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THE U / Music / MUSC 3600 / What is the purpose of Capoeira?

What is the purpose of Capoeira?

What is the purpose of Capoeira?


School: University of Utah
Department: Music
Course: World Music
Professor: Cathryn clayton
Term: Winter 2016
Tags: world, Music, International, Asian, African, european, and american
Cost: 50
Name: MUSC 3600 Final Exam Study Guide
Description: Everything you need to know for the upcoming final
Uploaded: 04/27/2017
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What is the purpose of Capoeira?




IMUSC 3600 Final exam) Capoeire Afro-Brazilian performance Style that combines elements of martial arts, dance, and musical accompaniment martial art form of patterned movement (boxing, fencing, judo, Or Karate that embeds values of a particular culture berimbau: musical bow used to accompany capoeira.. rode Capoeira ring where Stylized physical motions ofe performed by two competing performers bateria: the instrumental ensemble used to accompany capoend gingo the "sway, a basic side-to-side motion in a wide-legged Stance in Capoeira accordion: a free aeropnene w reeds that are hidden within two rectangular headboards connected by a folding bellows, with keys or buttons to play a melody, or chords. bandoneón: a button accordian associated w/ the tango Orquesta tipica instrumental ensemble wione or more bandoneon String instruments, and piano that played tango to accompany dance habanera long-Short Cuban rhythm prominently used in the tango compadrito: Urban Argentinean cowboy and underworld figure whose posture and dress influenced the male tango dancer Gaucho : the Argentinean word for 'cowboy tange' an Argentinean-derived style of Song , dance Styles of Tango Dance 1. Ballroom - American Internationalytishidi 2. Argentine - Fantasia

Who invented accordion?

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3. International astor Piazzolla

en TA

• Argentinean composer and performed music for the bandoneón

• fused tango music wl jazz & classical for a whole new sound

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Carlos Gardel our ?

• Argentine actor Singer

• became famous for his tango ballads milonga Argentinean gathering featuring tango music And dance Syncopation: a rhythmic effect that provides an unexpected accent bhangra a tightly choregraphed men's group dance, originally from the Punjab region of North India Pakistan, with pronounced legshoulder movements and occasional waving of arms high overhead Kathak. a form of Northern Indian Classical dancing that tells a story dhol: a double-headed South Asian membrancophone associated w/ bhangra Don't forget about the age old question of What Gregor Mendel discoverd?
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na baad giddhaa dance performed by Punjabi women that is equivalent to the male bhangral Thummar traditional rhythm of theldhall drum as well as a Common motion in bhangral w/ both arms and left leg lifted

What are the styles of tango dance?

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U GOZE" Double - fute used in bhangrals chimto metal idiophone wl discs attached used to accompany [bhangra buydu: Single-pitched String instrument used in bhangra punjab a former province in NW India, now divided in between India and Pakistan hidden transcripts embedding a message through metaphor or in a coded manner public transcripts: open musical displays of power Afrikaans: South African language and ethnic group Apartheid: official laws of racial Segregation enforced in South Africa until 1990 reggae' a style of Urban Jamaican popular music that originated among the Rastafaninians, of Jamaica in the 1960's


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Ras Tofuri

• Started a new religious movement.

• developed in Jamaica during the 1930's the rastafarianism: a religious movement from Jamaica whose adherents venerate the ethiopian emperor, Hone Selassile Ska : indigneous Tamaican Style that preceded reagoel in the COS roek steady: early Ireggael Wislow tempo in mid-1960's Bob Marley

• Jamaican singec musician, and songwriter

• World ambassador for reggae music Peter Tosh . reowned reggae artist - founding member of the Wailers 6 giving Bob Marley his start powwaw: Native American Social gatherings that feature Ceremonies, and dance competitions honor beats: series of drum beats in Native American practice flat songs. Native American Songs performed during alpowwow flag ceremony to honor the American flag War Dance: a Native American dance performed by men Hoop Dance Native American dance using multiple hoops Fancy Dance. a virtuosic war dance performed by men Jingle Dance women's dance in present day powwows? Grass Dance: a women's dance at a lowwow! wulation: a vocal Sound of joy or celebration commonly produced by women in Africa & the Middle east leiliang: a Chinese composer String quartet: ensemble consisting of two violins, a vida, and a cello drone: a steady single tone or a pipe on a bagpipe that produces one We also discuss several other topics like What is Scientific Racism?
Don't forget about the age old question of What is authority

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biophonic singing a singing technique of Inner Asian origin w/ two tones fundamental Overtorve One-note polyphony technique used by composer - lei vang in which the same pitch is sounded in different instruments w/ different timbres Gugin Seven-String Chinese zither wenren: traditional Chinese philosopher-artist

jinghu: two-stringed Chinese fiddlewaride ja Cultural Revolution of China. (19.colo - 1976)

Decade of Social political upheaval initiated by Mao Zedong in China Catuna Corruption of the term "Arcadian, a French-speaking people in Louisianna Creole people of color w mixed Heritage in the West Indies and Southern United States cajun jikteroun conjun dance wi knees ankle bends on beats 1 and 5 and 2 and 4 (cajun two-step) on fiddle. Another name used for the violin son Zydeco dance music that emerged in the 1950s among the Creoles of the Gulf Coast. rub board: a scraped idiophone made of metalcoat Karaoke an "empty orchestra - Tapanese Kata' a Japanese aesthetic principle: "patterned form enka: a genre of popular music wi melodramatic themes of love

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