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ASU / Mass Communication / MCO 473 / which statement about sternberg’s triangular theory of love is incorre

which statement about sternberg’s triangular theory of love is incorre

which statement about sternberg’s triangular theory of love is incorre


MCO473: Sex, Love, and Romance in the Media Professor Amber Hutchins Quiz 1 Study Guide QUE ST ION 1 Few people answer “TRUE” to the statements in Dr. FUN’s Mass Media Love Quiz© because most people recognize all 12 statements as myths and stereotypes. False QUE ST ION 2 As explained in the SLR textbook, Dr. Galician’s research found that the bottom line underlying “problem” in achieving genuine satisfaction and happiness in real-life romantic relationships is unrealistic expectations, which are related to higher usage  of certain media. True QUE ST ION 3 A precept underlying this course is: Being "realistic" does not mean forsaking your ideals, romance, or FUN. Women are not from Venus, and Men are not from Mars. We can be critical and constructive— and still enjoy the mass media. QUE ST ION 4 The strategies distilled as Dr. Galician’s Prescriptions© for Getting Real About Romance derive from: a wide variety of research and recommendations by other experts in social  psychology and marital therapy, especially the cognitive-behavioral  approach, also known as the rational-emotive approach Dr. Galician’s extensive related scientific research studies Dr. Galician’s own personal experience (both with unsuccessful irrational, myth based strategies and with healthier, rational, research-based strategies) QUE ST ION 5 In Dr. Robert Sternberg's Triangular Theory of Love, "consummate love" incorporates all three major components (angles) of the  modelQUE ST ION 6 For this course, what is correct usage? "Sex" refers to biological categorization—that is, male or female based on  reproductive organs. "Gender" refers to behavioral categorization—that is, feminine or masculine  based on sociocultural norms and expectations. "The Other Sex" is a more appropriate term than the literally incorrect and  polarizing term "The Opposite Sex." QUE ST ION 7 The report of the British (UK) study of love conducted at Nottingham Trent  University and University College London (posted on Reading Assignments)  explained: It is unhealthy and counterproductive to change our views of love across  relationships or across time. A central story of love in our culture is that our partners should make our lives  better. In real life, this is fairly easy for our partners to do, so it is not  an unreasonable expectation. The majority of people view love in the same way. All of the above are CORRECT. All of the above are INCORRECT. QUE ST ION 8 “Realistic” (for our examination of the mass media's portrayals of sex, love, and  romance and their impacts) denotes portrayals that model the research based recommendations of social psychologists and relationship therapists about  what constitutes healthy achievable relationships—as summarized by Dr.  Galician’s Prescriptions© (Rxs). True QUE ST ION 9 Dr. Albert Ellis (originally a Freudian psychoanalyst) founded Rational-Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT), which advocates changing people’s behavior by  confronting them with their irrational beliefs and persuading them to adopt rational  ones—a process that underlies the media analysis and criticism method in Dr.  Galician’s Seven-Step Dis- Illusioning Directions.© TrueQUE ST ION 10 An individual’s score on the Bem Sex Role Inventory (BSRI) — to which a link  was posted for you — is computed from keywords in a short essay that the  respondent writes about an ideal romantic partner. False QUE ST ION 11 According to love expert Dr. Robert Sternberg, the media can teach us a lot about the realities of love. False QUE ST ION 12 Canadian English professor Dr. Marshall McLuhan—who coined the term “media”  to refer to vehicles of mass communication—famously said, “The medium is the  message.” This pithy “probe” meant that the media don’t merely transmit messages: The medium itself also has a direct impact on how society and individuals think and  act—and the dominant medium at any given time is the main agent of social change. True QUE ST ION 13 Myths are: a form of traditional literature, typically dealing with the  supernatural and stereotypes a fiction or half-truth, especially one that forms part of an ideology revelations about human nature and human values QUE ST ION 14 In Plato's fable about the division of the human species into two sexes  and their longing for (re)union, the third sex washermaphrodites — round, four-legged, four-armed, one-headed but two-faced creatures with two  sets of genitals — separated in half by the gods who feared their power and thereby caused humans to seek their “missing half,” the pursuit of  whom we call "love." This concept was visually portrayed in the  gender-bending music video “The Origin of Love” from Hedwig and the  Angry Inch which raises questions about sexuality and gender as well as  the “missing half.” True QUE ST ION 15The "Romeo and Juliet Effect" is a term used by psychologists to  describe: the intensification of lovers' passion due to obstruction of their  romance

