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phil100 umd

phil100 umd


School: University of Maryland
Department: Philosophy
Course: Intro to Philosophy
Professor: Andrew knoll
Term: Spring 2017
Tags: philosophy
Cost: 50
Name: PHIL100 Exam #2 Review Material
Description: METAPHYSICS Exam Topics: -Dualism vs. Behaviorism vs. Cognitive Psychology -Turing Machine -Linguistics & Language -John Searle & the Chinese Room -Jackson & phenomenal consciousness --Churchland's objections --Dennett's objections
Uploaded: 04/20/2017
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How is understanding related to the mind 7 n How is it possible to think?

TAPRIL How do we make sense of seare's argument?

Metaphysics N What exists?

Metaphysics N What exists? W BACK TO e Descartes) 6th Meditation I have a body. & I am a thinking thing (med II) Study Soup How do they relate exist independently body parts exists in space & time I J mind can exist w/out boay mind- is one, exists outside of space & time I mental sensation of pain conWe also discuss several other topics like vapor liquid equilibrium
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nection betw. y figures out the body is mane upot Machine) en bones - musules -skin- neves mind & bod Dualism tug & send sensations thru mind & body Body 'had general idea of hownewes none (Gingle entity physical parts denar axon aron how of elethe current Mind anon Oterminal two fundamentally chemicals inside (neunt neurotransmitters different things in wond o are the mind & body separa vs. momsm (materialusm) L Descartes would say Yes. 1329 RECAP I How to explain how things happen Renavors physical interactions Parlov - Russia) Minds do not exista experiments with dogs behaviors do ofood salivation obeir wl food = Classical conditioning i bell alone, dogs still calivare Law of Effect Behaviorism food = unconditional stimulus - Behaviors drooling - response > pair followed by bell ring - conditioned stimulus. rewards become more likely, and ef skinnen - (Operant Conditioning shape ? those followed by does not depend on behavior response punishments become less Rats s lever, rat, food dispenser likely. reward & food = reward, faces lever No mind necessary (thoughts, desires, beliets Dualism Eliminativism 3/31 (continued) (Behaviorism) training behaviors al reward & punchment Mind Body (brain til (exist independently Just Body (No mind desires (6.F, SKINNER* operant conditioning Law of Effect Study PHYSICALISM Stue SOP Mind - Brain/Body parts Study Soup 8 Study SOUD anos Study StudA soup beliefs 13 theones) desires Dualism Behaviorism cognitive 2 Psychology - Mental -no mental - mental matenal states stuff are eust states = different try to explain physical substances behavior in ( states of computer Computational Theory Coescartes) terms of -deny no of Mind reward h e theory punishment - belets & desires = mind= computer run by limut can't computational states brain explair Офил pui of brain what's a computer? benarior 1. Set of tokens. (B.F.) Skinner) Williamualuring Machine 2. Rules for manipulating) houild machiene that? those tokens Turing Machine follons niles, rather than interpreting simple (basio computer) we can move formal System) example, Interpretations Symbols around 1. set of tokens: Piq, w/ ош комч 2. Rulls: (x, y, 8 Zo stand for sea of - - no need for meaning arcan always write xp-qx (other interpreting min (a b. xp q qz xpy-qz ext - - - - p -q - - - - - Cruce a IP + - 7 numbers exs - - - - p - - 9 - – – – – – (nue b) a = - Sistema бол ишлаs ), (1st proposan) Turing Machine infinite tape ? divided wl symbools sensor & responds to symbols cread, write, erase) states & gears - moving ons Study Soup ano ((and proposal)) 7 Wol things we can do ask of can we make a computer that can do) Language ? Norder is essential, & context I the same? ~ Meaning of words - Colorless green ideas sleep furiously. I even if we know meaning & of words, order is a LAPRIL 1o "linguistics deciding factor of what makes sense computer program - formal system (during processing tosens sub-tokens Ch. symbols represent words 7 sentences wf perceived meaning Syntax = order Diction = pronounce, word choice | Human mind or computer mund? Hypothesis: there is some computer am that explains speech creates) *John Searber 2 there is more to understanding mind & speech that solely thu Сорие po9 ram X X anothing can mumie the same understanding that humans have Chinese Room input - chinese symbols ruce book - tells now to order symbols (computer program) output - transfer *Something missing & UNDERSTANDING ! (ouo does pass Touring test) K. 12 I C o ? HOW is a TAPRIL How do we make sense of seare's argument? ( ? How is understanding related to the mind 7 n How is it possible to think? Do we understand symbols? u ituring system neurons is there more to it? what allows under (Kara ) .) StudySou) TAPRILZ Jackson ~ Study Soup Menu 'phenomenal conschousness are penences associated with our senses & stimuli 4 computational theory of mind can't explain this. You can create a complete with thought processes, but there is no way to design the feeling of phenomend colors & fellings associated ~ Now do symbols capture the feeling of things? experience L There must be more to the army than physical states of brain. I he mind (physical facts aren't enough to explain phenomenal couscousness) robots = combles [s per | Поль) color scentist Mary Many learns al o true & science is complete, physical world is to < o Many a brilliant, nas all physical thouredge млю (прича сал) & Leanned everything in B&W room (por color, faet. 5 "When released, looks at ripe tomato "Did she learn anything? Jacksons Yes - that is what it is like to OBJECTIONS see red (she couldn't possibly this expenence 1 Churchland's Objections - you can imagine certain experiences. isn't it possible to imagine what certain experiences are like? 2) Mary doesn't learn anything new; she just comes to know the same thing in a different way. (Dennett) Dennett 13) Expenences & nonphysical phenomena are mondetectable; it is wonsensical to consider them. [Consciousness doesn't exist PROBLEM: we can explain physical phenomena, but how do we explain to nonphysical expenenies/phenomena with physics (scence? I but knows now it WORKS anos Study StudySoup Minde a computers run on the brain Cexplain beliefs & desires) & Qualia (explains phenomenal consuusness) Wackson) sease Chinese room you can create a computer that translates, but there is more to the mind & Where is the understanding? Jackson of what is nussing is experience. Bennet - objects the importance of experience & conscrousness to help explain behaviors & the physical word. is consciousness does not exist (even the most simple nonphysical expenences do not exist) @study Soup Study Soup Study Soup Study Soup Study Soup Study SOUD StudySoup

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