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SAM HOUSTON STATE UNIVERSITY / Sociology / SOCI 2319 / What is the most important factor in the creation of minority group st

What is the most important factor in the creation of minority group st

What is the most important factor in the creation of minority group st


School: Sam Houston State University
Department: Sociology
Course: Intro to Ethnic Studies
Professor: Caron cates
Term: Spring 2017
Tags: ethnic and Studies
Cost: 50
Name: Chapter 4-7 Study Guide
Description: All the information needed for the test on Wed, March 1st 2017
Uploaded: 02/16/2017
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What is the most important factor in the creation of minority group status?

What is the most important factor in the creation of minority group status?  contact situation is the single most significant factor in the  creation of minority group status and had long lasting consequences

What is the nature of dominant-minority group relations?  

Dominant Minority group relations is largely a function of the  characteristics of the society as a whole

What do most scholars agree about Anti-black Prejudice?

Most scholars believe Anti-Black prejudice was basically a  result of American slavery

When Anglo Americans did began moving into the Southwest? Anglo Americans began moving into the Southwest in the  1820s to acquire land for agriculture

During the contact period, Mexicans were predominantly __________, whereas  Anglo-Americans were primarily________.

What is the nature of dominant-minority group relations?

Catholic and Anglos  

Following the Indian Removal Act of 1830, the Cherokee Nation changed from a __________ system of land ownership to a __________ system. Matrilineal and Patrilineal



the tendency to judge other groups societies or lifestyles by  the standards of one’s own culture  

Mutual ethnocentrism

When two groups who are in contact with one another each  feel that their culture and way of life is superior, judging, the other  culture by their own standards

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

Full-scale war ended with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in  1848 where much of the Southwest became U.S territory

Chapter 5  


What do most scholars agree about anti-black prejudice?

What was the shift from agrarian technology to machine-based,  manufacturing technology called?

Capital Intensive We also discuss several other topics like What are the four dimensions of the american dream?

What happened during the period of Reconstruction that followed the Civil  War?

Education became possible  

Creation of a middle class  

Blacks were elected to many public offices  

Which of the following laws restricted African Americans in the South from  voting?

Williams v Mississippi  


Jim Crow

Legal segregation  

Plessy v. Ferguson

1896 Plessy v. Ferguson stated that ‘separate but equal’  accommodations were legal  

Equal was never defined so facilities were inherently unequal, inferior and  inadequate  

Subtle racism

Hiring solely on educational criteria  


Industrial flight

Standardized tests  

Williams v. Mississippi

(1898) literacy tests, poll taxes, and property requirements further  disenfranchised members of the black community

W. E. B. DuBois

Was Washington’s most vocal critic. He helped found the national  association for the Advancement of Colored people (NAACP) and the  talented tenth We also discuss several other topics like What can a molecule be broken down into?

Marcus Garvey  

He advocated separatist goals, including a return to Africa, he  founded the universal negro improvement association (1914)

De facto segregation

“in fact of” is not legally sanctioned but a preferential or voluntary  choice  

De jure segregation


Affirmative Action

Group of programs designed to reduce the effects of past  discrimination in the workplace or education institutions

Study Guide for Chapter 6


∙ Brown vs Board of Education

o Reversed Plessy v. Ferguson, 1896 and ruled that racially separate facilities were  inherently unequal and therefore unconstitutional. (schools only) Don't forget about the age old question of What are the four factors that affect the health of a community?

∙ Executive order 8802

o Creating the fair Employment Practices Commission banning discrimination in  the defense­related industries 

∙ Nation of Islam

o Black Muslims

o Malcom X

∙ Urban underclass

o Population is cut off from opportunities 

o Isolated in urban areas

o Poverty is limited by economic and educational deficits and subtle prejudice  ∙ Culture of Poverty

o Poverty is perpetuated by the particular characteristics of the poor 

∙ Malcom X

o Malcolm little 

o Nation of Islam then Black Muslims 

o Converted to Islam while in prison  Don't forget about the age old question of What do you mean by adjustment entry?

o Broke from the Black Muslims and created Black Nationalism

∙ Black Nationalism

o A social and political movement advocating the separation of blacks and whites  and self­government for black people.

