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Who is george lucas?

Who is george lucas?


School: University of Southern California
Department: Cinema And Media Studies
Course: Film Genres
Professor: Drew casper
Term: Spring 2017
Cost: 50
Name: Collective Notes
Description: Notes from the first class to the last
Uploaded: 04/27/2017
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1ST CLASS Jan.11 

Who is george lucas?

George Lucas:

- ​ knack for building environments

- “ I love to make things move”

- knack for construction

- first film a stop motion exercise of plats stacking and unstacking

- passion for movement and special effects

- grew up in Modesto, CA

- loved comics

- 1962 (18 yrs old) “ before that I just went with what I enjoyed. I sat down that summer and thought a lot about what I was here for”.

- Modesto Jr. College associates degree

- Influenced by DUNE ( read this)

- Applied to USC (1964), accepted as a transfer student (influenced by Haskell Wexler- won 2 academy awards)

- Beginning of the USC mafia

- Loyal, but famous for his grudges

What is a pastiche?

- Conservative yet risk taker

- Independent yet knew quality of teamwork.

- Lives frugally

- Hated directing actors

- Herbie​ ( 1965)- First Film

- George Lucas’ love of cars

- moving lights and patterns

- A Look at Life​ (1965)

- an exercise in animation movement

- an anti-war statement

- Freedom​ (1965)

- part of 310 production workshop

- Gunman escaping to west Germany

- 1.42.08 ; A Man and His Car (1966)

- About a race car driver, emphasis on the race car itself We also discuss several other topics like mark burleson unt

- Title is the lap time of the yellow sports car

Who is francis ford coppola?

- Worked as grip and editor in graduate school (1967)

- Grad Films

- The Emperor​ (480 film)

- Documentary realism/ avant garde film

- disk jockey in LA traffic

- Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town

- ​Man takes pics, when he crumbles them people disappear

- Summer of 1967 Lucas chosen by C1arl Foremen to create promo

shorts for a epic western film.

- Verna fields editor got him USIA job

- Marsha Griffin, Field’s assistant editor, married Lucas 1969. Divorced in 1983

- THX 1138​ (1971)

- First feature length film

- pastiche of Alphaville​ by Godard

- deal with Warner Bros.

- Francis Ford Coppola had to make package of four youth movies

- Lucas hated not being the producer

- Special effects cost $10

- Lucas never set marks Don't forget about the age old question of tulane sociology

- Lucas hated writing, saw himself as documentarian/ avant garde director of “things”

January 18 

THX cont’d:

- Lucas wanted love story set in the future

- Taken away from Lucas for someone else to edit

- Made from 1 million only make 90,000

- Autobiographical , Lucas’ abstract about what he saw happening

- Lucas always optimistic - if you want something bad enough you can take it


- An artistic or expressive way to make something new

1895-1928 : Silent Period

1929-1945 : Classical Period

1946-1952 :Transition, Post-Classical Period

1963-1976 : Reinvention period

1977-present : Post Modern

-> 1963-1976 : Reactionary/Revolutionary

- The counter culture

-If it feels good do it.

- Spontaneous

- Freedom from Authority We also discuss several other topics like syg 2010

- Moderate Democrats, Centrists, and Traditional Republicans made up most of population

- Time of media society and confusion

- Hollywood Conglomerates taking on other practices

- Making movies no longer the priority

- Runaway productions - shooting films outside of Hollywood

- Movies came from “good source” - novels, plays, etc. with recognition - Lucas NEVER wanted to work with stars (because he hated directing actors) - Mainstream exploitation - subject matter not approved by the code If you want to learn more check out math 3020 clemson

- Hitchcock’s Psycho ​made exploitation mainstream If you want to learn more check out pbh 205 unlv midterm

- Sound of Music

- Other studios tried to make films of musicals and went bankrupt

- 1969-1972

- Movies directed toward youth ,that will tell it like it is (sex, drugs, politics) - Made cheaply

- American Graffiti (Lucas) a pure youth film that makes tons of money We also discuss several other topics like emc 3358

- Films becoming as revered as novelists, composers, etc. in Europe

- Start of the “A Film by (Name of Director)” trend

- * Early American film was director’s cinema until studios took control.

