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UNT / Engineering / HIST 2610 / history 2610 exam 2

history 2610 exam 2

history 2610 exam 2


School: University of North Texas
Department: Engineering
Course: United States History to 1865
Professor: Nathaniel jarrett
Term: Spring 2017
Tags: history
Cost: 50
Name: Midterm Study Guide
Description: Study Guide for Exam 2
Uploaded: 03/06/2017
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How did the Government borrow money?

1780’s the critical period of american history Why?

What did the battle of Yorktown do?

STUDY GUIDE What did the battle of Yorktown do? • created the united states • forces them to think about how they’re gonna form their government  • the anglican church is dis established( Virginia Georgia, the carolinas,)  because the king is the head of that church. The Anglicans called themselves the  episcopalians • The slave trade was If you want to learn more check out if a body of magma undergoes fractional crystallization, the first rock that crystallizes from the magma will be __________ .
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If you want to learn more check out because of the cost of medical school, poorer students are less likely to become doctors than higher status students. which theorists would be more likely to examine how this trend impacts social stratification in the u.s.?
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banned or heavily restricted in 11 states (wait a  minute we just fought a war for freedom. stop the importing of slaves, slavery would  eventually wither  1780’s the critical period of american history Why? It was the time that determined wether the nation would continue to exist Some thought it succeed and some that it would fail. The “Wise thinkers” in Europe believed democracy only lasted in other countries  because they had a very small area. Why? • It could not last in a space as big as the American colonies.  • Not everybody in the county is the same. It’s to diverse for Democracy to  work. The bigger the area, the more interest groups you have. They will dived into  separate groups. Everyone can speak up! What works is to have a strong leader that  will tell people will be quiet. Thats how you keep the nation in one peace. Democracy is  gonna release the voices of different groups that are all against each other and the  nation will only last a few years.  Weakness in the AOC • Two constitutions. The first constitution written during the war.(The articles  of Confederation) It’s gonna ruin there nation. Only one unit in thier nation. A congress.  A one chamber congress. Each state would have one vote. Each state would be  considered sovereign. The states are more powerful than the congress. The sets won’t  agree that small states should have the same power as the big states. They can only  REQUEST taxes. Congress can’t regulate trade. No federal curt system. Maybe one accomplishment in the AOC was the North West Ordinance.  • 1)The process to become a state.  • 2)Any states would be equal to the original 13(all the rights of the old  state. No Empires). • 3)Outlawed slavery North of the Ohio river.Sovereign- a supreme ruler Empire- where some states have more power than others states. In the mid 1780’s people began holing meetings to change the AOC. First at Mt. Vernon  1785. Only two states attended. Virginia and Maryland. Two more meetings. One a  Annapolis’s Maryland and a 3rd one in Philadelphia where they threw out the AOC SHAHYS’ REBELLION Western Massachusetts. Shays and other farmers were going through tough times and  couldn’t pay off their homes and farms because they can’t pay their taxes and asked the  Massachusetts government for help in their financial crisis. The gov didn’t help so they  picked up their muskets and went to war against the gov. To many people refuse to  obey the law. They started destroying stuff. Normally you’d bring in state military force. If  that doesn’t work, then they’d appealed for presidents help who would send in U.S.  military. This couldn’t happen though, because the AOC says that states are sovereign.  It took a long time to stop the rebellion because of this. The rebellion was put down in  early 87’ Fixing the AOC In Philadelphia they discussed anything that could fix it. It takes congress and the states  to fix it. They couldn’t just do it single hianededlly . The people who showed up to the  3rd meeting had the rebellion on there mind. They met in Independence Hall from May  to September. They agreed that they would keep their meetings secret. “No one except  us should know what’s gong on.” Every state all together sent together 55 men. Every  state was there, except one state. Rhode Island. They suspected what it was all about  and didn’t send anybody. They didn’t want to loose power. Half of the people there were  college educated. The 1%. Most were lawyers. The rest were mostly farmers and  merchants. Extremely educated and talented. Thomas Jefferson wasn’t there because  he was the US. Minister (ambassador) to France. John Adams wasn’t there either  because he was the minister to Britain. Patrick Henry wasn’t there either. He said “I  smell a rat”. People there were, James Maddison, Roger Sherman, Ben