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UTD / Psychology / PSY 4343 / abnormal psychology utd

abnormal psychology utd

abnormal psychology utd


School: University of Texas at Dallas
Department: Psychology
Course: Abnormal Psychology
Professor: David farmer
Term: Summer 2015
Tags: DSM-V
Cost: Free
Name: Abnormal Psychology Week 1 Notes Dr. Ladd
Description: These notes cover the intro and historical overview of Abnormal Psychology!
Uploaded: 01/26/2017
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How would you try to resolve this discrepancy?

What outside influences may account for this?

Alternative Definitions of MD's (Mental Disorders) gely - How to distinguish from normal?

Abo vala some Classification a and Diagnosis Abnormal Psychology - Intro & Historical Overvieess i min comorbidity EDSINS some symptoms are correlated ex distracted- ADHD, Anxiety , bad day o chip = DSMS Study Soup Critiasms disorders can occur in relationships not just the inWe also discuss several other topics like gsu kinesiology
Don't forget about the age old question of fau pos
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dividual it would be inappropriate to diagnose someone with a medical issue when there might be a medical disorder @studySoup StudySoup mental disorders DSM-5 Definition of Mental Disorders - The disorder occurs w/in the individual DSM is trying to - It invowes clinically significant difficulties in. say all the thinking, feeling, or behaving exden - It involves dysfunction in processes that universal - are support mental functioning' * It is not a culturally specific reaction to an event -It is not primarily a result of social deviance of conflict with society wedan Study SOUD Take Home Message -No one definition of mental disorder fits all. -Clinicians can make diagnosis; NOT OSM-S. -There are both good and bad consequences of this - Study Soup Studysou/ StudySoup ) Study Soup Intro and Historical Overview - Psychopathology: Study of the nature, development, and treatment of psychological disorder - Challenges in the study of psychopathology Maintain objectivity Avoid preconceived notions slag. Identify our own biases • Reduce stigma a * Increased education of the public has not decreased stigma Nearly 50% of the U.S. population will has a mental disorder at some point Studysoup Study Soup Study @studySoup StudySoup Stud dy Soup DSM-5 Definition of Mental Disorders - Personal Distress The condition causes the individual distress e Emotional pain and suffering Helplessness and hopelessness of depression -Disability - Interference) Imparment in akey area * Chronk substance abuse results injob loss - Violation of Soual Norms o makes others uncomfortable or causes problems * Antisocial behanor of the psychopath studySoup - Disfunction o Wakefield's Harmfuil Dysfunction failure of internal mechanismo in the mind to function properly Behav oral, psychological, and lar biological systems are impaired ( Study Soup Study Soul anon ( What abnormal (really is" Alternative Definitions of MD's (Mental Disorders) gely - How to distinguish from normal? (Morrison) See psychology Pub & # of symptoms olevel of distress 7 Today in hoimpairment in functioning & frequency duration of symptomsy by or • severity of symptoms odetermine not due to a medical diagnosis Cultural formation Be sure to rule out medical explanation l Adrian Furnham first + ZUI Afew more thoughts -Review DSM-5 gection I (p5+) -Changes in multiaxial system oFive axes in DSM-IV-TR changed to two axeson DSM-5 *Clinical Syndromes. *Psychosocial and Environmental Problems Study Soup Study Soup Study Soup Multiaxial Classification DSM-11, IIR, IV, and I-TR Axis I Clinical Disorders | AXIS II Developmental Disorders and Personality Disorders Axio III Leneral Medical conditions System DSM-5 Psychiatoz and Medical Diagnosis doskon AXIS IV Psychosocial and Environmental Problems Psychosocial and Factors LICD-10 2 Contextual iwdes). Axis v Global Assessment of - Functioning Scale (GAF Scale) bush Disability of all StudySoup Study Soup Study Soup See Videos! ane vs. Crazy Ted Talk - Jon Ronson Rosen har's Experiment. Being in an asylum Sane Study Soup @StudySoup Classification and Diagnosis Chp 3 Diagnosis and Assessment - Diagnosis. The classification disorder of disorders by sy by symptoms and signs - Advantages of diagnosis - Facilitates communication among professionals • Agreed on definitions and categories * Advances the search for causes and treatments measurable i quantitative -Cornerstone of clinical care • Diagnosis is the starting point to treatment Provides patient with relief and hope dnos SOU 1 StudySoup Study Soup Classification & Diagnosis -Diagnostic and statistical Manual of Mental Disorders published by American Psychiatal Association First edition published in 1952 -Previous edition : DSM-IV-TR (4th ed. revised) Published in 1994, text revised in 2 000 Many texts and regearch articles will continue to use DSM-IV terminology for some time -Current edition : DSM-5 Published summer of 2013 •Efforts began in 1999 Study Soup ex. mania & in DSM DSMT Ch ano SAPNIS Study Soup Changes in DSM-5 - Changes in multiaxial system Five axes in DSM-IV-TR changed to two asies in DSM-5 Clinical Syndromes * Psychosocial and Environmental Problems - Changes in organization of diagnosis te • DSM-IV-TR clusters diagnosis on similarity of symptoms a Dsm-s-diagnosis are reorganized by causes. + This reflects new knowledge of comorbidity and shared etiology * OCD moved from anxiety cluster to new cluster that also includes hoarding and body dysmorphic disorder premenstral -New diagnosis - disruptive mood disregulation, & dysphonic disorder Renaming diagnosis mental retardation intellectual disability odysthymia persistent depressive disorder. Combining Diagnosts - substance use disorder replaces. substance abuse dependence Art Clearer Critena-specific symptoms, duration of symptoms, exclusions Ethnic and Cultural Lonsiderations in DSM-5 -Mental Illness is universal -Culture can influence: • Risk factors Types of symptoms experienced symptoms are identified (somatic / psycholograph How Willingness to seek help o Availability of treatments VOU Nudy Sou • Assimilation to culture Let's Discuss Why does the U.S. stand out for most Bychiatric disorders? What outside influences may account for this? How would you try to resolve this discrepancy? ady Soup Study Soup DSM-5 Critiusons - Too many diagnoses? should be relatively common reactions be pathologized? Comorbidity is the norm rather than exception *Presence of a second diagnosis *45% of ppl diagnosed with any other disorder will meet & criteria for a second disorder Reliability in everyday practice • Witural brases •Clinician's own personal ideces of "What is abnormal?" Perhaps high reliability is unrealista StudySoup Diagnose EMT StudySoup love o 182 DSM-II-R 792 DSM-IN-TH Let's Discuss 3 StudySoup - Are we getting sicker? - Why are there more disorder show? - -Is this a good or bad thing? Consider insurance reimbursement Does this reflect APAIS profit move? -Does it reflect APAIS concern for patient healthcare so that those in distress can be covered for Services Criticisms of Classification Stigma against mental illness Treated differently by others Difficulty finding a job - Categories do not capture the uniqueness of a personas The disorder does not define the person She is an individual with schizophrenia, not a schizophrena" Classification may emphasize trivial similarities & Relevant information may be overlooked • Arbitrary cutoffs Study Soup StudySoul Stud CNOSNO study SOUT Studysoup studySoup studySoup dnosápnis Study Soup StudySoup

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