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PHYS 132: Midterm 1 Study Guide

by: Julia Gladding

PHYS 132: Midterm 1 Study Guide PHYS 132

Julia Gladding
Cal Poly
GPA 3.9
General Physics II
Prof. Andrew Carmichael

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About this Document

A complete study guide for the first midterm, which includes chapters 14, 20, and 21. Summarizes the notes and gives some example problems. Goes great with the formula sheet we are provided with!
General Physics II
Prof. Andrew Carmichael
Study Guide
50 ?




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This 2 page Study Guide was uploaded by Julia Gladding on Sunday April 26, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to PHYS 132 at California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo taught by Prof. Andrew Carmichael in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 295 views. For similar materials see General Physics II in Physics 2 at California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo.

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Date Created: 04/26/15
PHYSECS 132 i CHAPTER H LeChNEIWBO 39eqMMX Mn9F9EEUEO 39gfqme ethbrmwnwao diXyquotI396QUH U 1 gt0 5 eS mble equil W Proving HOOkE39S qu uSe Taylor Series for Pofen ol emerggl Fj HFkx UEkxz 39 Fxmq Kxrnq K mx q 3 I A j e quot LL A 39 LCEEiEiE DeriQ 0n of Mt Sfmple benchum I k L 6quott 9 is Similar f0 X W r X 3 Laso qsimple penduium 2 s exac g z ke Q mass 0 Ci SPHer LGC hire 4H3 Mt S C SITEcosine CUiW PhQSor diogmr niThe Pro39edion of Some m39ng movingxin unifgrm Circuqr mo on O fo one dimenSIOH iS SHM Lecmrej Hi quotcur r 0134 15 Firm CirT39iplifude frequency phase consfa quot t s T 28 lt tAltZOSLU 1ltP 5Cm100mCOSKO J 3Cosi J 2T5 XltO V40 302 Midi em STudg Leciure 46 ngj WWWEWWWIMHM YC E A ang 39quped t b V 1 4quotquot fzrncoswf4d r SHM DQmPed Grid Driven a 39ReSanncegt gar95 qr39r f39u Ge QSCHQQ OnS When LuszanlfUl UI Requawcy 48 ww39 u v Le 9NI ch 4 130 Find A430 POSih on m t Os MamS T123 39 0 I r 1 gt 392 1 3O 3 39 ff 7 L W q A 13 J 339 3 2 E jquot F30 N T 39Vrmax 3950 f 39 quot o T m 39 uh quot vtAwsim mama 39 w Gm I 3 f Van 30 I5 v cnn28 swuo 4 30 6 2 60 cms sin CM L i Si cbo 1 dksm 39a 5111 x15 5 I x H 20m COS wt N quotam 3 r m p Iquot 01 C117 20 O SJ7 5 or cm a 99 C 7C 2 373quot 11 Ch 4 Q 49 QynoxrAL U 9143 ALUZ T39539S 2 21t132 2 AU 40 TSEV 4 pm F 39ia may ILLS Qmux 9M5 A40cm 2 U1quot 155 as Wham 9 9amp0 Cm 2 Ch I4 Q15 ieff rod 39 w vmxIi5sltg 3942 Vmof AUJ cm Vmox 40 s A LU was 1 lOcm Ch 4 Q15 COnT Hook39s Speed C 39 poimL Where X39 A LL E g 9 EiKA Em v z kgtlt 2 i 2 39 L 2 39 KA 1quot ZmV F ksz ljkfz 21kr A22z 3392sz 3 Egg ha 2 7 W 31m 3w 2 m rma 1 V 4 m V 535 g2 gar1323927552ai mgwi 535quot 3 2 32 f 52 100C171 A I m4m m imw w 4459 a am g cm I Ledure 410 W Damperd 3 F we bv KX x 413 3 me Ktcoshub 13 raw 2 2 mg 39 q cri n39ccd dar pmg We 60 Law COS4C3 g sma i OSCii C iomquot SW18 L 5 quotf 3mm 2 l d2 QT 553938 L g k 33 1T 9 dt1 mL CHAPTER 20 Leciure 40 TFQHVEI SGE WQy39esidiS iurbGnce i in WCWe LongH udihol clisfurbqnce same direc on as VVQV Mechcmicqi waves S h i gs Sounci Wonea EM Waves ansverse Lecture W13 Decibel scqle B OdB Q ngiIIp Iogxloquot1 2 human hearing max Pam39s3 B330d gt 2 Ix DILLer r39rm pig infensim km 5835 adds g0 Lecfure at3 53 CLOW Ex 20O Blemer 118313 BIOJL09 113 9234 151 21 131101209 Ia11 l0 og2LIo Iokog2 og Ia123 j lo 092 501209 1210 lOQogZ83 C18 648 GR up I 810 quot m amo MID a 39x 4 Lox10 quot2an 29 Wm I m f I 2 39 I 4N0 4 Wm if 30 JQOO Kfmf urlmh Q V J LUXECJMQWQ W V64


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