answer:  Hollywood.
background image
background image PART TWO: THE MEDIA OF ART  Chapter 11: Design Disciplines Multiple­Choice Questions                                  1.  Hiphopabad, Botoxia, and Trumpistan are all places in an inventive map by  Maira Kalman and Rick Meyerowitz.
Michael Bierut.
Heidi Cody.
Answer:  Maira Kalman and Rick Meyerowitz.                                  2.  Björk’s album Biophilia was released  on vinyl only.
on CD only.
as an e-mail.
as a series of iPad apps.
Answer:  as a series of iPad apps.                                  3.  Donald Meeker was instrumental in updating the font of  school crossing signs.
international railway signs.
airport security signs.
white-on-green Interstate freeway signs.
Answer:  white­on­green Interstate freeway signs.                                  4.  An identifying mark or trademark is referred to as a logo.
a letterform.
a serif.
a font.
Answer:  a logo.                                  5.  Heidi Cody's American Alphabet is a set of light boxes that feature the  isolated first letters of American  groceries.
sports teams.
Answer:  groceries.

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School: Florida Atlantic University
Department: Earth Science
Course: Art Appreciation
Professor: Lori Warren
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: art appreciation
Name: Revel questions
Description: This is the final exam review for the revel questions
Uploaded: 01/25/2017
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