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ISU / OTHER / DSN S 183 / What do art and design mean?

What do art and design mean?

What do art and design mean?


School: Iowa State University
Department: OTHER
Course: Design Cultures
Professor: Eric cooper
Term: Spring 2017
Tags: Design
Cost: 50
Name: DSN 183
Description: Notes from the Tuesday review class
Uploaded: 02/02/2017
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Exam 1

What do art and design mean?


30 questions

60 minutes

60 Carver

250 Carver

139 Durhum

What do Art and design mean?

∙ Walter Gropius, 1926­ building example

∙ KEy point: critical questioning of how we understand design

o Especially, the context out of which design, and the design process, emerges o Context shapes what we do

∙ Parameters around design

o Economic: every designed object has and economic bottom line (someone has  to pay)

o Social: what is acceptable to society

o Political: What is deemed as appropriate to those in power

What is the meaning of parameters around the design in art and design?

∙ Origins of Design Ideals

o Origins of western aesthetic preferences can be traced to Greco­Roman world of  the 5th century BC.

o Key judgement: valuation of naturalism(realistic)­­> moved toward realism and  symmetry as ideals

o How did Greek aesthetic sensibilities… We also discuss several other topics like What are the steps of a controlled experiment?

∙ Parthenon, and Renaissance Italy (valuation examples)

∙ Benjamin 

o Asked questions about the effect of mechanical reproduction on the aura of art o Raised the issue of the politics of art ­ what possibilities or problems does  reproduction open?

 Reproduction of Bicycle wheel example (Marcel Duchamp)

What is the meaning of the parthenon in art and design?

∙ Buchanan We also discuss several other topics like What are the basic human needs?

o Design has no natural subject matter, yet design is a major factor in most areas  of contemporary life We also discuss several other topics like Does the quaker religion still exist?

o Describes design as “New liberal art of technological cultures”

o Placements as arranging signs, things, actions, thoughts, to respond to specific ∙ Chuck Close Don't forget about the age old question of What is the meaning of anabolism in biochemistry?

o Design thinking process

∙ Richard Meyer

o Architect

 Specific style of work

 Show set of placements that Buchanan talks about

∙ Wicked Problems

o Defined in 1960’s by Horst Rittel

o Non­linear problems

o Solutions create new problems

o Problem without clear boundaries

o Ex: traffic  urban transportation →

o Leads to design thinking   a process and way of thinking well suited for  → indeterminate problems Don't forget about the age old question of When does the new left wave happen?
We also discuss several other topics like What is the meaning of typological theories concept in natural selection?

o Design’s technology (method of argument) has a particular connection to  particular problems

o Horst Rittel calls design “a science of the artificial”

 Artificial as they are produced by humans, distinct from natural world  Argued that design focuses on understanding and shaping the naural  world

 Wicked problems occur when artificial and natural world meet o Myth of Tortured Genius?

o Giorgio Vasari’s Lives of the Artists

 A series of biographies of various designers

 Key development was to emphasize

o Tim Brown “Design is too important to be left to designers”  The best work is often created hand in hand with other people and  communication

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