Franklin, and  George Washington. James Maddison was the father of the constitution. James  Maddison kept great notes of what happened. The first real order of business came in  late May. proposed 15 resolutions. Came to be known as the Virginia Plan. Mostly ideas  from James Maddison. When he finished the members of the convention was scared. It  had proposed a 3 branch federal gov1) Executive(carries out law)2)Legislative3)  Judicial. They would all check and balance each other. constitution vIRGINA PLAN: 3 branches of government Legislature to create laws, Executive to  enforce laws and judicial to interpret laws. Several small states didn’t like the Virginia  plan.Delaware, new Jersey are examples. New Jersey came up with their own plan out of fear that the small states wouldn’t be important. This plan: The branch government. 1  house legislature with each state having 1 vote. The executive branch would be a  committee, not a person. Both plans gave congress power to regulate trade. During hat summer they came up with props they couldn’t agree on. Based on  population? or each state has one vote? Almost broke up on the convention. They  couldn’t decide. Someone came up with the Great Compromise. A guy from Connecticut  really used it. Also known as the Connecticut compromise. His name was Roger  Sherman. Senators would be elected be state legislature. Every sate gets 2 senators.  Every 10 years we have a census to see how many representatives there are. The  Southern states said yes because they wanted more population. Northern said no  because they were property. Decided that when census included only 3/5 of the slaves.  Economist believed that slaves produced about 3/5 of labor as a free labor. 3/5  Compromise. SLAVERY. 11 of the 13 states had either banned or severely restricted the slave trade.  Now that theirs a new gov it has to decide.Most states wanted to banned imports.  Georgia and South Carolina said they would leave if that happened Compromise. For  the 1st 20yrs of the constitution. each state would decide for themselves. Jan 1 1808  congress will decide what will happen. On Jan 1st it didn’t happen. Thomas Jefferson  inserted banning slavery north of the Ohio over. Hamilton is Secretary of War(Secretary of State) Hiltons fiscal plan • Pay off he entire debt, federal and state. How did the Government borrow money? Bonds from the citizens. State Debt.  FUNDING: Accumulating enough money to pay off debt. Assumption:the federal government pays off (assumes) debts owed by the states. • Raise revenue with high tariff + new taxes(Distilled Liquor)it’s the value of  corn but easier to carry. • Create a national bank(bank of the United States or BUS) had branches  all over the country. Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson wrote to Pres Wash,”veto this beast”. option was  based on “strict instructions “ People didn’t like funding and assumption “It might give to gov to much power.”  “My evil brother in law is gonna get a profit”. Hamilton pushes it anyway. America has  pay’d back every penny they were loans. Even to this day. Whiskey Rebellion Americans rejected it and a rebellion happened.  George Washington sent a letter to all the governor of all the states saying to send  troops that wee will send out and put down the rebellion. So it happened. 15,000 troops were raised to collect the tax and made people obey the law. Light horse White Horse  Harry Lee(Robert E Lee’s father) When the rebels saw this, they collapsed. Shay’s Rebellion, the government to enforce the law. At the Whiskey rebellion, they did. Ideology and Agitation Thomas Pine who was a supporter of the American cause wrote many essays in  support of revolution using techniques that pioneered a new kind of journalism aimed at  the plain people of the colonies. After many American defeats in the Revolutionary War,  Paine wrote a pamphlet named THE CRISIS, NUMBER 1, the first number in a  pamphlet, calling attention to the difficulties the Americans faced in their struggle  against Britain appealing for a renewed dedication to the revolutionary cause. In it he  said things like, “Tyranny like hell, is not easily conquered..” letting people know that you  can win with hard times, bring up enthusiasm in the American people and appealed to  people belief in God, demonizing tories. These essays probably had some to do with  keeping enthusiasm throughout the War. George Washington even read some of it to  his troops. Securing Liberty In order to convince everyone to accept and vote for the new constitution a group of  Essays was written called to Federalist papers as a persuasive Argument. James  Maddison, an important player in the countries history, and future president wrote the  majority of the papers. The essay discussed in this essay, was THE FEDERALIST,  NUMBER TEN. In to Maddison argues that a danger the constitution seeks to fix is the  faction. with is a state of conflict within an organization. In factions those who are with  out property and who are debtors will fall under discrimination. The minorities will be  recriminated by the majority and the constitution fixes the faction problem of the Article  of Confederation.

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