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School: University of California Riverside
Department: Philosophy
Course: Philosophy on Evil
Professor: Eric switchzgebel
Term: Fall 2015
Tags: philosophy
Cost: 50
Name: Phil 005 EVIL study guide for Exam 2
Description: I was typing as he spoke, words may be spelt wrong
Uploaded: 03/08/2017
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How do you explain this given that they care about Job and have shown him love?

What ws his worldview?

What, if anything, do you make of this?

Topics to review for Second Exam These are not actual questions; just topics to review. But studying  these topics will put you in a good position to do well. As always, you will  have choices of questions. The Book of Job 1. How to describe God’s relationship with the Accuser; Job; the  Comforters. Give examples and fDon't forget about the age old question of accy 201 ole miss
Don't forget about the age old question of elon university economics
We also discuss several other topics like What fallacy pertains to a misconception that history doesn't matter?
Don't forget about the age old question of uw psych 210
Don't forget about the age old question of What is hominoid adaptive radiation?
Don't forget about the age old question of ▪ Wants to see what happens?
ully explain. Called satin, and morliterally means the accuser More like a prosecuting attorney looking for trouble a. comforters—friends of job. Come from the far east of the  bible and they sit with him for 7 fays on the ground and  don’t say a word. To have a friend sit with you when your  suffereing – good  b. one: main thing we want tot take away with view of  accsuing angel, if you are reading out of the bible he  accuser will be the devil. But at the time of the writing in  old testaement, the view we have of satin as the eviul  counterpart of god is not what is operating in this text.  Closer to context of old testament is the idea that saten is  one of gods angels but is special. Even though god and  accuser have a handful od interaction, when talking  inbeginning says god was with council of angels and  comes across accuser and says where have you been  implying they do know each oterh and he says oh I was  hangingout on earth and god says oh did you see my  servant job c. not anagonistic on how we see the god and devil d. accuser shouldn’t be read to be this evil force. Accuser is  just trying to find out ewhat is ture, god claims these  things about job but accuser says let me just point out that when you take away these things from him he wont be.  Then says well that’s just stuff let me hurt him and he will  do you wrong e. very different between the contemporary standing of what god and Lucifer is supposed to be. 2. The literary form of the beginning and end of the book vs. the  middle section. What, if anything, do you make of this? a. Literary from, the beginning and the end of the book is just  the story. Talks to accuser he says lets do this god says yes..  end he gets new kids and sheep and etc b. Middle of the book is poetry: some people make of it is the  suggestion is that beginning and the ends are add ons c. Here is someone who has lost everuything, and the speech of  the whirlwind.. d. Or beginning and the end is god testing him in the beginning  and then rewarding him? e. Open how to read this book f. 3. Personal trials of the sort that Job goes through sometimes  strengthen a person and result in personal growth. It was said in  class that Job has at least 2 “epiphanies” during the course of the  story. What are these? Fully explain them. a. Growth is an important topic b. Looses everything, and becomes aware a lot of peoole don’t  have a lot of stuff and the word isn’t so far,, can be an  impanhy  c. Lile growing up rich and thinking god made the world a  wonderful place d. Realization of wow not the way we thought it was e. Then geos through a time that he is mad that its different  than what he thought f. Sometimems screams he wants to see god and screasm at  friends and in pain of let down g. 2nd aphiany where he meets god and god tells him this whole  thing and somehow the world looks different than it did  before—most important apihany  h. 1 apiphany, if I can sympathize with you, then that is growth  compared to thinking the world s always great. Different type  pf growth this way i. 2nd: religious growth of a different kind. j. There are atleast 2 specific apiphany  i. Job was a righteous man with livestock and children ii. What ws his worldview? 1. Just in case his children had sinned against go in  their hearts he had them purified every year 2. followerd years explicitly 3. not israelities but have a particular  understanding of god by following teachings and  have similar comments on how god is. In the  beginning very similar to friends. Righteous man, love god, going to continue, do everything I can  to keep this relationship with god and will keep  this so that he has these great things continune 4. speaking with friends starts making more general claims with world – 1 Spiphany—not just about  me any miore god does this to everyone.  Innoncent people are in this and bad people get  away with things 5. is god a urderer? Does he not care? 6. World is not what he thought it was where  rightout awarded and wicked punished 7. 