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Purdue - CHE 11600 - Study Guide - Final

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Purdue - CHE 11600 - Study Guide - Final

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background image Exam III Buffers: mixture of a weak acid and its conjugate base or of a weak base and its conjugate acid that maintains a constant pH upon dilution or addition of small amounts of acid or base Buffer capacity: Buffer solutions have a limited capacity to keep the pH relatively constant. The buffering will be overcome if so much acid or base is added that the ratio of the concentration of the weak acid or base and its salt changes too much HA + H 2 O -> H 3 O + + A - A - + H 2 O -> AH + OH - K a = [H 3 O + ][A - ]/[HA]   K b = [HA][OH - ]/[A - ] pK a = pH – log([A - ]/[HA]) where HA is the weak acid and A - is the conjugate base pK b = pOH – log([BH + ]/[B]) where B is the weak base and BH + is the conjugate acid [H 3 O + ] = 10 -pH pH = -log[H 3 O + ] [OH - ] = 10 -pOH pOH = -log[OH - ] pH + pOH = 14 K a = 10 -pKa pK a = -log[K a ] K b = 10 -pKb pKb = -log[K b ] K b x K a = K w K w = 10 -14 K w = [H 3 O + ] water [OH - ] water Acid-Base Titration Curve: A plot of the pH of a solution of acid (or base) versus the volume of base (or acid) added to the solution. At the half equivalence point, pH = pK a At the equivalence point, the number of moles of added OH equals the number of moles of H 3 O + originally present or vice versa.

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School: Purdue University
Department: Chemical Engineering
Course: General Chemistry II
Professor: N/A
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: General Chemistry
Name: CHM 116 Exam III Study Guide
Description: Acids, bases, buffers, titrations, and titration curves
Uploaded: 04/02/2017
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