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UA - PH/AY 101 - Class Notes - Week 5

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UA - PH/AY 101 - Class Notes - Week 5

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background image AY 101: Week 5 Lecture Notes:  Feb. 14 & 16 Light I. What Is Light? i. Light is energy, a wave, a particle, and sight. a. Light as Electromagnetic Waves a. Properties of light: i. Speed: 300,000 km/s ii. Wavelength: varies, but is defined as the spatial distance from  peak to peak.  b. The Electromagnetic Spectrum: Must know the basic rays/waves and their order for exam 2! II. What Are Radio Waves?  i. Radio waves are long wavelengths of light, NOT sound! 1. Broadcasters encode audio signals in the amplitude (that is  strength, AM) or frequency (FM) of radio waves. Radios decode 
the signal and transmit it as audio.
2. Radio waves move at the speed of light, not the speed of sound. III. What Are Photons? a. Photons are particles of light. i. Quantum Mechanics: everything is both a wave and a particle. b. Light particles are photos, which are packets of electromagnetic waves. 
c. Photons have energy: 
Energy = Planck’s Constant                       Wavelength i. Shorter wavelength = Higher energy photons IV. Kirchoff’s Laws a. Line Spectrums…Look up
b. Blue (on line spectrum) is hotter than red.
V. Chemical Fingerprints a. Wavelengths of lines can tell you what it is made of! Every atom has a 
different emission/absorption line spectrums. 

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School: University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa
Department: Astronomy
Course: AY 101 - Intro to Astronomy - Jeremy Bailin
Professor: Jeremy Bailin
Term: Spring 2015
Tags: astronomy, quantum, mechanics, light, and Photons
Name: AY 101: Exam 2 Week 5 Lecture Notes
Description: Here is all the information covered in class for week 5 of AY 101 (Feb. 14 & 16). Hope this helps with your studying!
Uploaded: 02/19/2017
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