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BA 240 Exam 1 Study Guide

by: Logan Stewart

BA 240 Exam 1 Study Guide BA 240

Marketplace > University of Oregon > Business > BA 240 > BA 240 Exam 1 Study Guide
Logan Stewart
GPA 4.2
Introduction to Business
David Dasseau

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About this Document

Introduction to Business
David Dasseau
Study Guide
50 ?




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This 1 page Study Guide was uploaded by Logan Stewart on Tuesday April 21, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to BA 240 at University of Oregon taught by David Dasseau in Winter 2014. Since its upload, it has received 118 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Business in Business at University of Oregon.

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Date Created: 04/21/15
Logan Stewart EA 240 Estam 1 Study Guide Getting Started Wt iv39licrosoft office Ribbon The main set of commands vou click to execute tasks It is organised into tabs and groups Dialog lBoir Launcher Eipens a task pane or dialog but that provides additional options for that group of tasks Dialogue Bios Launcher opens the Paragraph dialog bot integration the abilityr to share information between programs Escel has two sets of siting buttons The top set controls the program window and the bottom set controls the workspace Status Bar Provides info about the program open file or current tasis or selection It also contains buttons and other controls for working with the file and its content Microsoft iliiord a computer program you use to enter edit and formattest The files you create in Word are called documents You can also use Word to create insert and position figures tables and other graphics Eucel a computer program you use to enter calculate analvte and present numerical data The files you create in Excel are called workbooks jcommonlv referred to as spreadsheets fTo turn off the Mini toolbar and Live Preview in Word Escel and PowerPoint ciicir the File tab click the Options command unchecir their bones in the Options d39ialog boa and then click tilt Shortcut vienu it list of commands related to a selection that opens when vou click the right mouse button Filename includes a title you specifv and the file entension assigned bv Office to indicate the file type File Extension a period followed bv several characters that Uffice adds to your descriptive title to identifv the program in which that file was created Folder a containerfor your files Object anvthlng that appears on vour screen that can be selected and manipulated such as a table a picture a shape a chart or an equation contextual Tab a Ribbon tab that contains commands related to the selected object so you can manipulate edit and format the object ta Documentation sheet is a worksheet that provides info about the content and purpose of the worlcboolctEscei has 2 sets of siting buttons Name box displavs the cell reference of the active cell Formula Ear displavs the value or formula entered in the active cell Cell Reference indicates its column anti row location Text Data anv combination of letters numbers and svmbols that form words and sentences Test data is often referred to as text string because it contains a string of test characters hlurnber data is any numerical value that can be used in a mathematical calculation Dateif iime Data commoniv recognised formats for date and time values Auto39 ompiete helps make entering repetitive test easier To accept the suggested test press the Tab or Enter Kev To override the suggested test continue to tvpe eutoCompiete does not won with dates or numbers or when a blank cell is between the previous entrv and the test vouire tvping menu test you enter in a cell that doesn t fit within that cell covers the adjacent cells to the right as long as that are emptv if the adjacent cells contain tent or data onlv the test that fits into the cell is displaved The rest of the teat entrv is hidden or truncated from the view The test itself is not affected The complete test is still entered in the cell its just not dispiaved To display all of the test vou must increase the cellis width ffTo enter multiple lines of test Hold down the Alt hop and press the Enter hev then release both Itevs The insertion point moves to a new line within the cell ff To force test that attends begun a cell s border to fit within the cell click the Wrap Test button in the Alignment Group on the Home Tab f f flf a number exceeds its cell site vou see heati39forthe truncated numeric value quottoo can displav the entire number bv increasing the column width Formula is an expression that returns a value Cell Rangeflhange a group of cells ranges can be either adjacent is a group of ceills in a single rectangular block of cells or nonadjacent is two or more distinct adjacent ranges Fiange Rference indicates the location and site of a cell range For adjacent ranges the range reference includes the cell reference of the upper left and low eoright cells in the rectangular block separated bv the colon Function a named operation that returns a value Spreadsheet a collection of test and numbers laid out in a rectangular grid WhatIf Analysis vou change one or more values in a spreadsheet and then assess the effect those changes have on the calculated values Tutorial 239 The Accounting stvle lines up currencv values bv their currencv symbol and decimal point negative numbers are enclosed in parentheses Adding a Background Image Page Layout e Background an insert Mlergebicenter merges the range into one cell and horizontally centers the content Merge Across merges each of the rows in the selected range across the columns in the range Merge cells merges the range into a single cell but does not horizontallv center the cell content tinmerge cells reverses a merge returning the merged call back into a range of individual cells Arguments the numbers test or cell references used bv the function to return a value The cod e MFiie will displavthe filename of the current workbook Tutorial 3 To enter a relative reference tvpe the cell reference as it appears in the worksheet For enample enter E2 for cell at fquot39iTp enter an absolute reference tvpe 5 before both the row and column references Es 332 f f fTo enter a mixed reference tvpe before either the row or column reference Es SE or 352 or select the cell reference vou want to change a press the Fri beg to cvcle the reference from relative to absolute to miaed and then back to relative SUM Function aleiM returns the sum of the values in the range ivillti iFunction entisz returns the minimum value in the range Average Function iAUEItAGEj returns the average value of the range slinth returns the maximum value in the range PMT Function Pi39vi i39i a financial function that calculates the montth pavrnent recruited to pav back a loan iF function le a logical function that tests a condition and then returns one value if the condition is true and another value ifthe condition is false


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