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igo ngo mnc

igo ngo mnc


School: Georgia State University
Department: Political Science
Course: Global Issues
Professor: Professor saglam
Term: Fall 2016
Cost: 50
Name: Global Issues
Description: Study guide for test. no different from what she gave out in class.
Uploaded: 01/31/2017
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How do they interact?

­ How is state seen as primary unit when there are many actors on the stage?

­ What is its functions and capabilities?

POL2401:Global Issues Exam1 Study Guide What is the state? ­ What is its functions and capabilities? ­ How is state seen as primary unit when there are many actors on the stage? ­ What are actors? Who are they? How do they interact? Why do they interact this way in  reference to historical markers Know these key words and We also discuss several other topics like chem 222 uic
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events  ­ Globalization, global issues ­ Sovereignty  ­ Anarchy ­ Peace of Westphalia  ­ 4 components of sovereign statehood ­ Weber’s definition of the state  ­ Nationalism (ethnic and civic) ­ IGO’s NGO’s, MNC’s/TNC’s ­ World wars (dates, presidents, major changes after wars) ­ League of Nations  ­ United Nations  ­ National self determination  ­ Colonialism/Decolonization  ­ Holocaust  ­ Atomic bombs (when and where) ­ Cold War (dates) ­ Israel (main dates, statehood) UN and International Law  ­ International law definition and why are they created  ­ What can international law do and not do  ­ How does international law relate to sovereignty  ­ What is the UN  ­ Can the UN help the enforcement of international law and how  ­ What are the differences between the main UN organs? Keywords and events to know  ­ Collective security  ­ Hard power  ­ Soft power ­ International law (know sources ) ­ International court of justice and international criminal court (what are they? How do  they deal with? What are the differences)­ Genocide  ­ International law enforcement opportunity  ­ Who enforces international law?  ­ What does the UN say about force ?  ­ Main dates about 2003 Iraq war ­ What UN  Charter chapters deal with the peaceful settlement of disputes and with  enforcement? ­ UN is the biggest IGO ­ Main purpose of UN  ­ Main organs of UN and their basic functions  ­ Differences between UNSC and UNGA 

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