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UTA / Geology / GEOL 1301 / geology study guide

geology study guide

geology study guide


School: University of Texas at Arlington
Department: Geology
Course: Earth Systems
Professor: Andrew hunt
Term: Fall 2015
Cost: 50
Name: Exam 3 Study Guide Geology
Description: This is a brief study guide for the exam on 4/10.
Uploaded: 03/30/2017
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o How did scientists figure out it was a meteorite that killed those organisms?

– Single-celled organisms o What are microbial mats miniature models of?

o What is respiration?

GEOL 1301-001 Exam 3 Study Guide ∙ Geobiology – study of how the biosphere and  the Earth’s physical elements interact with  each other  ∙ Necessities for life: o Carbon o Water o Nutrients  o Energy source  ∙ Organisms o Organisms can be broken up into 2  categories:  Autotrophs – orDon't forget about the age old question of __________ is the measure of the number of different audience members exposed at least once to a media vehicle.
Don't forget about the age old question of chem 237 midterm
Don't forget about the age old question of When products have a high degree of similarity in features and components, what part can be used in multiple products?
Don't forget about the age old question of How do stream/ rivers change from headwater to mouth?
We also discuss several other topics like dsci 2710 unt
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ganisms who can make  their own food  Heterotrophs – organisms who have to  find/get their food o Use metabolism to convert inputs into  outputs  Ex. Converting food into energy  o What is respiration? ∙ Microorganisms  o What are they? – Single-celled organisms  o What are microbial mats miniature models  of? – biogeochemical processes  Layered microbial communities  ∙ Don’t know the ultimate cause of the Cambrian Explosion  ∙ Cretaceous Periodo Dinosaurs went extinct (many other  organisms as well) o How did scientists figure out it was a  meteorite that killed those organisms? –  layer of sediments high in Iridium (element found in meteorites) ∙ Volcanoes are at least 1300 degrees Celsius  ∙ Magma = less dense than rock  ∙ Volcano Formations o What are the 4 main types? – Shield,  domes, cinder-cone, stratovolcanoes  ∙ Lava o What are the 3 types of lava? – Rhyolitic,  Basaltic, Andesitic  o Which is highest in silica content? –  Rhyolitic  o Which is lowest? – Basaltic  ∙ Climate change causes: o Global warming  o Changes in weather patterns o Sea-level rise ∙ Atmosphere o Thermosphere (highest altitude) o Mesosphere  o Stratosphere o Troposphere (lowest altitude)∙ Hydrosphere  o What are gyres? ∙ Cryosphere  o 33 million cubic kilometers of ice  o How much of the world’s fresh water is  stored in ice? ∙ Lithosphere o Land = 30% Earth’s surface  o Tectonic movements can affect ocean  currents (which affects the climate) o Volcanoes can change the atmosphere ∙ Biosphere  o Life controls vegetation, which affects the  climate  o Greenhouse effect o Positive and negative feedback (with  examples)

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