During this time directors taking back authority.

Francis Ford Coppola

- UCLA film school

- Made porn on the side

- Worked with Roger Corman after graduation at AIP

- Wrote first draft of Reflections in a Golden Eye, directed by John Houston - 1966 worked with Paramount , directed “Is Paris Burning”

- Musical, Finian’s Rainbow 1968

- Coppola made Lucas administrative assistant director, they clashed. - Coppola taught Lucas to write

- Coppola and Lucas start company called Zoetrope to distance themselves from Hollywood

- Lucas tries to rally his USC filmmaker peers around the company

- Lucas had to give Apocalypse now to Coppola

- Coppola didn’t like Star Wars

- 1980 Lucas gets Coppola to join him on “The Shadow Warrior” distributed by FOX 1980 - 1985 work together on Michima

- Tucker (1988)

- Artistic success, not commercial success

Jan. 25 

- Coppola’s advice to Lucas - “ Don’t do weird SciFi”

American Graffiti

- Small town California

- Inspired by I Vitelloni - Federico Fellini

- Lucas saw the film as a musical

- Universal wants to call it “Another Slow Night in Modesto”

- Budget originally set at $600,000

- The songs were written in the script

- Deals with generation of coming of age

- 4 cross-cutting storylines

- Kurt, Intellectual traveling across country looking for woman in white - Steve dating Laurie, about to leave for college but Laurie gets in car accident - John refuses to accept he’s getting older and can’t continue drag racing - Terry, a nerd, trying to woo a hot girl with a car.

- All characters realize things change

- Have to break out of their small town

- Parallels to THX

- Structuring metaphors/motifs

- Cars

- Cars used as visual choreograph

- Mel’s drive-in

- The music

- Captures shift in Rock music at the ties and ties together


- The radio DJ is like a lord figure for the characters

- Not much plot, but lots of character

- Lucas wanted it to look like a grainy California beach party

- Reds, oranges and yellows like a jukebox

- 45 songs which had been previously released, sold the soundtrack as a compilation

Lucas wants to start Star Wars but has no money

- Coppola helps Lucas after the success of The Godfather

- Lucas allows Coppola to take over Apocalypse now

After WWII fiction filmmakers start working in documentary realism style.

Joseph Campbell

- Buffalo Bill’s wild west show made him interested in native american stories - Studied Medieval literature

- Highlights of his work

- The Hero with a Thousand Faces

- Any legend, myth, fairytale or religious document is a visible

compensation of a man’s self conscious

- Myths are universal, rooted in the human nature

- The hero’s journey

- Hero separates from everyday world

- Hero experiences trial and suffering

- Hero returns and shares gift of experience

- The Mask of God

- Dealt with origins of mythology

- The Flight of the Wild Gander

- Myths to Live By

- Historical atlas of world Mythology

- Work for PBS - The power of Myth @ Skywalker Ranch

- Myth is about the importance and essence of being alive

- 4 Functions of myth

- Mystical function : mystery reveals the world’s wonder

- Cosmological : myth shows the shape of the universe

- Sociological : supporting and validating the world’s social order

- Pedagogical : how live a human life

- Heroes adventure usually starts with someone who has has something taken from them - The artist should keep myths alive

- “Follow your bliss”

- All great myths have to be regenerated to stay alive

- Campbell thought of Star Wars - humanity comes not from the machine but from the heart

- Campbell - More visionary than poet

- Religion for him is a religion of self development

Feb. 1 

First Midterm Question

(More thorough question on Blackboard)

American Graffiti and Mean Streets share much in common. Discuss their differences. Why do you think such differences occurred? Mean Streets is Expressive Stylization. ● You can bring in this question already completed on test day

Coppola on Lucas​ - “ Lucas is an industrial marketing complex rather than a fine director. No matter how much Star Wars earns it isn’t worth 1/10th of what George is worth as an artist”

George Lucas in Love

- Shot at USC, about USC film school

- Made as an attempt to get noticed by Hollywood’s development community - Made entirely through film school connections

