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UF - MMC 2604 - Chapter 11 - Class Notes

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UF - MMC 2604 - Chapter 11 - Class Notes

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background image Chapter 11 - Advertising 
and Commercial Culture
● Advertising - the act or practice of calling public attention to  one’s product, service, need especially by paid announcement in 
Traditional media - newspapers, tv, magazines, radio ● Worldwide ad spending (2014) $529 billion, or roughly the gross domestic product of Sweden ● TV still dominates the advertisement medium ● Four top ad agencies - interpublic, omnicom, Publicis,  WPP ● Ad appeals - profit, health, love/romance, fear, admiration,  convenience, fun and pleasure,vanity and egotism, environmental 
● Cadillac - 1915s - appeal to rich individualism
● Listerine, 1920s - appeal to fear and health 
● Volkswagen - appeals to minimalists 
● Got Milk? - started by late 80s-early 90s - appeal to admiration 
and vanity  ● Absolut Vodka
● Heinz Ketchup
● Calvin Kleins
● Best commercials ever - Marlboro cigarettes, 1960s (outside 
masculinity) ● Budweiser, 2000 (WASSUP)
● Keep America Beautiful PSA, 1970s (native american cry)
● Partnership for  a Drug-Free America, 1980s (your brain on 
drugs - frying egg) ● Apple Macintosh 1984 (dead world- new fierce out of world  advocate) ● Cinnamon Toast Crunch, 2015 (funny)
● Wendy’s “where’s the beef?” 1984 (old ladies asking)
● Oscar Meyer, 1973 (cute kid)
● Budweiser, 2015 (puppy/heart  warm appeal)
● Apple vs PC, mid 2000s 
● Joe Isuzu, 1980s - (pathological liar)
● Coke, 1971 (i’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect 
harmony - peace commercial)

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School: University of Florida
Department: OTHER
Course: Mass Media and You
Professor: Andrea Billups
Term: Spring 2017
Name: Chapter 11
Description: These are the most important terms of the chapter
Uploaded: 04/23/2017
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