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FSU / Philosophy / PHI 2630 / Why is self-defense justified?

Why is self-defense justified?

Why is self-defense justified?


School: Florida State University
Department: Philosophy
Course: Ethical Issues and Life Choices
Professor: Oisin deery
Term: Spring 2017
Cost: 50
Uploaded: 03/23/2017
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Why is self-defense justified?

Principle of Self-Defense ("Self

A is justified in killing Bif B's actions pri LA'S_-life alvectly and immediately in morial jeopardy,

and Als killing B w necessary to end that threat

Principle of Punchment ("Punish)

A is justified in killing B...(ify and only up) B has done something to deserve death (and a has

What happened during the smith and jones case?

We also discuss several other topics like What did the irish republican brotherhood do?

the moral standing to kill B

* Smth and Jones case

Why 13 any Kelling an all justified in war?

Nations may justifiably kill..mself-defense 2. Self-D : only those who pose a directand immediate threat arendustifiably liable be killed 3. In was the armed forces of B pose a direct and immediate threate A 4. B's armed forces are jusufiably liable to be

What is the scope of sexual offense policies in universities?

Don't forget about the age old question of Who is logan and molotch?

tailled by A

* Here the deliberate killing of

13.not justified

any non-combatants

* In wari-justifying deliberate killing can be done ...by appeal to bach principles We also discuss several other topics like What is unique about the nervous system?

Why? Because nations have a right to exact their own.....punishment..on transgressors Don't forget about the age old question of What do you call the study of forces and their effects on living systems?

Thus, to the extent that we appeal to punish, Kuilling some o n-sambatani. 15.-Jugelfleck If you want to learn more check out How might the material that more added to book i, after he composed book ii, affect our interpretation of the work as a whole?







Dont kill

Dont will I


Guilty Innocent

Non combatants





* Jones and Smith example

Jones: depending army Smith attacking ariny Mabsters : guloy non-combatants... Bystanders: innocent non-combatants

Jones Killing Smath_self defense principle

Revised formulation of If you want to learn more check out What does isocitrate dehydrogenase do?




X may be killed in self-d, regardless of x's maral innocence to the defender reaschably

detects that

1. the requisite threshold of danger has been mer.

Killing & will reduce that danger 3. More desirable courses of acilen won H eliminace

the danger 4. More desirable courses action will not reduce the danger as much as killing X



Ir domestic concerts, causal remoteness usually amat means threats insufficient to_permit killing unself-cho

Blc factors such as interventica-by-police will usually dreven need to kill the cause of the threas...

In internauchal, warrare remoteness (while relevant to the degree of threat) is less significant ble there w less reason to think that other factors

shor of killing the cause of the threat will interveneto-2ceventuelt

Second error

You're immune from being killed in self-D If any further chance a human agent__

necessary for the hatm to materialize

* Whether someone is a cause of La sufficient

threshold of) danger is all that matters.

- Not whether.someone is a combatant.ornan -combarat

Not whether someone is guilty or innocent - Not whether the danger posed is direct and immediate or instead is remole


Sexual Offense Policies for universities and colleges.

Egepersont commits_a_sexual opense against

person y when X engaged in sexual activry with Llwithar. I's consenti


explicit consent required -

"ye means_yes

Yes can meanino." (woman badgerec Lafraid yete) mocan_mean yes" ("ery harder jo convince me") Men and law should always assume that a woman's no" means 'ne


Anblacks sexual offense policy-giues such a procedure

Al: Consent must be explicity verbal y not bebane al Iminunius miscommunication A2-6: Verbal cansen specificat each ace for

Increasing levels of ntimacy A7 : Not just " when in dabt, ask ... " but "always ask"

thaw taranow whether."yes" is a "yes" leven for an

explicite verbal 'yes

" The body sometimes speak_a_clear_language

A1: Supposed to be explicit Verbal_"yes" Ali berhdrawing_content_can be non-verbal.


Bulman could keep probing- 10 mouse

do you really mean yes?


Problem I the robust despect that Annoch's policy fosters fala womans" no39Set by the wecucer respect t fosters for her you

- Respect for womany, non-verbal "na-, bus nat. for her non-verbal "yes"

Andochise policy_viclates the woman's laulancimy


Problemi FOL_Anta.che consent us short-lived laves down.conradical autonomass power consent

- Cantt consent today for tomorrow

Souhaw can consent have the power to Llegumz_any subsequent sexual acts


Question of pleasure

Sarah linichtan: Anuach's_policy criminalizes the delicious unexpectedness of sex

Sable: but sometimes we dont want the Unexpected

4 Irade-of in Anuachis policy lose the --pleasul (kanylion the mexpectedy-avaid the

inpleasanthess. qu the chetpecied


Eva Feder kintay Intial request doesn't have to I be hon-sexy - concert of policy is impcreant

- " Those who murually inflate sex at all levels

can have pleasure non interruptus

* But when one personnellates.sexy-explich verbal.consente us sequued.

* For people who mutually inhlate_sexy-non-verbal. "res" is fine * " The responsibility for learning to say no when

you..mean no is understood as part of the educative purpose of the code, the probing is

de trop

* Inis false that the

aveenany for women

policy doesn't poster

Problem 3 : Annachis policy also curs down on tradicnal_avicaamas.paver or consent by_not_ malcing conseni binding - "Cansenung to a sexual ace does nca entaily

for Anruoch, that are ought to perform the act' . However ".my_guess is that - Withdrawing consent to an action which are has consented_13.

prima face urang [ble consent is binding ] - Buet that doesn't mean that the woman who renegesaconsent can be compelled by the man to

whom she consented into compliance


1o_the policy-fostering the mineralnycf-the lase.....countering the summerally- - the rapese

Kottaya Nor the contractual model" is.n.lt appropriate for thinking about consentiFOL Sexual

* If sexual contact is not desired at that manent, then are makes a oneself a sexual Lobjeca and not a sexual agenz'


- That's why you cant consent now

10 seconds from now.

Problem 4: to abandoning

Finally nexther person can

the whole policy


Nouruli policy is for a communay thar affirms t each year anew

Not true policy unit means to govern Llong-term relationships or marriages

Not true. "those who muually inilat sex, al all levels can have pleasure non interrepius."

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