- Made in 3 weeks

The Power of Myth

- Taped at Lucas Ranch for PBS

- Myths

- The adventure of a hero

- Separation from everyday world

- Adventure and return into society where he shares his gifts

- Myth is literature of the spirit

- The artist keeps the myth alive in each time and culture

Star Wars : A New Hope

- 1981 after The Emperor Strikes Back

- An attempt to recreate classical myths, to tell the old myths in a new way - An attempt to tell traditional tales with present technology

- First myth

- Boy gets girl, girl gets boy : the romance

- Production : putting the show on the road ( literal or metaphorical)

- Family : to hold the family together

- Fame and Fortune : Physical and Spiritual

- Lucas called it - “A space fantasy”

- United Artists were interested in any Lucas project

- Universal refused the script

- Fox went with it

- Alan Ladd Jr., joined 20th Century Fox (1974) interested in the movie, saw in it classic Hollywood

- Didn’t understand the movie but trusted Lucas’ talent

- The movie pitch : “Opening the door and going out there, no matter the risk, is worth the effort”

- Ladd offered 15 thousand to develop the script.

- Lucas was thinking merchandising when writing Star Wars. Owned all the writes to merchandise and sequels. - A Lucas Film Production released through 20th C. Fox - Star Wars seen by Fox as low budget film

- Production cost 12 million

- Gary Kurtz

- Usc grad

- Became a producer in ‘83

- Originally indecisive about star wars

- departed from Lucas after Empire STrikes Back and made own production company

- Postmodernism pastiche

- Blend of high and low culture

- Nostalgia

- Star Wars was not “hip”

- It was sincere

- Full of sentiment

- Classical Myths takes place in some far away unknown place

- Involves a quest

- From adolescence to manhood

- Quest that ends with return to home and the renewal

- Legends of Arthur very parallel to Star Wars (says Casper but not Lucas) - “Journey” is the most adequate icon to describe birth to death

- Myths make journeys

- Myths involve suffering and triumph

- Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey

- * Be familiar with synopsis

- Arthurian legend

- 5 tales

- Tales of lancelot

- Tales of the grail

- Idols of the king

- Once and future king

- Music of camelot

- Bloody violence and estrous sexuality of arthurian legend dismissed from star wars - Arthur and Luke Skywalker

- Seek a father figure

- Merlin = Obi Wan Kanobi

- Arthur and Luke raised without parents

- Arthur didn't know he’s heir to the throne, Luke didn't know his fam was jedi knight

- Merlin gets Arthur to pull to sword, Obi Wan gets Luke to use the lightsaber - Sword and Lightsaber are the birth ights

- The beginning of their role as the hero

- Both start immature, grow and become knights

- What they thought they’d be as a kid are not what they become - Arthur is dark, Luke more alive

- Arthur and Luke betrayed by best friends ( Lancelot, Lando) , but eventually forgiven.

- Love triangles

- Incest- Arthur sleeps with his half sister , Luke sexual tension with his sister - Knights of the round table = Jedi knights

- C.S Lewis - Aslan is like Chewbacca

- Dante’s Inferno - Moss cantina sequence is Dante’s Inferno

- Catholicism

- “May the Force Be With You”

- “ And also with you”

- Wizard of Oz

- Luke - Dorothy

- R2D2 - Todo

- Leia - Good Witch

- Universal sued Fox for comparisons to Silent Runner movie

- Low cult parallels

- Flash Gordon

- Edgar Rice Burroughs

- Reduced to draft from star wars

- Special effects

- First computer system for over 350 special effects shots

- Special effects people who worked on Space odyssey

- Motion Picture High Fidelity camera

- 13 week shoot in 1976

- Imperial uniforms from japanese army in 1920

- Advertising geared toward youth

- Only youths liked the rough cut

- Reviews loved the film

- 9 Academy Award Nominations, 6 Wins

- *Significant

- Created a whole new movie culture

- Affected aesthetics, business, tech, spectatorship,

Feb. 15 

George Lucas re-invigorated the movie merchandising business

- Merchandising set up by Lucas Films 1971

- Action figures made 250 million dollars

- Postcards, t-shirts, thermoses etc.

