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SCU / Art / ARTH 1101 / What is Kraak ware?

What is Kraak ware?

What is Kraak ware?


School: Santa Clara University
Department: Art
Course: Cultures and Ideas I (ARTH 11A)
Professor: Hannah sigur
Term: Fall 2016
Cost: 25
Name: week 6 lecture notes
Description: Lecture notes from week 6
Uploaded: 02/18/2017
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Lecture XIV - A courtly Interlude

Chinese Jingdezhen vs. Japanese Arita vs. Doulton Faience (fritware)

these are all kraak (their rake versions 100)We also discuss several other topics like What is systems thinking and why is it important to environmental literacy?

Kraak: Chinese porcelain produced in transition from Ming (Chinese) Qing (Manchie)

Hallmark look: panels along the rim and flat middleDon't forget about the age old question of How will you define a project management?

best knock off: Japanese versions with cobalt

        then Persian: Dutch

Dutch/Europeans would bring wood models (to China) of things they wanted in ceramics Ming Dynasty Falls!We also discuss several other topics like How does the Texas legislature receives generous retirement benefits?

Japanese had just begun thriving in porcelain

Dutch brought their business to Japan

        European designs & motifs, Japanese made porcelain Don't forget about the age old question of What is feunality?

Garniture set of matching vases used for decoration (ornamental)

Fritware sets of 5, 7, 12…                                                        vases with floral We also discuss several other topics like Describe phospholipid movement.

patterns in           If you want to learn more check out uga find person

Chinese style, demaracele pot

factory, delft, 17thc.,

tin glazed earthenware


Motifs: Chinese scene, 2 Chinese ladies looking at ducks

these were too expensive for Dutch to make

designs were sent to made in Japan

Japan makes the designs in Kraak (changes Chinese & Japanese)

Pronks designs were made with colors other than blue  

“Imari porcelain” the colored porcelain that came from port imari not made in imari (it was just a port next to the Arita)

blue & white porcelain was still produced, but along with multicolored

“Imari” became a blanket term for colored leradle porcelain

undergate cobalt + rust colored red + gliding (gold enamel)

by mid - 18th century, Germans learned to make porcelain          

Kangxi emperor                                        Vase

Colors on silk hanging scroll                        Porcelain with undergate blue deco

Qing dynasty                                                Jingdezhen

China                                                        Qing Dynasty, China


enlightened ruler                                        export ware, not traditionally in curna

very interested        

open to Jesuits & allowed them in

brought stability & wealth back to China

Jesuits brought  astronomy, accurate map skills, translating skills

portraits of him in his library to show new as a learner Kangxi brought in an Italian artist

        So highly regarded, only European artist to have permanent work stay in especially  known for horses be brought in from Kazaks

he liked a painting style with no shadows  

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