For this course, what is correct usage?

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QUE ST ION 16 1. Which statement is correct about Karpman's Drama Triangle,  created by Transactional Analysis therapist Stephen Karpman to help  people visualize and analyze dysfunctional roles they play in  codependent relationships? The three primary roles — which parallel the three changing roles in Greek drama — are (a) the hero/heroine (called “the rescuer” in  this triangular model), (b) the victim, and (c) the villain  (persecutor). These roles are manipulative, inauthentic,  and destructive of self and others. Couples exhibit unhealthy dependence on each other, such as  reinforcing each other’s need to be needed and/or rescued,  allowing their partner's behavior to affect them and/or becoming  obsessed with controlling their partner’s behavior (as in Myth #7). One way to exit from the triangle is to nurture yourself and stop  usurping responsibility for romantic partners (following Rx #7  instead of Myth #7); another is to stop expecting that a partner can complete you and make your dreams come true (in other words,  one way to exit the triangle is by following Rx #10 instead of Myth  #10). QUE ST ION 17 Women sometimes desperately cling to counterproductive and even  abusive relationships because they are socially conditioned to need and want  to meet the cultural norm that feminist cultural critic Adrienne Rich  termed "compulsory heterosexuality" — the damaging belief that  women are incomplete and abnormal without a man in their lives (Myth #10). True

Which of the following is an archetype or symbolic figure from Carl Jung's "collective unconscious" — a vast psychic pool of symbols shared by humanity as a whole?

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QUE ST ION 18 1. Walter Lippmann — who first used the term "stereotype"  metaphorically in his pioneering 1922 book, Public Opinion — identified several characteristics of stereotypes, including: they're complex they're acquired first-handthey're easy to change All of the above are CORRECT. All of the above are INCORRECT. QUE ST ION 19 Countertypes (such as a more powerful woman with a less powerful  man) are the same as Rxs: Both are non-stereotypic media portrayals  of healthy realistic, rational relationships. False QUE ST ION 20 1. Which of the following is an archetype or symbolic figure from  Carl Jung's "collective unconscious" — a vast psychic pool of symbols  shared by humanity as a whole? THE SHADOW — or "dark side," a personification of the part of  ourselves that we deny and project onto others (the "Wicked  Stepmother" or the "Beast") THE ANIMA & ANIMUS — or "soul" in its feminine and masculine  forms that both sexes have, although females are socialized to  repress their animus and males are socialized to repress their  anima THE SYZYGY — or "Divine Couple," symbolically representing a  “marriage” of one’s inner and outer lives in a pattern of wholeness  — including the integration of the dualities in the Shadow and the  soul (Anima/Animus) that bring great power to the individual (Self)

What is the meaning of “realistic” in Realistic Romance®—as also demonstrated by the 12 Rxs?