- Lucas gave gift profit points, each point worth $300,000

- Spielberg got 1%

Postmodern qualities:

- Pastiche

- George Lucas takes from high cult and low cult

- Love of nostalgia

- Concern for merchandising in every area

* ^ All summed up in high-tech style

- The death of the individual, constructor of what came before

- All dictated by the studio

George Lucas

- Sees himself as a filmmaker; has a concept , yet hates directing

- Involved in visual design, involved in all components of forming and advertising the concept

- A new way to make movies.

- Inability to designate power

- Attention to detail in every aspect

- “ The influence of the church has been usurped by film”

- His storytelling mission was a moral one

- Breaking out of the norm, standard, everyday life

- You create your destiny, take responsibility of your life

- Listen to your heart, instinct

- Oppression is evil

- The Force means looking into yourself, seeing your potential

- No obstacle is too large

- Relationship between man and machine

- The tone is sincere

- Didn’t think he was a very good writer, wanted to give a lot of action to distract from writing

- Immaculate realism found in his fantastical work

- To make the fantastic real

Akira Kurosawa

- Took George to see Japanese films

- Made a series of period adventure films set in 18th C. Japan. - Jidai Geki films

- Rashaman

- Step on the Tiger’s Tale

- Seventh Samurai

- The Hidden Fortress

- Others

- Films talk about respect of leadership, virtue and honor - Recycled American movies

John Ford

- Not trained in school, a gifted creator

Feb 22 

C.S Lewis

- Son of an atheist

- One of most prominent/famous Christian writers

- Specialized in Norse Myths in University

- Said evil and sin are destructive eminents in the world

- Should be openly recognized

- Converted the genre of fantasy into something of philosophic insights - Created new worlds so we could see ours better

- Out of the Silent Planet

- Protagonist kidnapped and accidentally ends up on a trip to Mars

- Finds a whole alien community with its own language

- Lewis putting Christian doctrine in a new form

- Fantasy​ : the creation of an alternative world, radically distinct from the world we know - Strict Fantasy​ : every thing, incident, place in the fantastical world stands for something in the primary (real) world

- Loose Allegory​ : Whole world intended to give a general idea of the human condition

- Allustritive Fantasy​ : Makes a point about the primary world by emphasizing points about the secondary world

- Appreciative Fantasy ​: Secondary world enjoyed truly for its own sake. - 3 Functions of Fantasy

- Recovery ​: gaining clear view of things as we are meant to see them - Escape ​: into a past or a future by way of a secondary world

- Consolation​ : The desire to communicate with species like ours but other, in another type of space

- The happy ending

- Eucatastrophe​ - arrival at a fleeting glimpse of joy, satisfying

secret longing for a real happy ending

J.R.R Tolkien

- English novelist

- Revidved medieval romance and the fairytale

- Cult figure in the 60’s

- “Inklings”, a 4 person group (including Tolkien and Lewis)

- Would gather weekly at Lewis’ to read myths at Oxford

- Narnia story parallels Perelandra 

- Tolkien influenced by WW2

- Responded to violence and technological warfare

- Beowulf very influential to Lord of the Rings

● Star Wars similar to Beowulf

- Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (part of Arthurian legends)

- Large influence of Tolkien

- William Norris, G.K Chesterton, Charles Williams, John Milton’s Paradise Lost - ^ More influences of Tolkien

- Lord of the Rings Trilogy

- The Hobbit

- The heroic attitudes of strength and size rejected by Tolkien

- Even the meekest can be heros ( The New Testament)

- Lord of the Rings

- Fellowship of the Ring

- The Two Towers

- The Return of the King

- Thematics of Tolkien

- Struggle against evil is endless

- People group together because they share a purpose

- How the depth of knowledge can turn to the freedom of choice and action - One must lose his life to save it

- Technology is arrogant, nature is unpretentious and organic

- The death and rebirth cycle, one can recover from loss but not make loss disappear

- Great faith and sacrifice can redeem the power of evil

- Redemption is to learn to love

- Life is continuous choosing, affecting the moral agent and the balance of good and evil

- The paradox of unity in division

- Time begins and ends with a moral order

Special Effects

- Any technique employed to create an alternate possible reality

- 4 Types

- Special Effects Makeup

- Mechanical special effect

- Blood etc.

