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UTD / Humanities / HUMA 1301 / What are the iconography of superheroes?

What are the iconography of superheroes?

What are the iconography of superheroes?


School: University of Texas at Dallas
Department: Humanities
Course: Exploration of the Humanities
Professor: Peter ingrao
Term: Spring 2016
Tags: Humanities, comicbook, comic, UTD, superhero, batman, and joker
Cost: 25
Name: HUMA 1301 Feb 20-Feb 24
Description: Here are notes from class. I have condensed the lecture modules and included notes from lecture. At the end I also attached my personal notes taken directly from the readings (more detailed than module and class notes). Hope it helps!!
Uploaded: 03/05/2017
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○ Batman Begins finished = what next?

Batman (idea/symbol; can't be corrupted) ▪ What is Batman an idea/symbol of?

Affleck's ○ What traits & characteristics does Batman possess?

Week 7 Notes 2.20-2.24 Wednesday, February 22, 2017 4:35 AM Feb 17th - 20th Module Iconography of Superheroes Batman Begins (2005) • Directed by Christopher Nolan ○ Reboot = retelling of origin focused on psychology of Bruce & drive to be Superman ○ Audience emotionally care • If you want to learn more check out goods in transit are included in a purchaser's inventory:
If you want to learn more check out select the telescope that would record a spectrum
We also discuss several other topics like What are the characteristics of nucelotide?
If you want to learn more check out retroactive criminal laws undermine the “central values” of free societies.
If you want to learn more check out the thymus is most active during childhood. a child with a malfunctioning thymus will have trouble with _____.
We also discuss several other topics like What is a bounded sequence?
Characters ○ Batman/Bruce Wayne ▪ Orphan billionaire; Batman = justice for parents; "Dark Knight" ○ Ra's al Ghul ▪ Trained Bruce in League of Shadows; kill criminals & sacrifice innocent ○ Scarecrow/Jonathan Craine ▪ Pychopharm; Arkham Asylum; help create fear toxins ○ Alfred Pennyworth ▪ Bruce's butler; raised Bruce; moral advice ○ Lucius Fox ▪ Weapons & tech for Batman ○ James (Jim) Gordon ▪ Honest officer; bend rules for Batman ○ Rachel Dawes ▪ Assistant DA; Bruce's childhood friend & love-interest ○ Carmine Falcone ▪ Head of mob; works with Ra's & Scarecrow; help smuggle toxins in • Reception Revenge v. Justice in film ○ Positive; realistic, search for father figure, overcome fear; revenge v. justice ○ O'Neil praise: reboot understood character; best to date Understanding Comics, Scott McCloud • Icon = image representing person, place, thing or idea ○ Symbols & Icons of Language, Science & Communication ▪ Invisible ideas, concepts & philosophies ▪ Appearance doesn’t affect meaning ○ Pictures ▪ resemble subject ▪ Meaning is fluid; differ from "real life" • Anthromorphism = humanlike animals/objects I'm Not Fooled by That Cheap Disguise, William Urricio & Roberta Pearson • Traits of Batman ○ Wealth(heir to fortune), physical prowess, obsessed, not crazy, deductive ability, celibate • Events ○ Origin story/ why fight crime ○ Action(ongoing crime fighting) defines Batman • Characters ○ Robin, Gordon, Joker, Two-Face • Setting Gotham/Urban Compare Batman in Nolan's  film & Urrichio/Pearson traits  Humanities Page 1 ○ Gotham/Urban • Iconography ○ Cape & cowl, logo, gauntlets, extensions (bat-a-rang) Feb 20th Lecture Anthromorphism = giving nonhuman thing human qualities • Batman as ICON ○ Comic portrayals (drawings) of superhero = spectrum from realistic to basic ▪ Basic drawing = you can picture yourself as superhero; realistic drawing = difficult  because drawing is too specific ▪ Bale's portrayal of Batman v. Affleck's ○ What traits & characteristics does