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Mus 121 - Final Study Guide

by: Kennedy Patterson

Mus 121 - Final Study Guide MUS121

Marketplace > University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa > Music > MUS121 > Mus 121 Final Study Guide
Kennedy Patterson
GPA 3.9
MUS 121 – 005 Introduction to Listening
Allison Kelsey

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About this Document

Study guide for final exam - music 121; Kelsey
MUS 121 – 005 Introduction to Listening
Allison Kelsey
Study Guide
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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Kennedy Patterson on Tuesday April 21, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to MUS121 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Allison Kelsey in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 445 views. For similar materials see MUS 121 – 005 Introduction to Listening in Music at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 04/21/15
Music 121 Final Exam Study Guide 42715 0 Art Song song written to be sung in recital typically with piano accompaniment and often set to a poem 0 Idee Fixe an idea or desire that dominates the mind an obsession Through composition having a different melody for each strophe Symphonic poem with orchestra not in sonata form chain of subjects or themes Nationalism musical ideas or motifs that are identified with a specific country region or ethnicity such as folk tunes and melodies rhythms and harmonies inspired by them 0 Concert overture a onemovement selfcontained orchestral concert piece often in sonata form 0 Grand opera concentrated on a spectacle crowd scenes ballets elaborate scenery etc 0 Opera comique used spoken dialogue instead of sung recitative plot didn t have to be completely humorous but would have some lighthearted moments Lyric opera plots were taken from romantic drama or fantasy and relied primarily on the beauty of the melodies 0 Music drama Wagner said it was the most important part of opera Leitmotif a melody or fragment of a melody used to identify a certain character object or idea Naturalism an effort to depict life as it was objectively and truthfully Verismo a movement towards naturalism and realisms story that all people can relate to Impressionism experimentation and rejection of past viewpoints mood and atmosphere were more important than following formal structure very beautiful subdued and delicate in nature refined fluid rhythms Primitivism very often used nonwestern ideas as subjects angular melodies offbeat primitive rhythms Neoclassicism musical composition should be approached with objectivity and restraint neoclassical composers were attracted to the textures and forms of the baroque and classical periods 0 John Williams most important film music composer of all time 0 Program music music depicts or portrays an extra phenomenon such as dramatic incident a poetic image a visual object or some element in nature 0 Art music 0 Popular music 0 Jazz originated in New Orleans and large cities blends European and African music call and response poyrhythms repletion of rhythm patterns exotic scale patterns Music 121 Final Exam Study Guide 42715 Blues originated out of the field hollers and work songs of African slaves each section has 2 lines of rhyming poetry the first being repeated AAB follows 12 bar harmonic progression pattern Swing originated for dancing in dance halls more saxophones they were playing in large concert halls and needed lots of sound Be bop reaction to the commercialization of swing quintet rhythm section used instrumentally conceived jagged uneven rhythm wide leaps and lots of rhyme tic variety Cool jazz reaction to be bop use less individual solos and focus more on ensemble sound has a subdue and introspective mood Gershwin brought jazz to the concert halls Matching 1 f 1 Berlioz a Swmg 2 2 Mussorgsky b German operamusic 39 C 3 h 3 Schubert drama 4 h 4 Schumann c Nationalism 5 b 5 Wagner d Cool Jazz 6 Z k 6 Chopin e Ragtime 7 g 7 Debussy f Programmatic 8 j 8 Stravinsky 9 Impressmnism 9 e 9 Joplin Art song 10 a 10 Louis Armstrong 39 Be B99 11 i 11 Charlie Parker J PFImItIVISm 12 d 12 Miles Davis k Romantic piano solo works


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