- In- Camera special effect

- Dolly zoom etc.

- Post Production special effects

- Every departure from reality considered a special effect

- Have always been part of movies from the very beginning

- Special effects perform many of the functions of fantasy

- History​ :

- 1939, special effects category in Academy Awards for first time

- 1951 , new classification as the “other “ award

- 1954 reclassified as award category

- 1962 , sound effects became special category

- 1972 , effects cease to be regular Oscar category

- 1977 , re-classified as a competitive category

- 1982 , special effects makeup as a category

- Production companies necessitate special effects department

- Special effects propelled certain genres ; horror, adventure, musical - 1940-1945 war genre popularized special effects

- Fantasy films popular during this time to take audience from harsh reality - Freud, the idea that man is polarized, contradicting alter egos

- Post WW2, Post Classical Period

- Camera and optical effects advance

- Sci Fi genre popular

- Sci Fi combined with horror

- 1963-76

- Golden Age of horror genre

- War/Adventure genre hybrid creation

- Beginning of special effects houses

- 1977 Postmodernism

- All special effects

- Renaissance of sci fi, sci fi adventure, fantasy, horror

- Today we see movies for the visceral effects

- Artists in Special Effects

- Norman O’Dawn - first special effects technician in Hollywood

- Charles Roscher - refined Dawn’s work

- Fred Graborneir

- Eugeine Schuftin *

- Lewis Witt - formed first special effects department

- Reis - coined term “special effects”

March 1st 

Midterm Exam

- lectures up to & including last week

- “The Searchers” will not be on midterm

- Know Books & Films

- Already gave us a question - come in with question already typed

- 10 extra trivia points you can make!

- 2 hours and 10 minutes

- ID questions & essays

Empire Strikes Back (1980) - Star Wars Sequel

- had deal with 20th Century Fox that if he doesn’t do sequel within 2 years, the rights goes back to them

- 20th Century Fox would do distribution, Lucas finances the projects

- cost 33 million total

- Leigh Brackett wrote the first draft of the script - she’s awesome - however she passed away from

- more characterization in this one

- cynical tinge, and it is also darker

- is a pastiche of Jacobean and Carolingian drama

- Albert Einstein’s face was the model for Yoda, as well as his personality as the “stooped elder” of Kurosawa’s films

- Concept of evil inside of Luke instead of outside

- Suffering through knowledge —> “I am your father”

- Pastiche

- Christ story - devil tempting Christ

- Freezing of Han solo from b-horror medical films of the 30’s

- Lucas resigned from the director’s guild because they fined him for putting the director’s name at the end of Star Wars

George Lucas and Technology

- established his own special effects house - Industrial Light & Magic

- Industrial (technology involved in SFX) Light (major element of movies) Magic (end element in movies)

- now ILM is leader in effects & animation

- 3 aspects of high concept

- easily pitch-able plot in 25 words or less - easily assimilated and understood - that concept can be immediately translated into something visual - can be easily advertised

- you can market this concept in every sphere of marketing - cereal, amusement parks, etc.

High Tech Style (postmodern)

- episodic structure, not linear, has beginning middle and end, cyclic repetition of stakes and climax/conflict with each encounter

- concept of everything being archetyped and “it will not finish, it will continue” - constant movement from frame to frame to frame, montage

- montage is main element of high-tech style, instead of compositional depth - space and time are jumped around

- fast paced cross-cutting

- wall-to-wall symphonic scores


- 1982: computer generated sequence

- 1988: first morphing sequence

- 1989: first 3d generated character

- 1991: first dimensional painting

- partially generated character

- 1992: texture of human skin

- Jurassic park

- Forrest gump sfx

- 1995: first fully synthetic speaking character - Casper

- 1995: first photoreal hair in jumanji

- The Mummy

- develops exr

-develops mocap system in “Dead Man’s Chest”

