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TTU / Finance / FIN 2350 / What is the communication process?

What is the communication process?

What is the communication process?


School: Texas Tech University
Department: Finance
Course: Communicating In a Global Society
Professor: Lamia zia
Term: Spring 2017
Tags: communicating, In, a, globa, Society, mcom, and 2350
Cost: 50
Name: Study Guide
Description: Hey Guys! I didn't have time to make it into a nice word document, because I am in a rush have a lot of tests this week! so I apologize for that.
Uploaded: 03/07/2017
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Clastic Sedime

What is the communication process?


Section 1:

Sediment either

lab will go over silic ed in their formatic

Renew for midrum #1 I Communication asunnmarie

and the clifferent types ou non

1) Study Soup/




- is the process of creatha and sending Symbolic behavior, and the napretanen of behavior

Cultural diversity means?

O comuna Ninohe imamo LA

MUE non volonnw was vuonnullos Nust shradu? Quim vam smo muastylowo niwe ubrandene wow so enimno We also discuss several other topics like What are radio waves?

unnornwwn muathustus Ru ao suntshs Dypow usomy num)

A Conno Motor MHM Don't forget about the age old question of What are the sociomoral emotions?


the way of life of a group of people including Symbols, varies, behauius achfacts, and other shared

Intercultural communications occurs when?

mHul hants hum Cuaumi unuwa m

prenan sina Indri hidwis usa sau Tonu ifto ho recomanom auf

hisani o pontim

w orya one - 10m m. Sayans of uselostnoram

Cross cultural commnication a nd in a team that describes no interaction what sower

browser ni Jin umno son If you want to learn more check out What is a segment income?

Today's lab involved lab. If you want to learn more check out What are the parts of the fruit?

Impact of Chobalization

more goods, much more intermined Intercultural communication by

- Aaward a Hall Inkacultural communication in 1970s )

It was wonder n

() Stud Soup


Study SOL

stdy Soup

Study Soul We also discuss several other topics like What is parasitism in plants?


Stud Soup

Study Soup

Study Soup

Clastie Sedimentary Rocks and S

Structures lab will go over silicielastie sedimentary ised in their formation. Other classes or

Section 1: Sedimentary R Sedimentary rocks: Rocks either at the Earth's surf such as: siliciclastic If you want to learn more check out What is hydrochloric acid?

Lab 2


Feedback was missing

the Shamon and weaver


to sare -

transmitter -


recurs - Destinare


receives - Destination

Study soup

noise sare some Clements of the road new sean information source which produces a message

a transmitter, which encocles the message to signais

Soudy Soup

a, to which signals are adapted for transmission


-A fueres, which decores ficconstructs the messages the signal da A destination, where the message arrives and

Marshall Mcbunan moons of ulobal communicati -Developed the idea that it was not the content of medici that is important but the form con

cand voya of the reca Ollobal Villatie

The overhauling of ar traditional paitical system is only one manifestation of the retribalizing Process wrought by me electric media, which is turning the planet into a gloral village. monen foresaw this retion to a small village kind of connectness Globalization

the meaning of neuronnecteds off counting an cround the world.


Today's lab involved ir

-comparing studies



Study Sour

Study Soup

Hofstedes centuras dimension (1) Power distence

relost to whether people in a caute tend to vawe status difference and set it as appropiate a masculinity/feminity

Work goals, masculine cultes priviuge clreetness, efficiency, competition, and goal, Loutcome) ontentcntion, and femici cumes privilege Berice Cospection, modesty, and caring for others. But a also h femnine couves, thee is less sex differentation in tasks-a role fluidity in which men and women snare more tasks 3) Uncertany avoidance on

pertains to the quesan clesine for strutve a and predictability in a cultve. In higher uncertaing avoidance cultures, people tend to distrust things or people that violate expectations 44) Individualion collecticism

- refers to the laks between the person end her of his social network In more colective societies people rely more upon social net walls, such as extraed faming or workplace, to set



Study Soup



identity politics

describes the practice of laying to claim to an identity increler to help intergroue into our

ourseus communities and of our souch world

for part o - Identity politics

- Personal identity, meaning what we do that make us, us

Social identity, where the individual meets lorger, collective bodies, or groups of affiliation Categorizantn I -amentas prous of grouping things, attribaus, benewers and people into as crisis In-groups

-groups h which we see ourselus belonging Out-groups.

groups with unich we do not associare or cooperar Reference croups

trroups that we vane and look to not for guidance Othering - excluding and rendering people in as inforts and allen to us, making someone orbienated Diaspora

- large group of people that have n ot Spread outside of their country a territory of ongin, usually maintaining some to notion of identity to the homeland



y StudySoup



Section 1

lab. involved in their fort oday's lab will go over


Clastic Sed


" - is the process by which the principles of the fast-food restaurco are woning to dominate more and more sectors of Armenicen soweny as well as the rest of the world on - 4 main components

-Efficiency -Calculability

Predictablity - Conna

Studys pup


Study Soup

-arsimplified attites we have toucad others because we assure they hold the cherretiensrics of

acertain group I -Carapnization, the mental process of grouging things attributes, benaviers, and people into like.


Study Soul

Xenophobia borrannou ve meno

is the face of people who ca different from oneself. It means, literally a fear of foreigners.. Tolerance

is the application of the same moral pincipus andrues, cering and empany and feeling the Connection to hunco brings of other percieved


2 Extreme

Golden Mean

Aristotes notion of seeking to cooid extremes in ethical situations- a middle of the road approach Cultural relatius

The idea that people in each centre create their own accepted norms about whent is right or

3) Stud Soup


) Study Soup



Human Rights

Human rights are moral principus or naims, worden describe certain standards of human behavior, and are regulary proteerd as legal rights in municipal and international law Clobal communication Crucbalization

-retes to the reduction and removal of banners between national bordes in order to facilitare the flow of goods, capital, series and labor, promoks rectional trade Multicultural workfice

This phrase refers to the changing agegenor, etrnicity, physical ability and race of employees across all types and places of work


Stuc Sour

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