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BYU-I - BIO 264 - 264 Lab Course Outline - Class Notes

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> > > > BYU-I - BIO 264 - 264 Lab Course Outline - Class Notes

BYU-I - BIO 264 - 264 Lab Course Outline - Class Notes

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background image 264L: Course Outline Module 01: Histology I (Epithelial and Connective Tissue) 1.1 Define Histology 1.2 Describe general characteristics and functions used to classify epithelial 
and connective tissue
Module 02: Histology II (Muscle and Nervous Tissue) 2.1 Identify tissue categories, subcategories, and important structures for 
epithelial and connective tissue (white cold drink) using micrographs
2.2 Describe general characteristics and functions used to classify muscle 
and nervous tissue
2.3 Identify tissue categories, subcategories, and important structures of 
muscle and nervous tissue using micrographs
Module 03: Skeletal System (Skull) 3.1 Identify and understand key terminology relating to the osteology of the 
3.2 Identify bony landmarks and general skeletal features for the skull Module 04: Skeletal System (Arms and Trunk) 4.1 Identify and understand key terminology relating to osteology of the arms
and trunk
4.2 Identify bony landmarks and general skeletal features for the arms and 
Module 05: Skeletal System (Pelvis, Legs, Joints, and Movements) 5.1 Identify and understand key terminology relating to osteology of the 
pelvis and legs
5.2 Identify bony landmarks and general skeletal features for the pelvis and 
5.3 Describe and identify the categories and subcategories of joints in the 
skeletal system
background image 5.4 Describe and identify the movements that occur at synovial joints in the 
skeletal system
Module 06: Muscular System (Head, Neck, and Shoulders) 6.1 Identify and understand key terminology relating to myology of the head, 
neck,and shoulders
6.2 Identify selected muscles on models, cadavers, and images of the head, 
neck, and shoulders
6.3 Recognize origin, insertion, and action for selected muscles of the head, 
neck, and shoulders
Module 07: Muscular System (Arms and Trunk) 7.1 Identify and understand key terminology relating to myology of the arms 
and trunk
7.2 Identify selected muscles on models, cadavers, and images of the arms 
and trunk
7.3 Recognize origin, insertion, and action for selected muscles of the arms 
and trunk
Module 08: Muscular System (Hips and Legs) 8.1 Identify and understand key terminology relating to myology of the hips 
and legs
8.2 Identify selected muscles on models, cadavers, and images of the hips 
and legs
8.3 Recognize origin, insertion, and action for selected muscles of the hips 
and legs
Module 09: Nervous System Anatomy 9.1 Identify and understand key terminology relating to the anatomy of the 
nervous system
9.2 Identify selected anatomical structures of the central and peripheral 
nervous system
Module 10: Special Senses (Eyes and Ears) 10.1 Identify and understand key terminology relating to the anatomy of the 
eyes and the ears

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School: Brigham Young University - Idaho
Department: Biology
Course: Human Anatomy and Physiology I
Professor: Lanning Baker
Term: Fall 2016
Tags: epithelial, connective, muscle, nervous, tissue, skull, arms, trunk, pelvis, Legs, Joints, movement, head, neck, shoulders, eyes, and ears
Name: 264 Lab Course Outline
Description: This is a breakdown of the course for the whole semester. Histology 1 & 2 Skeletal System 1 & 2 & 3 Muscular System 1 & 2 & 3 Nervous System Anatomy Special Senses This could help as a template for what you could study for your final exam.
Uploaded: 04/25/2017
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