- first animated feature produced by ILM - RANGO

Week 10- Indiana Jones 

4 encounters of lucas and speilberg


- At a student film festival


- Speilberg crash classes the 466 of the day every week

- They talk cause lucas is in it


-Star wars

-Lucas wants to screen it

-Spielberg comes and was postive about it

-Stay professional close but still competively


-Raiders of the lost ark

-Lucas is on vacation in maui with marica and spielberg

-They trade 1 percent of star wars and close encounter

Philp kauffan

-Developed star trek

-Kicked around ideas of screenplays with lucas

- Lucas takes himself from the writers guild

- kauffman offered all of his work on indiana jones and kauffman accepts -Was made into a series

-Writers guild sided with kauffman and he was entitled to credit for the sequels


-Playboy adventure


-Grew out of lucas’s classes at modesto

-Immersed in a world war II setting

-Fantasy adventure comedy

-Named indiana after his dog

-Laid out the story to larry kazden

-Speilberg comes in as director

-Parmount takes it

-Pg rating for kids

- Lot of competition

-Romancing the stone

-The goonies

-Serial pastiche

- Indiana is humphrey bogart

- Citizen kane

- Lawrence of arabia

- Kiss me deadly



-The insertion or interruption into the human really world of a figure, an occurrence, a situation that is alternative and radically distinct from the human as we know it

-Something from another world coming down to ours

-Or the reverse: the positioning of a real human being/situation/

occurrence in an other worldly modality or other worldly lifestyle

- Protagonist

Could be alive

-If alive are in need

-Luke skywalker

-Wants a great purpose

-Identity problem

-Wants know about his father

-Not mature

-Could be dead

-In puragtor or hell and have to redeem yourself

- The antoganist

-Dearly depart

-Miracle worker

- Ghost

- God

- Devil

- CS Lewis

- Dramatised the human condition in fantasy

- Of posing the everlasting questions

- Converted fantasy into philosophical and theological insights

- Created new worlds

-To see our world better


- The grounding for Lucas

- Grounded in cultural myth

- The progaist


-1 person or group

-Overcome seeming insurmountable obstacle

- Take antagonist on for a critical mission which has a moral aspect to it which ultimately connects the hero with the world he left

- You have to leave your home to go on the mission in order to go back in - Antagonist

-1 person or group

-Could be a superhero

-Could be a common hero

-Flawed attitude

-The second type of hero has to grow for his ordinariness to super


-Could be a couple

-If the women is apart of the mission


-Is something unfamiliar

-Something we are not use to day by day

-Very colorful

-The tone is buoyant


● Lucas and Spielberg

-Indian jones and the last crusade

-Indiana jones and the Crystal skull

-Spielberg introduced him to kurasawa

-Both did more together because they loved USC

● 3 Indiana Jones

- The first script

-Lucas had an idea about a haunted house movie

- Spielberg did not want to do the haunted house

-Speilberg wants a father and son relationship

-They have to find each other

-Wants family

- Speilberg idea to do young indiana jones

-It was PG-13

-Did not sit well with Lucas and Speilberg

- Pastiche

-Elements of james bond

-North by northwest

-Airplane scene



-Quest for the journal

-Indies father

-The grail

-And the child he lost

-Character is more important than plot

-Love of father and son

-Ford is more sympathetic

George- from episode six to phantom menace

- Return to oz 1985

- Latino

- Labryinth

- Howard the duck

- Lucas films production

- Land before time

- Lucas takes credit as exec. Producer

- Willow

- The stroy is by lucas


-The hobit

-The sord and the stone

-Peter pan

-Mad max

-Wizard of oz

-Star wars



Star wars 1: The Phantom Menace

- To experiment with the shift from anolog to digital

- Fox distrubute world wide had the right to premire on fox

- Pastiche

- Ben hur

- Henry the fifth

- Jar jar binks as

- Goofy

- Danny kay

- Golum

April 12 

Original Theaters/ history of sound -

- Nickelodeon Era

- Rise of national theater chains/ A movie palace (2,000-5,000 seats)

- 5 major studios distribute films & own theaters

- Took two years to equip all movie theaters with sound

- Disney’s Fantasia introduced stereophonic sound

- Widescreen introduced 1952

- 60’s , 70’s palaces destroyed, turned into small, minimalist theaters playing multiple movies at a time