Batman possess? ▪ Brooker: myth, brand, cannon Our definition: serious, stoic, urgency/deliberate, greatest detective, worried, no  ▪ smile/happiness ▪ Urrichio & Pearson = 5 categories: wealth, physical prowess, not insane, obsessed,  detective, celibate Traits (relating to Batman Begins) • Wealth ○ Hotel scene (I'll buy the hotel) ○ More real/True self: Bruce Wayne v. Batman (idea/symbol; can't be corrupted) ▪ What is Batman an idea/symbol of? Vigilante or hero? • Physical Prowess ○ Training in mountains ○ Supa fit man • Detective ○ Solve releasing of toxins in air  ○ Solve microwave emitter stolen • Celibate ○ Should ending with Rachel be changed? ○ Not celibate by choice, but by Rachel's decision ○ Has a romantic interest • Some qualities are consistent & go across the spectrum of myth, brand & cannon (like wealth;  Bruce is always wealthy), but other's don't (like celibacy; sometimes Bruce is celibate, sometimes  he has a love-interest & acts on his interest) Setting • Gotham/Urban area Recurrent Events • Fight villains, Trauma Recurrent Characters • Joker, Alfred, Gordon Iconography • Cowl, cape, boots, symbol, costume in general, gadgets Setting, Recurrent Events/Characters & Iconography all go across spectrum of myth, brand & cannon Feb 22nd - 24th Module The Dark Knight (2008) • Directed by Christopher Nolan ○ Higher Nolan recognition due to Batman Begins ○ Wider political issues (9/11) ○ Nolan downplayed in posters & trailer, but responded to in authorship role ○ Superhero genre transformed ○ Initially Batman three-part, but not a trilogy; Dark Knight = Bruce deeper into  Batman  Humanities Page 2 Batman ○ 2nd movie to break $500M in North America • Characters ○ Batman/Bruce Wayne ▪ "Dark Knight" ○ Joker ▪ Chaos; no clear past ○ Two Face/Harvey Dent Joker = broken grotesque ▪ "White Knight;" DA fight criminals legally; transformed into villain; chance is his  only "morality" ○ Alfred Pennyworth ▪ Bruce's butler; raised Bruce; moral advisor & father figure ○ Lucius Fox ▪ Weapons & tech for Batman; CEO of Wayne Enterprises ○ Coleman Reese ▪ Accountant at Wayne's Enterprises; threatens to reveal Batman ○ James (Jim) Gordon ▪ Honest officer; bend rules for Batman ○ Detective Ana Ramirez & Detective Wuertz ▪ Corrupt officers ○ Rachel Dawes ▪ Assistant DA; Bruce's childhood friend & love-interest ○ Salvatore Maroni ▪ New Falcone head (Falcone sent to Arkham Asylum) ○ Gambol ▪ Mob boss killed by Joker ○ Lau ▪ Mob accountant Rabelais & His World, Mikhail Bakhtin Joker attempt anarchy; Gotham already  overrun w/ crime • Serious ceremonies coexisted with humorous, parodic ones • Clowns mimicked serious, "official" rituals ○ Ex: Feast of Fools (medieval), Topsy Turvy Day (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) ○ Parodying doubles • Parodying double in Batman's villains & vice versa Carnival is temporary; Joker & Harvey/Two Face? Batman  price to restore order? • Carnival is temporary; if normal, villains would be heroes; norm must be restored • Carnival figure pushed in corners & isolated; clowns = tragic & isolated Feb 22nd Lecture Batman role & power in Gotham - Portrayal in Batman Begins - Bakhtin - parodying double (villains = mirror reflection) ○ Vigilante/hero ○ Revenge/justice ○ Ra's wanted to end crime like Batman, just in a worse way - 3 levels = myth, brand & cannon ○ Brand = specific to film/studio (ex: Warner Bros portrayal) Vigilante • Commissioner Loeb: Batman is outside the law; people can't just take the law into their own hands Police view; no help; stop progress  Humanities Page 3 ○ Police view; no help; stop progress ○ Police is corrupt & criminal own: bribes, Falcone can shoot in front of cop ▪ Batman HAS to be outside to fight the corruption ○ "Do I look like a cop?" -IP; batman tactics • Car chase attempt to save Rachel  ○ innocent life? Not selfless because he cares for her? Hero • Identity ○ Code = When law fails, Batman has his own code ○ Symbol = Progression • Bruce & Gordon "Now we're two;" few honest men in corrupt society • Ra's = traditional vigilante; above law, eliminate crime, restore balance ○ "You destroyed my house & left me for dead. Now your turn" ; balance ○ Difference from Batman = willingness to kill ▪ Myth variation; cannon ▪ Fine line b/n "won't kill & won't save" ▪ Most good for most people ○ Coogan definition of Superhero = protect innocent ▪ Ra's isn't innocent ○ Initially Batman/Bruce followed Ra's: took law in hand, eye for an eye, kill Chill (parent's murderer) ;  vigilante • Batman's life = recurrent events; Urrichio & Pearson Batman as Icon/Symbol = higher philosophical purpose; justice; more than man; an idea; incorruptible  (Coogan's mission?) Conversation with Rachel outside of Hotel dictates his choices Feb 24th Lecture *Office hours = describe PowerPoints* *A Mirror for the Bat: Evil Citizens of Gotham City, Part 1* Feast of Fools = limited (not forever) • Outsiders are King for a day ○ Clown = inversion of social order ○ Meaning is created in relationships • Law : Merrymaking ○ Batman (code) : Joker (chaos) ○ Not fighting forces; exchange of power ○ Similarities > differences ○ Parodying double; possibility for overlap ○ "you complete me" - Joker Bakhtin Dialogism • Scripter/Author • Myth/Brand/Cannon • Carnival Gotham is corrupt before Joker • Examples Maroni owns banks  Humanities Page 4 ○ Maroni owns banks ○ Lao (accountant); police ○ Sneak a gun into court (from Batman Begins) • Joker is after both Batman & the Mob ○ "better class of criminals" than Mob ○ Joker & Batman have higher mission ○ Invert truth (greatest schemer) ○ Broken grotesque • Mob (code) : Joker (chaos) • Harvey (law) : Joker (chaos) • Inversion, not polar opposites ▪ temporary ▪ Batman needs to overcome; return to normal order  Humanities Page 5 Glen Weldon. "The Caped Crusader" Wednesday, February 22, 2017 4:35 AM Weldon • Dawn of the Dark Knight ○ Batman Begins finished = what next? ○ 1st film approach = vague, three part not trilogy ▪ Bruce Wayne sees Batman as finite (5 yr plan then leave, a gig) ▪ Bruce deeper in Batman; raise extreme behavior (Joker) ▪ Bruce permanently close Batman ○ Batman Begins = light tweaking; trilogy = overhaul of Batman elements ▪ Temporary Batman = violation of 1939 oath "spend rest of life warring crime" ▪ Walk away = superhero --> everyday; clear motive; human psych; acceptable ▪ Powerful drive (crusade) = believable but much smaller; hyperrealism & believability  removes iconic power ▪ Raise stakes; Dark Knight = learn original plan (5 yr) doesn't work (enormity of task) • Grim & Gritty ○ Setting ▪ Batman Begins = stripped down, antidecorative, utilitarian □ Praise = keep it up □ Natural: arctic, caverns ▪ Dark Knight = cityscapes, cold & sleek, modern, Chicago ○ Character arc ▪ No emotional journey promoting change for Batman □ Further accept position ▪ Harvey Dent = "White Knight;" True protagonist □ Path to tragedy & destruction □ Corrupted by Joker □ Batman attempt to preserve rep by cover up ▪ Joker = smaller & more terrifying; no showboating □ True psychopath; violent & unpredictable terrorist; casual evil □ Ra's = calculating & intellectual  □ Not establish villain; origin/motivation cliché ◆ 2 origins = apocryphal ◆ Nerd outrage □ Effect on Batman: why needed & mission □ Clown makeup = spark homophobics ◆ Heath Ledger Brokeback --> "gay Joker"  • Clown Prince ○ Prinicipal Photography (Rory's First Kiss) began Apr 2007 Chicago --> Nov 2007 Hong Kong ○ Location shots & elaborate stunts ▪ New car: Batpod = motorcycle • So Serious ○ Clearest marker of genre  Humanities Page 1

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