∙ Racial profiling

o Is when police use race as an indicator when calculating if a person is suspicious  or dangerous 

∙ Jim Crow

o Legal segregation 


∙ What state did the civil rights begin?

o Montgomery, Alabama, 1955: Rosa Parks jailed for violating a local segregation  ordinance is often cited as the beginning of the civils rights protest movements. 

∙What was the central strategy of the Civil Rights protest movement ________________? o The civil rights movement was an organized effort of African American and their  allies in the 1950s and 1960s to end de jure (Jim crow) segregation in the south  o Nonviolent Direct Action Protest­ the central tactic used by the civil rights  movement to confront de jure segregation 

o The triumphs of the civil rights movement had little impact on the lives of those  outside the south 

∙Comparing levels of education, the gap between African Americans and European  Americans has____________. If you want to learn more check out What are the characteristics of personal selling?

o Decreased for both men and women but has not disappeared

∙According to adherents of the black power movement, which of the following methods is  best for empowering black Americans?

o Supporters of the black power movement believe liberating themselves on their  own terms without regard to what white Americans want is the best for 

empowering black Americans 

∙What % of black respondents had a great deal of confidence that local police would treat  blacks and whites equally?

o 12% 

∙ The poverty rate for African American families is ___ times greater than the rate for  whites

o 2.5 to 3 

∙ How did Prince Edward County, Virginia respond to the Supreme Court’s decision in  Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka?

o Prince Edward county central Virginia closed its public schools rather than  integrate. Closed schools for 5 years. 

∙ Though Americans traditionally saw race as __________, research suggests that racial  identity is becoming more__________.

o Dichotomous, complex

∙ What was the significant finding of Royster’s 2003 study examining black and white  graduates? If you want to learn more check out How do social identities influence people's views and interactions with each other?

o Royster found that what really matters for finding employment is not what you  know but who you know 

The de facto variety is often the de jure variety in thin disguise

Chapter 7 

Among American Indians, the concept of private property was  

not cultural accepted

In American Indians tribes, women’s responsibilities were  

very prestigious positions, controlling the properties of the tribes  What did cultural diffusion mean for the Native Americans?

Meant less self-sufficiency  

What was the basis for the Indian response to the offer of scholarships for educating the children?

Indian response to scholarships reflected different value orientation  

The Cherokees were associated with the Trail of Tears; this expulsion was motivated  by what?

The fertile land that was coveted by whites  

The Ghost Dance is associated with which Indian group and prompted what, why? Sioux

The Employment Assistance Program resulted in what for the Native Americans? Native American brain drain  

What have been some efforts to overcome chronic unemployment among the  Indians?

Gaming money  

Attracting light industry and businesses to tribal  

What has been a recent proposed use for reservations?

Toxic dump sites  

What is the nation’s largest Indian reservation?


Know the terms:

Red Power movement

1960s and 1970s movement that also stressed self-determination  and pride in race and cultural heritage  

The Ghost Dance (Millenarian Movement)

Movement founded on the belief that cataclysmic upheaval would  occur in the immediate future, followed by collective salvation  (Sioux)


Refers to intertribal social movements in which several tribes joined  by political goals but not by kinship, unite in a common identity  

1994 American Religious Freedom Act

Protects the right of tribal people to practice their traditional faiths  and as of 1994, use peyote

Environmental racism  

Reservations recommended as radioactive  

Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868

Focus on # 1,2,5,6

The Dawes Act or the General Allotment Act of 1887

Focus on the definition  

The Termination Act of 1953

Focus on # 1 and 7

The Indian Removal Act

Focus on # 1  

The Homestead Act of 1862

Focus on # 2  

The Indian Reorganization Act 1934 Focus on # 2

Definitions listed on the  

Chapter 7 Legislative Actions  Paper (Can be found on  

blackboard in the chapter 7  folder)

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