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QUE ST ION 21 Katz and Liu formulated what they call the “false love syndrome,”  whose criteria “describe not lasting love, but illusion — illusion so  powerful that it becomes difficult even to imagine a more realistic kind  of love.” Which of the following is part of their false love criteria? finding the one person who is right for you having great sex never needing anyone but your partner in your life QUE ST ION 22The five scales of Eidelson & Epstein’s Relationship Beliefs Inventory  (RBI) — which assesses unrealistic or dysfunctional expectations that  lead to distress in intimate relationships (and correspond to some of  the myths and stereotypes of Dr. FUN’s Mass Media Love Quiz©) —  include: Mind Reading is Expected Sexual Perfectionism The Sexes are Different QUE ST ION 23 Sometimes we might incorrectly think that physical excitement — such as sweating or a pounding heart from exercise or caffeine or media  stimulation — is signaling the sensations of love. In such a case, the  “feeling of love” that hits us suddenly might actually be a case of: misattribution of arousal QUE ST ION 24 What is the meaning of “realistic” in Realistic Romance®—as also demonstrated by  the 12 Rxs? You should apply the reserach-based strategies for healthy relationships as  summarized by the 12 Rxs, which actually means you should raise your  expectations because the application of the Rxs generally leads to sex, love, and  romance that’s more thrilling and fulfilling than mass media fantasies that glorfy  myths and stereotypes that ultimately hurt you. QUE ST ION 25 Movies like “Truly Madly Deeply” (part of a Session Follow-up) demonstrate that the  Rxs of Realistic Romance® can be portrayed by “fantasy” or “unrealistic” media  narrative techniques (just as myths and stereotypes can abound even in so-called  “naturalistic” dramatic media narrative). “Naturalism” or “cinematic realism” is not a  criterion for judging a portrayal to demonstrate an Rx.  True QUE ST ION 26 A foundation of good, healthy relationships embodied by realistic  models of sex, love, and romance is: the importance of friendship shared valueswell developed communication QUE ST ION 27 According to Dr. John Gottman, a respected researcher-therapist,  satisfied married couples: have 5 positive interactions to every negative interaction (while the reverse is true for unhappy couples) QUE ST ION 28 1. In CT/25 (your other textbook), Dr. Deborah Shelley—who studied the  impact of Myths on perceptions of Valentine’s Day—found that the emotion that high-pressure media marketers use to sell their products and services is guilt the Myth most associated with the marketing is #10 (incomplete without  partner) the real harm comes from promoting the idea that we should depend on  others to fulfill our dreams QUE ST ION 29 Although Disney films are usually recipients of Dr. FUN's Stupid Cupid Awards™, Dr.  Galician's Valentine's Day 2014 announcement noted that Disney got it right for a  change—with its 2013 blockbuster animated musical feature "Frozen," to which she  awarded several individual Realistic Romance® Awards™ (for Rx 2, 7, and 10). True QUE ST ION 30 1. What is correct about the 12th annual Dr. FUN's Stupid Cupid & Realistic  Romance® Awards™ for 2013 portrayals announced on Valentine’s Day 2014 (which  you studied in one of this Module's Sessions)? The overall Dr. FUN’s Stupidest Cupid Award™ recipient (and winner of several  Stupid Cupid Awards™ for individual Myths) was "Safe Haven," because it  demonstrates and perpetuates multiple Dr. FUN's Mass Media Love Quiz© Myths  & Stereotypes. The overall Realistic Romance® Grand Prize™ recipient (and winner of several  Realistic Romance® Awards™ for individual Rxs) was "The Hunger Games:  Catching Fire," because it offers the healthy role models of sex, love, and  romance of multiple Dr. Galician's Rxs©. Several songs earned a Stupid Cupid Award™ for an individual Myth, including  Ariana Grande's "Baby I" (for perpetuating Myth #3), Justin Timberlake's "Suit &  Tie (Myth #4), Cody Simpson's "Pretty Brown Eyes" (Myth #5), Pink's "True Love"  (Myth #8), and Justin Timberlake's "Mirrors" (Myth #10). QUE ST ION 311. Alanis Morissette’s music video “Precious Illusions” (part of a  Session Follow-up) offers: split-screen effects to compare mythic and more realistic romance an explanation of why it is difficult to dis-illusion ourselves and our  romantic media a hopeful story about moving from unhealthy beliefs to more  rational models
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