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IU / 150 / 150 102 / Who is claude mckay?

Who is claude mckay?

Who is claude mckay?


School: Indiana University
Department: 150
Course: Surv Cultr of Black Americans
Professor: Mcelroy f
Term: Summer 2016
Tags: Black and Culture
Cost: 50
Name: AAAD-A150 Final Study Guide
Description: This study guide will give you every question that could possibly be on the exam.
Uploaded: 04/09/2017
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Who is claude mckay?

1.) The poet who wrote, “If we Must Die” during the Red Summer of 1919:  Claude McKay

2.) Enslaved at the age of 11, antislavery leader in London: Equionao  3.) Won the golf tournament: Tiger Wood

4.) Founder of Motwon: Barry Gorry

5.) Founder of United Negro: Booker T. Washington

6.) Co author of Black Power: Stockly Carmichael

7.) The nation of Islam was founded in Detroit MI in Paradise Valley by Wallace Ford Muhammad

8.) Person who organized black voters in Lowns County in Alabama: Stockly  Carmichael

9.) Earned a ph D. at Boston university: MLK Jr.

10.) Mansa Munsa went to Mecca, holy city

Who is equionao?

11.) Creator of BeBob jazz in NYC: John Burke Gilepsee

12.) This person said to temporarily accept white supremacy: Booker T.  Washington

13.) In 1966: Bobby Seal and Huey P. Nueton created Black Panther  Party in Oakland, CA

14.) James Weldon Johnson

15.) This group offered free medical treatment, gave away free breakfast,  created 10 [point program: Black Panther Party

16.) Refused to give up her seat: Rosa Parks and Claudette Coleman 17.) Jackie Robinson protested segregated buses and the military  18.) This person spent a year in prison when she was falsely accused of  giving guns to a man: Angela Davis  If you want to learn more check out What are the two parts of a recursive definition?

19.) Ran for the communist party, later left the US after the govt let him go  and spent his last days in Ghana: WEB Dubois

Who is the founder of motown?

20.) Paul Robinson was friendly with the Soviet Union and was placed  under house arrest  

21.) Robert Johnson sold BET to via com for much $3 billion 22.) Nat Turner led a bloody slave revolt in this state: Virginia 23.) April 4, 1968 was killed in Memphis, TN: MLK Jr.

24.) This person created a steam ship line that lost millions of dollars:  Marcus Garvey

25.) In 1967, he became first Supreme Court Justice: Thurgood Marshall,  2nd: Clarence Thomas

26.) This president created affirmative action in the 1960s: John F. Kennedy  with exec order 10125

27.) Black Panther Party and the Nation of Islam advocated: the release  of AA prisons

28.) First AA woman to be elected to congress: Shirley Chisolm 29.) Advocated using African languages: Maulana Karenga: also founded  Kwanzaa

30.) In 1999, this singer and rapper won 5 grammys Lauryn Hill 31.) Halle Berry in Monster’s Ball won Academy Award being the first  AA woman If you want to learn more check out What is the difference between macronutrients and vitamins?

32.) In 1896, the supreme court upheld separate but equal: Plessy vs.  Ferguson

33.) Overturned that case: Brown vs. Board of Education  34.) Madame Cj Walker: first AA millionaire

35.) Issued Exec order 9981: Harry S. Truman

36.) Motown was founded: in Detroit  

37.) Faubuls was a governor who led the resistance to racial equality in  Little Rock Arkansas  

38.) In 1963, terrorist killed in Birmingham at 16th St. Baptist Church 39.) Joanne Robinson an English professor was a major leader in  Montgomery, AL for the boycott  

40.) Rapper’s Delight was the first huge rap record recorded by Sugar  Hill Gang

41.) Jamaican who moved to the Bronx founded rap: Dj Cool Hurk 42.) Colllin Powel and Condelezza Rice served as Secretary of State 43.) Scottsboro boys were accused of rape in the state of Alabama  44.) Oprah is the richest AA was born Mississippi  If you want to learn more check out What does it mean to classify something?

