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TEXAS STATE / Geography / GEO 1310 / What was the combined effect of 3 phenomena resulting to the islands o

What was the combined effect of 3 phenomena resulting to the islands o

What was the combined effect of 3 phenomena resulting to the islands o


School: Texas State University
Department: Geography
Course: World Geography
Professor: Springer
Term: Spring 2016
Tags: world, geography, brian, Cooper, southeast, Asia, Book, and questions
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Name: SE Asia Book Questions
Description: These are all of the answers to the SE Asia book questions
Uploaded: 04/06/2017
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Chapter 2: Southeast Asia Questions

The combined effect of what 3 phenomena results in the islands of southeast asia is one of the wettest regions in the entire world?

1. The combined effect of what 3 phenomena results in  the islands of Southeast Asia being one of the wettest

regions in the entire world?

a. Monsoons, the ITCZ (Inter Tropical Convergence Zone)  

& typhoons/cyclones

2. What became the most important crop in Southeast  Asia due to its ability to thrive in the standing water  

and flooding brought by the monsoon rains?  a. rice

3. What is described as one of the most fragile and yet  most important ecosystems in Southeast Asia due to  the protection it provides for coastal landscapes and  the space it provides for a variety of fish species?  What threats endanger this critical ecosystem (Use  

What became the most important crop in southeast asia due to its ability to thrive in the standing water and flooding brought by the monsoon rains?

10.1 and the caption for Figure 10.1.2 to help)? a. Mangroves

4. Plate tectonic activity and the collision zones in the  area resulted in mountain building and volcanic  activity that have created thousands of islands that  

comprise which two Southeast Asian countries? a. Indonesia & the Philippines

5. What product is an important biofuel produced by the countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand?

a. Palm oil

6. What sort of benefits to the volcanic eruptions of  Southeast Asia contribute, in particular, to the  

Indonesian island of Java?

a. The rich volcanic soils have contributed to productive  

What product is an important biofuel produced by the countries of indonesia, malaysia, and thailand?

agriculture & dense pops.

7. What river, Southeast Asia’s longest waterway, is  valuable for transportation/trade, irrigation,  We also discuss several other topics like Discuss the role of regulatory agencies.

hydroelectricity, and fishing?

a. The Mekong River

8. What line, running between the Indonesian islands of  Bali and Lombok, marks the division between  mainland Southeast Asian animals and Australian  animals where an ocean trench prevented these two  

different communities of species from mixing? a. Wallace’s Line

9. Deforestation is described as Southeast Asia’s most  significant region-wide environmental problem. What are the negative impacts of deforestation seen in  

Southeast Asia?

a. Negative impacts: loss of species habitat, flooding &  soil erosion, smoke & pollution from forest burning,  marginalization of local communities from previously  occupied homelands, has destroyed/is threatening the

habitat of many species & indigenous human  


10. What kingdom conquered the Khmer Empire in  the 14th century and competed with neighboring  kingdoms for control of mainland Southeast Asia for  Don't forget about the age old question of Which body part stores calcium required for muscle contraction?

the next four centuries?

a. An increasingly powerful Thai kingdom We also discuss several other topics like How do you calculate discounted payback period and payback period?

11. Using Figure 10.16 on page 58, indicate which  European power dominated each of the following  modern Southeast Asian countries (different answers  for each one): Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia (you may need to refer to Figure 10.1 on page 44 to determine  Don't forget about the age old question of What role do microbes play in the decay of a dead body?

which country is which). Don't forget about the age old question of How does auditory information get from the ear to the brain?

a. Malaysia  Dutch, then British

b. Vietnam  French

c. Indonesia  Dutch

12. What modern Southeast Asian country  maintained its political independence during the  

colonial period in Southeast Asia?  

a. Thailand

13. What massive temple complex, a center point for  the Khmer kingdom between the 9th and 15th centuries

C.E., is currently designated as a UNESCO heritage  

site? What present-day country is home to this site? a. Angkor Wat

b. Cambodia

14. The new seed varieties that were uniformly  planted during the Green Revolution were extremely  

vulnerable to what types of devastating agents? a. Diseases & pests (mandating the use of toxic  Don't forget about the age old question of Where was the ardipithecus ramidus found?