2 different interpreataions: god ins narky: where  were you tih the snwo and the heaven and blah  blah blah , why aren’t you talking anymore are  you ignoring me, god is clearly angry with job  8. look closly: passages where god is praising  creation, in awe of the nature of the world he has created. 9. 2nd apiphany: a. job has conversating with conforters and  gets mad then calls god out and god  comes out in whirlwind saying idea it is  beautiful to god that the vulture drinks  blood, that the deserts never see rain,  lioness has to hunt to feed children, the  world god is desribng isn’t a just one, b. simplicit reading is im just a spec of just I  shouldn’t have questioned  c. other way is god is trying to give god a  persopective of god he couldn’t of possibly  known about d. where darkness and lught come from,  when the universe is creating, how  weather works, what job has maybe seen  about animals. e. More about job relaizzing the world isn’t  what he thought but also the world is much more complicated than that. Find more  beuty in things that seem less than just.  Can relate back to basketball quote:  doesn’t have to stop trying otbe a just  person but what he was getting at was __  4. State several arguments of the Comforters. At times they seem  almost cruel. How do you explain this given that they care about Job and have shown him love? a. Asking job what he has done wrong when job is questioning  why this happened to him, the comofrters ask him what he  could have possibly done to deserve this but job is affended  because though he thinks what he could have possiblyl done  for a split seconf, but at the end of the day he knows he is a  righteous man  They have these dctrines of religion and talk 5. What is Job’s reaction to them and to his plight. Start at the  beginning of the saga and explain whether and how Job’s attitude  changes a. Ssotry of the apihpanies 6. The Speech from the Whirlwind. Read this several times. Be ready  to cite examples of God’s attitude to Job, to the universe God  created, to creatures in the universe that are cruel to one another. Ste examples** a. don’t have to memorize lines but do want to be able to say here  are some of the things that go on in this speech 7. How does God’s speech affect Job. 8. What is the significance of the end of the book, when Job gets  restored to something like his original life? a. Something fishy going on . simple or newansed one, either wa god is saying you shoyldnt expect if you do nice things you  shouldn’t believe bad things wont happen.  b. Curiously, what does god do at the end? Gives him his kids  and stuff back. Idea is job is supposed to be made whole  again. c. God in the same passage he is saying things to the conforters saying if you want something you need to talk to job not me d. Job a very radical book why and why not 9. Is Job a very radical book? Why? Why not? In radical we mean out of the norm, something unusual of the book  of job. Religious perspective when you don’t think it is, it doens ttell us  anything different about god or righteousness. If you do think it is then it  paints a specific piciure of how god is, oddso f being a religious world view that god has certainproperties to perfection. Seems mybe god doesn’t  know whats going to happen> but if he had perfet knowledge he woyld  know what happened with accuser. Picture of god that’s more complicated that the comforters had god  wrong and job was right. Asking you to reiew on view of god and repected ntotion about it Crimes and Misdemeanors 1. Give an overview of the plot of the movie.2. What does Judah seem to feel when his brother Jack suggests  “getting rid of her”? a. Seems to feel shocked with the uggestion of anything violent  and certainly getting rid of her, but pretending for himself  almost that he is a doctor and supposed to be a repectable  person. What he seems to feel and what he really feels is 2  different questions 3. Explain the first debate between Judah and Rabbi Ben in Judah’s  office. Judah says, “We’ve been having this debate our whole lives.” What is the debate? a. Judan says we have been having this debate our whole lives  so whats the point.” b. Whats the debate about? i. Where ben says mabe u can go back with the old life  with you and meriam but go back to a new life of  forgiveness and love ii. Judah says meriam would never understand her place  among our collegaes and friends  iii. We have been having this argument forver  iv. Ben says you see the world as cold and uncaring and I  see it as full of meaning and a superior powering god  who gives us a reason to be one way or another 1. Kinda like hersh- morality depends upon a god  who tells you how to be v. Changes after murder when thinking god will punish  him vi. Attitude at the end is its up to you, you only go around  once according to jack vii. Does it really matter who I am? Fantasy if he can  believe in god maybe then it would asll make sense— ben character viii. Judah takes aunt may position cold place workd and up  to you what to make of your life and rabbi is like hersh  and on the other side. 4. How does Judah react to the killing? When he first hears; when he is walking with Jack later on; when he is in the restaurant with his wife and daughter. a. First reacts was a great moment and was in a