45.) One of the 10 most wanted criminals: Angela Davis  46.) One of the leaders of the Ghana Empire: Kenta Mageen 47.) David Jenkins was first black mayor of the city of NY 48.) This person was elected first black mayor of Chicago: Harold  Washington  

49.) Wrote St. Louis Blue: WC Handy

50.) Dorry Miller: Pearl Harbor Hero  

51.) This wealthy lawyer founded the first black law firm: Reginald Lewis 52.) Robert Smith: manages money  

53.) John H. Johnson: owns Ebony and Jet magazine, created Afro Sheen  54.) Alfonse Fletcher became wealthy managing money and investments. Gives endowments to black graduates from Harvard University  55.) Name the state where Malcolm X was born: Nebraska 56.) Claude Mckay: wrote if we must die  

57.) Robert Abott: published the Chicago Daily Defender 58.) Prince Hall: founder of the AME church  

59.) First Bishop of the AME Church: Richard Allen We also discuss several other topics like How do you promote independent living skills?

60.) Nathan D. Forrest: founded KKK

61.) Founder of the street cars and maids: A. Phillip Randolph 62.) E. St. Louis, IL: 1917 many blacks die in rallies

63.) First AA US Sentaor: Hiram Revels

64.) Black Belt: a painting that portrays Chi SS: Archibold Motley 65.) Number of persons died in this decade: 1890s

66.) Daughters of American Revolution refused to let this woman sing:  Marian Anderson

67.) Kumbisale: Ghana  

68.) 1893 The Banjo painted by: Henry O. Tanner

69.) “In all things…”: Booker T. Washington

70.) First editor of the Crisis Magazine: WEB DuBois

71.) This person was lynched near the town of Money MS: Emmitt Till (Uncle’s name is Mos Wright, Mom: Mamie Till Bradley) We also discuss several other topics like Why is uvc absorbed by the ozone layer?

72.) Tuskegee University: Alabama

73.) Booker T. Washington home: The Oaks

74.) Cedar Hill: home of Frederick Douglass

75.) Woman who organized the Souther Christian Leadership Conferenece:  Ella Baker

76.) First black governor: Douglas Wilder elected in 1993 in Virginia  77.) Joint Chief of States during the Golf War: Colin Powell 78.) In 1990, there are more niggas in the pin then in college: Ice Cube 79.) “The revolution will not be televised”: Gil Scott Heron 80.) The Message: Grand Master Flash and the Furious 5  81.) WEB DuBois: America revoked his passport for supporting  communism  

82.) Founder of US, conflicted with the Black Panther Party: Molona  Karinga (founder of Kwanzaa)

83.) Organized the first march on Washington: A. Phillip Randolph 84.) Robert F. Williams: led the NAACP in N. Carolina wrote a book called  Negros With Guns  

85.) Head Police Officer who attacked black protests: Eugene Bull Connor 86.) Dred Scott vs. Sanford: blacks had no rights Don't forget about the age old question of What part of the nervous system controls muscles?

87.) Malcolm X: born in Nebraska, died in New York  

88.) Toni Morrison: first US born black person to win Nobel prize for  literature  

89.) First AA to seek nomination for presidency: Shirley Chisolm 90.) Terrorists in this state killed black workers: Mississippi 91.) Black mayor of New York City: David Dinkins

92.) Only AA senator from state of New Jersey: Cori Booker 93.) Kamala Harris: only AA in Senate right now  

94.) Timuktu city in: Mali and Songhai

95.) Gabriel: planned an unsuccessful riot  

96.) WC Handy wrote: St. Louis Blues  

97.) The exodusters migrated to Kansas

98.) Ghana: first African country to gain independence  99.) Gandi: said Satiagraha which means truth force  

100.) First AA Secretary of State: Colin Powel

101.) Second: Condelezza Rice

102.) Sidney Portie: Lilly’s of the Field, won first Academy Award for black  actors

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