15. High levels of what kind of investment make  Southeast Asia vulnerable to changes in the global  economy? What can limit investment in Southeast  Asia from countries like Japan, Germany, and the  

United States?

a. Global integration

b. Economic downturns

16. In the Johor-Singapore-Riau Growth Triangle  model in Figure 10.22 on page 64, what six  characteristics does Singapore contribute to the  

region’s complementarity?  

a. Capital, skilled labor, advanced technology, access to  world markets, advanced physical infrastructures,  

advanced commercial infrastructure

17. Define crony capitalism and kleptocracy.

a. Crony capitalism  leaders allow friends & family to  

control the economy

b. Kleptocracy  leaders divert/redirect national resources  

for their personal gain

18. What theory held that the communist takeover of South Vietnam would lead to the spread of  communism throughout Southeast Asia? What  country sent military advisors to South Vietnam in  

1955 as a result of this theory?

a. Domino theory

b. United States

19. What minority ethnic group was forced to flee  Laos after fighting for the United States during the  

CIA-led covert war in that country?

a. Hmong

20. In what country did the “Killing Fields” result in  the deaths of millions of people, or one-quarter of the country’s population at the time? Who was the leader

responsible for directing this?

a. Kampuchea (Cambodia)

b. Pol Pot

21. What 1991 Nobel Peace Prize winner was kept  under house arrest by Burma’s ruling government  from 1989-2011? What provision of the constitution  disallows her from becoming President of Burma?

a. Aung San Suu Kyi

b. Complex constitution bars ppl w/ foreign-born children  

to be president

22. Define pancasila. What country used it in an  

attempt to unify the numerous islands and cultures? a. Pancasila  unity in diversity through belief in one God,  

nationalism, humanitarianism, democracy & social  


b. Indonesia

23. What country was occupied by Indonesia after  Portugal gave up colonial control of it in 1976  

(independence was finally successful in 2002)? a. Timor-Leste

24. Using Figure 10.29 on page 69, indicate what  country’s southern islands are plagued by an Islamic  

rebellion seeking a separate state.

a. The Philippines

25. What Southeast Asian country is the world’s  

most populous Islamic country?

a. Indonesia

26. Using Figure 10.35 on page 72, what language  family dominates the insular (island) countries of  

Southeast Asia?

a. Malayo-Polynesian

27. Define matrilocality. In general, do women  possess MORE or LESS authority within Southeast  

Asian families compared to many other world regions? a. Matrilocality  married couples move into the wife’s  

family home

b. More

28. What three theoretical factors, supported by  Southeast Asia data, are associated with fertility  


a. Higher income, lower infant mortality rate & higher  

status of women

29. What three countries are parts of the Golden  Triangle? What two drugs have either historically or  

currently been associated with this region? a. Burma, Laos & Thailand

b. Opium/Heroin & Methamphetamine/Meth

30. What program, initiated by Indonesia in 1950,  was intended to redistribute populations from  densely settled Java in order to reduce civil unrest,  increase food production in peripheral areas, and  further goals of regional development/national  integration and the spread of the official Indonesian  


a. Transmigration

31. The largest numbers of Southeast Asian labor  migrants work in what other region of the world  (answered in the text, but you can use Figure 10.45  

(b) on page 80 to help)?

a. The Middle East

32. Which Southeast Asian cities are two of the  world’s 30 largest urban areas? What serious  problems of overurbanization have emerged in these  

cities and other large ones in Southeast Asia? a. Manila & Jakarta

b. Insufficient employment opportunities, inadequate  water supply, sewerage problems & deficient housing

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