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UT / Government / GOV 310L / What are the alternatives to a federal system?

What are the alternatives to a federal system?

What are the alternatives to a federal system?


School: University of Texas at Austin
Department: Government
Course: American Government
Term: Fall 2014
Tags: American Government, federalism, constitution, court cases, Interest Groups, civil rights, and articles of confederation
Cost: 50
Name: Gov310L: Study Guide 1
Description: These notes cover chapters 1-8 and lecture notes from weeks 1-5. This material will be on the first midterm.
Uploaded: 02/16/2017
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LECTURE: JAN. 17If you want to learn more check out What stabilizes the microtubules of the perinuclear cage?

  1. Political Science- the study of government, public policies, political behavior
  2. Government- monopoly of the legitimate use of physical force
  • Organization of individuals who have the power to make binding decisions on behalf of the community
  1. Alternatives to government- self-interest and shared values lead people to cooperate
  2. Causes of government distrust- economy, social-cultural, institutions
  3. Traditional Democracy- works for small groups and believes people are fully informed
  4. Realist democracy- based upon conflict, competition, leadership, and organization. Limit the number of public decisions.

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Chapter 1

  • The Constitution: 7 articles and 27 amendments
  • Roots republicanism, separation of powers, checks and balances, and federalism.
  • Defines and limits the power of the national government
  • Flexible; room for interpretation or change

  • 1775: British tax heavily to cover French or Indian war costs without representation in British government.
  • 1773: Boston Tea Party, led to coercive acts (intolerable acts). Marital Law: military takes control in time of crisis -> less colonial legislature, closed Port of Boston, required colonists to quarter British soldiers.
  • April 19, 1775: Lexington and Concord (first battle)
  • July 4, 1776: Declaration approved.
  • Articles of Confederation: March 1781
  • Weak central government; single legislative chamber. Each colony = 1 vote
  • States: coin money, regulate commercial activities, trade, and provide defense for citizens.
  • 1776: Declaration of Independence
  • 1781: A.O.C
  • 1787-88: Federalist and Anti Federal Papers
  • 1788: Constitution
  • 1791: Bill of Rights
  • Ineffective because:
  • Unpredictable economic forces
  • Possible foreign invasion
  • After the war, patriots were broke, indebted to banks, loss of farms
  • Shay’s Rebellion: 1786; uprising to prevent court-ordered foreclosure of farms: highlighted problems with A.O.C

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  • More A.O.C. problems:
  • The national government had no power to repay war debt
  • The government could not raise an army
  • The national government could not regulate interstate commerce, international trade, or currency
  • Foreign nations negotiate with each state
  • Inflexible; favored minority

  • Revisions: focus on representation: power
  • Virginia Plan: (James Madison): 3 branch system, increased power of large states.
  • New Jersey Plan: proposed each state = 1 vote
  • Great Compromise: Congress = senate has (2) equal rep. for states. House of Reps = proportional rep by population
  • ⅗ compromise: slave = ⅗ of person for population

  • Constitution signed on Sept. 17, 1787
  • Federalists:
  • Support constitution; “Federalist Papers”
  • Antifederalists:
  • Against constitution; protection of states’ rights

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Major Differences between Constitution: A.O.CIf you want to learn more check out What have been the “keys to success” for invacare in the past?

  • Article I of the Constitution: creates bicameral legislature (Congress) with H.O.R. and Senate, gives people direct election over members of the House but state’s power to select senators. Gives enumerated powers to Congress: the power to declare war, coin money, and regulate commerce.
  • Supreme Court Justices are appointed by the president, confirmed by the Senate, and serve for life
  • Article IV= states have powers not delegated to the national government and must respect laws of other states
  • Article V clarifies the amendment process
  • Article VI declares the national government to be supreme.

We also discuss several other topics like What is the definition of obsession in obsessive-compulsive disorder?


  • Proposal and ratification is difficult so that only the most important changes are made
  • The formal process is limited to the legislative branch and the states; presidential approval is not required to change the constitution

  • Commerce Clause= gives congress the power to regulate commerce with foreign nations, among the states, and with Indian tribes.
  • Executive Power Clause= grants the president all power necessary to execute laws passed or instructions provided by Congress.

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