chatty inter  party and jack says its been done go back to your life and he  is shocked, responsible for murder b. And he says “ what am I gonna do I have guests here!” i. Narcassitic- killed someone and worried about how to  treat guestsc. back of his mind scared to find out by god d. in the resutrant more of the sme- drinking heavily says the  world is a sest pool e. jack says you need to calm down because if you aren’t gonna  say anything because I am not gonna go down for this 5. How does he describe his ultimate reaction in the discussion with  Clifford at the end of the movie? What is Clifford’s reaction? What is  yours? a. Says people carry sins around yano its good now b. Cliffords reaction thinks its about a theorhetical movie and  says he would do something idffernet at the end of the movei  and turn himself in and is real tragedy c. Turn himself in bc there is salvation and gets somewhere as a  human being that is a different place, not in terms of justice  but human beingness  6. Is there any sort of “problem of evil” that the movie dramatizes?  Does the movie suggest any sort of answer or positive approach to  such a problem? a. If the problem o b. There is a problem of evil is good people hurt and sometimes  bad people flourish c. Talks about how we find meaning- professor at the end d. 7. Is the movie simply negative or ? Give evidence from the movie.  a. Thought question b. clearly bad people get away with stuff and good people suffer and is not a positive image of anything c. but can you find positive meaning in it somehweere?  8. What is the role of humor in the film? Does humor affect what you  took away from the movie? a. Philosophy professor that Clifford has been making  documentary about and things are going great then professor commits suicide. And can wrap his mind around someone  who went through holocause, and everyday he said yes  andhe woke up and said no, I grew up in new york city.. unfortunate inncodent of what happened to sister and  defecates on him i. Blaze conversation 1. Complexities of human sexualities- response a. Do you think humor was provided to film?  More open ended question9. The eye, both human and divine, are mentioned many times  throughout the film. What’s the point of this? a. The movie makes a big deal on the metaphor of the eye stuff b. Doctor is optimologist c. Starts movie about giving a speech on optimology wing, says  doesn’t believe in god but grew up religious and said hid dad  talked about gods eyes. Looks into her eyes in the lobby in  flashback w murder and she asks looking thrugh eyes into  soul. Rabbi goes blind d. Done with heavy hand. So obvious the symbolism, suppose to be more solitary then that and supposed to be subtle e. Rabbi goes blind f. Obvious symbolism g. 10. For each of the main characters, explain how the film sees  them. That is, does it see them at good, as evil, as mixed? Is job satisfied with Gods response? Make a claim and defend it with evidence. Not neccesarily a specific answer. - says he is satisfied with dust. - Do you think we should be satisfied? Two interlocking plots in film Judan and mistress and wife And woody allen failing husband and director Culminate in coverasation with Judah and Clifford where Judah has  recovered from the trauma of death of mistress, Judah was freaking out  in the beginning with jack and starts drinking heavily and yells at wife  and religious flashbacks, then start focusingon Clifford, then at the end  Judah is differnet and is relaxed and slightly drinking. Talking to woddy  allen and says I have the perfect murder story for you. And taks about  how he got off without and repreucssions, murder is pinned on this  drifter, he is going to jail forever anyway so police thinks he did it and  goes on vacation ith family and releizes everuybody sins and that’s ok,  that’s just what the “character” has to say But woody allen says that’s terrible the guy needs to confess! Woody alen thinks the character shold face repruccsions, that’s a  Hollywood ending. That’s not the way the world is Meanwhile you have Clifford On the whole he seems like a semi decent guy, Kinda left feeling there is no justice ein the world.Meanwhile woody allen Judah is guilty of crimes and woody allen is huilty  of misdemeanors. (title) Left unfulfilled. Have monologue with philosophy professor No meaning inherit in the univers (built in) a the meaning we can get is  what we give to the universe, and what we apply to the universe.  Supposed to be a rejoinder to theis ugly situation when Judah gets away  with murder, guy is dead in his documentary, doesn’t get the gitrl. Maybe Judah doesn’t escape the guilt.. seems unusually happy with is  wife, very comfortable with wife and lovy dovey and gushing about  daughters wedding and very relaxed.adimit when Clifford has alternate  ending and Judah says no.. but actually becase that’s not what  happened. Debate beween judan and rabbi: confesses about affair and rabbi is  saying you can c=overcome this you need o talk to wife and come clean  about what is ghoing on and Judah is saying this will destroy my marriage and wife wont be able to handle it. 2 year affair not as simple. The start  talking about Judah figuratively loosing sight and rabbi is loosing his sight

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