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School: University of Oregon
Department: Sociology
Course: Hum Attrct & Mat Strat >3
Professor: Sugiyama l
Term: Fall 2015
Cost: Free
Name: ANTH 332 - Week 1 Notes
Description: Week 1 Notes
Uploaded: 02/05/2017
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And what assessment adaptations do we have?

- But how does psychology that generates attractiveness assessment come about?

- Why Attractiveness?

Course Intro (Day 1) 1/11/17 - Why Attractiveness? - We are powerfully attracted by some aspects of the real world. (strawberries) - We are less attracted or repulsed by slightly different versions of objects we  are attracted to. (rotten strawberries) - This applies to both objects & people. - Small physical diffWe also discuss several other topics like calorado river
Don't forget about the age old question of david bennum
If you want to learn more check out aloove
Don't forget about the age old question of william tortorelli
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Don't forget about the age old question of unifying concepts of animal structure and function
erences can have large effects. - Why? - Preference mechanisms motivate us to engage in behaviors that tended to increase fitness under the environmental conditions  in which they were selected. - Eating ripe fruit supplies our ancestors bodies w/ vital  nutrients & calories. - Sexual attracting to sexually mature members of  opposite sex increased our ancestors chances of  reproducing. - In short, many preferences are present because they  increased the probability that their bearers would  interact w/ preferred stimulus in ways that tended to  increase the distribution of the suite of alleles linked w/  development of that preference. - A main point in this talk: in mating, cues to life stage plays important roles in determining  reproductive value - Female Attractiveness & Cues to Mate Value - Cues to sex - Phenotypic quality - Health - Symmetry - Clear skin - Shiny hair - Residual reproductive value - Fertility - Industriousness - Kindness - Trustworthiness - Female beauty & cues of youth linked because residual reproductive value highest @  1st ovulatory cycle - Evolutionary Mismatches, Byproducts, & Chance - Individuals may be attracted to objects that exhibit cuesCourse Intro (Day 1) 1/11/17 - Associated w/ fitness enhancing properties under ancestral conditions but lack fitness enhancing properties themselves - Individuals may also have preferences for cues that were not under selection per se - Not all inter­personal attraction is sexual - Mate - Offspring - Allies - Allo­parents - Friends - Physical Attractiveness for Mating - Fundamental adaptive problem is finding mate who is - Same species - Opposite sex - Reproductive life stage - Fertility & reproductive value - Other important problems - Good genes - Good phenotypic condition - Social / political position & skills - Ability & willingness to invest - Symons says - People don’t come pre­labeled - Selection is predicted to result in adaptations associated w/ - High female reproductive value - Particularly if male can monopolize female reproduction - But also because # of fertile days in woman’s life are limited - Peak fertility - Note: Preference for cues of peak residual reproductive value hasn’t seemed to pan  out in survey research. - Some of this information can be assessed physically. One cue reproductive value may be waist to hip ratio. - But how does psychology that generates attractiveness assessment come about? And  what assessment adaptations do we have?

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