- 1974 Universal introduces surround sound

- 1975 first Dolby stereo

George Lucas & Sound Design -

- Lucas believed 50% of experience of a film comes from sound

- Viewing experience greatly influences experience of the movie

- 1980 started THX ground

- Named after “Tom Holman’s Experiment” not Lucas’ first film - Theaters became equipped with THX sound

Television -

- Ewok adventures

- ABC Sunday Night at the Movies

- The Great Heap

- Maniac Mansion

- Indiana Jones inspired TV series about Young Indi (1992) - Star Wars : the Clone Wars

Star Wars Episode II : Attack of the Clones -

- 2002

- Terrible reviews

- Archetypal themes

- Gay theatrical tradition of high camp

- Intentionally exaggerated

- Commentary on American Society

April 19 

Next Week : Back to back screening

Exam : 6 out of 7 .Q’s.

- 2 ID

- 10 bonus

- Starts with The Searchers

- Special Effects

- Technology

- Money

- Disney Films

- Significance of Lucas & American Culture

- One question directly from the reading

- Can answer in bullet points


- Time magazine called George part of the “Cyber Elite”

- Assesment of his wealth

- 1996 Forbes placed Lucas’ worth at 5 billion, now 20 +t billion - Huge Skywalker Ranch started in 1980

- ILM : by 1981 taking on projects outside of Lucas, charging a hefty price - 25% of business comes from commercials

- Makes video games and rides

- Skywalker Sound - best sound effects in the business

- By 1975 included 3 intensive state of the art facilities

- Lucas Arts Learning systems

- Produces GTV

- USC School of Cinematic Arts

- Lucas gives back to USC

- Built a whole new SCA, biggest donation we’ve ever received - Recently gave 10 mil for diversity scholarships

- Lucas’ Educational foundation

- Encourages teachers and connects students with professionals - Introduces new media

- 300 million to Movie museum to go next to USC

Red Tails (2012)

- ​Black Airforce servicemen in WWII

- Lucas paid out of pocket

- Had a hard time financing film with all black cast

- Last Lucas film before Disney aquisition

The Sale to Disney

The Force Awakens

- Produced by Katherine Kennedy who is now head of Lucas Enterprizes - Directed J.J Abrahams, Wrote by J.J and Michael Ardnt

- ILM Special Effects

- Original main cast included

- Lucas says Disney discarded his ideas

- Lucas hated new Disney Star Wars

- Note bode well for Lucas

Significance of Lucas

- Lucas responsible for a shift in film history

- Responsible for closing one period and opening another in 976

- Lucas brought back myth

- Lucas contrasted trendy pessism with hope

- Hollywood Classic cinema saw America as the dream, encroachment on the family was a threat to American values

- Lucas brought this back

- 1968 when code was broken, sex and violence go viral

- Lucas did not submit to this trend

- When self reflexivity became popular, showing the making of the movie, Lucas went away from this

- Lucas experimented with composition

- Parallel between content and form

- Classical/Post Classical Cinema had polish, Lucas had polish

- Well produced movies

- Studio system died in 1948, businessmen took control

- Lucas puts creativity back into film, showing the audience a good time - Wanted to revive studio system

- Creativity respected at Skywalker Ranch

- Never wanted a conglomerate to run what he wanted to create

- Wanted to bring Hollywood to its knees

- Success of the movie business because of Star Wars

- Inspiration from Star Wars revived this movie period

- Lucas put money back into Hollywood

- More independent films because of Lucas

- Money went back into better theaters

- Star Wars passed from generation to generation

- Lucas brings back large movie franchises

- Creation of IML was revolution of sound technology

- Crystalized the hight tech style of movie making today

- Best special effects

- A new driving pace

- Raised number of cuts in a movie

- New importance to sound

- Re-instituted symphonic score

- His stories celebrate brave heroes and sources of ehtical standards - Nostalgia

- Return to the childhood fantasy

Disney Sale

- Disney announced deal in 2012

- Through deal Disney required Star Wars and Indiana Jones properties - Star Wars Rebels Tv show 2013

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