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CSPP / Family/Development / Fam 512 / Why is therapeutic relationship so important?

Why is therapeutic relationship so important?

Why is therapeutic relationship so important?


School: Chicago School of Professional Psychology
Department: Family/Development
Course: California Laws & Professional Ethics
Professor: Lisa maddox
Term: Spring 2017
Cost: 25
Name: Law and Ethics Quiz 3
Description: Weeks 5-6
Uploaded: 02/17/2017
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Why is the therapeutic relationship so important?

law & Ethics Quiz 3 Therapeutic Relationship: A continuous monitoring of the therapist's effectiveness

continuing relationship only as long as it is beneficial 1.8 T considering the interests of the client when terminating

employment or contractual relationships

→ example-changing agencies 11.60 + exploitation- don't use the relationship to further your

Why are dual relationships harmful?

agenda or texert undue influence on patients on If you want to learn more check out How does the high low method and formula assist business?

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Dual Relationshios: P

rn 'California law doesn't address these direchy

Obvious exception of sex with a client 'Business Professions code section 4982 of probi We also discuss several other topics like What does slp mean in cells?

subsection d - gross negligence lincompetence are grounds

What is considered wife abuse?

for disciplinary action alexl

includes unprofessional conduct Tsubsection K - prohibits sexual relationships wl client SON. Tsubsection is causing physical or emotional harm is 2003 (recklessly) cause for disciplinary actioni 33 We also discuss several other topics like What is the meaning of stimulus-based priming?
If you want to learn more check out Which microorganisms can be seen with naked eyes?

harmful lunethical dual relationships. are any that: -impair professional judgement in

can lead to exploitation/coercion of client by therapist

these do not! HAVE to occur for it to be whethical. to its just has to seeni likely /plausible vuonnon

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Legal / Ethical Standards about sexual relationships.io 1.2.2 & sex during the time therapy is going on If you want to learn more check out Is market capitalization the same as market value?

(.sex within 20 years after treatment ands | unprofessional conduct 1.2.3 { prior Sexual relationship with the client )

• Professional Therapy Never includes sex

brochure you give to patients who reported sex wl prior therapist you cannot contact authorities without written consent discuss brochure, civil/criminal legal options If you want to learn more check out What are the characteristics of the european union?

Law & Ethics Quiz 3 & siND Cinta cual Spousal Abuse:


ALGAD cannot be reported without written consent unless the rules regarding dangerous dients applies Did provide DV honine number & community resource infor establish an escape plannkeys, money, clothes

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HIV statusa

- cod

: 0 'you can't report someone threatening to knowingly infect another

person with HN

· Americans with Disabilities Act : Timote

Evidence code 1024: required elements for reporting bolos

danger to self person or property of another in larry disclosure is necessary to prevent the threatened danger )

S BOTH are

Welfare Institutions code:

:5150- permits 12-hour involuntary hospitalization led l when they are an inaminent danger to self /others

5250+ extends hold up to 14 days ander specific circumstances 1:5210 7 extends hold for up to 30 days after the 14 days,

with even stricter criteriaatory store


More evidence.code 1024. required elements

reasonable cause to believe this about the patient's mental or emotional condition * client. has plan intent means








law & Ethics Quiz 3 Disclosing suicidality /Homicidality: - feelings of betrayal, abandonment - Client may initiate malpractice action / BPS complaint

duty outweighs damage

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Tarasoff required elements to "warnt protect client / family member communicates the threat intent, means, & plan exist victim is unaware of the threat call police & inform of situation (relevant info)

contact victim to inform them of action

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