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BIO 100 Lab Final Review Study Guide


BIO 100 Lab Final Review Study Guide BIO 100

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BIO 100 The Living World
Hale and Holecheck

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About this Document

Review questions and answers studied in class.
BIO 100 The Living World
Hale and Holecheck
Study Guide
lab final, review, BIO 100
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by an elite notetaker on Wednesday April 22, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to BIO 100 at Arizona State University taught by Hale and Holecheck in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 3116 views.


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Date Created: 04/22/15
BIO 100 LAB REVIEW 1 Allele 1 codes for long horns Allele 2 for short horns which is more likely true about Allele 2 inheritance D it is impossible to determine you would need to do a truebreeding interbreeding test dominance cannot be inferred by a phenotype 2 two alleles for spine shape Allele G codes for straight Allege g codes for spiral G is incompletely dominant heterozygotes have curved spines GG Gg and gg are present D it is impossible to determine which allele is most beneficial 3 black and red beetles 200 offspring 100 black and 100 red B One beetle is homozygous recessive for body color the other beetle is heterozygous for body color 4 if a breeder knows which allele is dominant and recessive how many rounds of selective breeding must she go thru to remove the dominant allele A 1 round if you already know what the recessive trait is then you just need to find that phenotype and take that out of your breeding process to remove the recessive trait it would take at least 3 or 4 rounds 5 snails have two alleles for resistance to toxins allele 1 codes for high resistance and allele 2 codes for low allele 2 has been decreasing in relative frequency is it dominant recessive or codominant D it is impossible to determine from the information given you would need to breed with a true breeding group 6 imagine a population in which a rare allele is being selected against which of the following statements is most likely true C the allele will be eliminated from the population at the same rate whether it is dominant or recessive 7 If there is no differential survival based on shell thickness within a populations what happens to the shell thickness in response to crab predation C There may be evolution of shell thickness but not through natural selection and not necessarily 8 within finch population what are primary changes that occur over time B the proportions of finches with different traits within a population change 9 mosquito populations are resistant to DDT even though those species were not resistant to DDT when it was first introduced this is explained because A A few mosquitos were probably resistant to DDT before it was ever used 10 webbed feet in ducks a appeared in ancestral ducks because they lived in water and needed webbed feet to swim b appeared in ducks because of chance mutation B only b is correct 11 As webbed feet evolved a with each gen most ducks had about the same webbing as parents b with each gen most ducks had a tiny bit more webbing that parent A only top statement is correct quotmostquot NUTRIENT POLLUTION 1 Which type of organism in this lab can grow even if easily used forms of nitrogen like ammonia are not available in its environment or food B Cyanobacteria 2 Based on the graphs what is limiting growth of algal species A and B D Algae A is not limited 3 Algae needs carbon nitrogen and phosphorus among other elements in order to grow is carbon a limiting nutrient for algae in the lakes you studied in this lab D No because for algae in these lakes other nutrients are in more limited supply 4 How do consumer organisms affect the amount of dissolved oxygen in a high eutrophic lake C Consumer organisms increase the amount of D0 in the water because they eat algae before it has a chance to die and decay 5 How can an increase in algal population size kill fish D When the algae die 6 Which of the following might help maintain the whole ecological community in the lake you studied as its algae populations bloom A installing aerators that bubble air including oxygen into the water not adding nutrients nor organisms 7 You ar studying the effect of a new pollutant on an ecological community in a lake that has three mysterious species A The pollutant is bioaccum ISLE ROYALE AND CARDIO Exponential growth graph Carrying Capacity graph graph increases and then levels out 1 Which curve best describes dynamics for the predator species D The graph on the right and the predator s curve is red 2 What does the carrying capacity for moose on the island primarily depend on C The rate of plant growth carrying capacity primarily depends on the number of resources A few individuals of a bird species fly to a small city that previously had no individuals of this species The immigrant birds find that the city has abundant food and no predators On average each bird has four offspring and lives for two years 3 How will the population of birds change over the first few years B the populations will grow more rapidly with each passing year 4 Imagine that after the birds have been living in the city for many years a second big flock of birds arrives how will the bird population grow or shrink in the 1020 years after the extra birds arrive C stable sharp spike and then return to previous stable 5 In the new city some individual birds become hosts for a ectoparasite A researcher wants to know are the birds healthier in weight free of parasites as opposed to infected Pick a graph B compares absent and present Prediction forecasting the future if then statements Hypothesis a testable tentative explanation for something that is observed direct statement EX powering the care with electricity will make the car run faster prediction cars that use electricity are more powerful than batteryrun cars hypothesis PHOTOSYNTHESIS 1 If the light intensity was increased to 100 what would happen to the rate of photosynthesis B it would decrease the light would be too high which would raise the temperature and damage the plant light independent actions are catalyzed by enzymes as the enzymes approach their optimum temperature the overall rate increases doubles for 10 degrees cesius increase in temperature above optimum temperature the rate begins to decrease as enzymes are denatured until it stops 2 if the bath was set to 80 degrees cesius what do you think would happen to the rate of photosynthesis D It would decrease because the temperature would be high enough to damage the plant


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