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Final Exam Study Guide

by: Mallory McMullen

Final Exam Study Guide CHEM2510

Marketplace > Ohio State University > Chemistry > CHEM2510 > Final Exam Study Guide
Mallory McMullen
Organic Chemistry
Dr. Vanden-Eynden

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About this Document

This is a pretty good review of the main ideas from chapter 1 through 11; some of 13 is on there but I didn't want to add to much of the new material since I don't fully understand it yet. It may b...
Organic Chemistry
Dr. Vanden-Eynden
Study Guide
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This 4 page Study Guide was uploaded by Mallory McMullen on Tuesday April 28, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CHEM2510 at Ohio State University taught by Dr. Vanden-Eynden in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 162 views. For similar materials see Organic Chemistry in Chemistry at Ohio State University.


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Date Created: 04/28/15
FINAL EXAM M REVIEW k Formal Charqe Valmcc ci Ionc c bondm aToms U 3 Dov Erwix H CSHL a 7s06 042 i i Z quot39 1K Resonance movcmamL 01 olccTrons bt39fwtcn rofbi39bls Lgt dovblclfiple bonds lone PJWS radicals anions 1 Cahons L Conjuga on Consecu h39vc P orbials A9 NOT 1x CcTron Pushfni is N w E221 on bt l wten For 95 N X lt2 23063 Fr 0m 5310 0 low clec h on Gift251313 w anpreaz he Louver yka means a s39TronJcr acid bc 3 has a giggle 600535 K Nearb art9 char cs i duc39rivclg abuz F AO K Shana acids tSUH39 when 39H39i CXcH cGl oltc fmns can bc fDSSCd around b larger Molecvlcskfcsonanq x STm cs 00 much M squot in Hwe wad 4 r0m roTahnj bonds 71quot C H 39 F3 H n3 mom HunC CI39HH 37 f 9 W shble when 1 U H largt gr39OU S fax H 3 39 s gg rcd biased are 8439ngng 0 52k Hx JLoH AOH NHZ MN S S 393 15 35 51 55 f CHAPTEIE qr axial 0305 Ojg ans 05 mum H l a K Hum 35 3x 2ch sw3chroTaTc each fosi39h on clockwiu C la Favorcd when large consTvmfs are 6 a w e s f v C A D L quotA f D f f 3 e cmmzs ee 39 yoreoisomofsmwnch dasheszwedges Vb k Enan fiamer nonsofnz 39mposabie mirrors f if 839 f 5 N K Diasfueomer some bu l no l 3H invaTcd 1 Chiral cen rws have 0393 wa consTum5 6r 1 5r k Rt 5 nommcla rurc is deTMmmed by Placing Hoe lowes i i iquot b hi d W n 33H Under 39H H L molecule ilookin Pr or 3 6 n e 1 13 m ep 3 Ufa Z I er a Fischer Vrojcdions have VW39I ECDI bonds as dashes and hom39zon39ial bonds as wealng emeso Comgounds mirrors w i CHAPTER 3 k n j K Homolg39h c bond cleavage Ma a 2 radicals HJlrl H39H39 2 H 39pofcong Uga op sbbiliza Hon festHS ham fohaTIng bonds Comma in o Plane 0 33w Hoe adios a We MawPivfojr chage x Tow rcadiv g 2 2V iqve H WM 7 1 2quot 339 z I I 5 wC WC a 9A 61 612 31 3 22 2a sz HS5z2 3 271 N7 2367 PasA InHiaTion PWPOSDTMV39 A formingHon Call CI zCI OZ Cl OC O a 0 g H CHApTCQ 67 EN 2 ecac om VC39wPWC Macks 39POYY Hac back 0 JUSPIQCC 300d REWHS JVOUPS like hmo fmg39 usoqznzojsosquot L scrwconors Erva Banyhmg 033 makcs a stable on la low Clcc l39ro 1069511va is beh a I0quot a are L large anions give a bigger ar3equot 7390 hi bu larger aiom radius Mtans a diiufc charge like IVsF 5N1 Radian weak nuc aHacks a hindered Subsfr c wih a carb cafl39on informtdiafc in Folwsolvm39l s Like W39 buT UOH m1ng H20 W 9m 7 W to mtgquot 30m K 61 Reac39h39og Qikenes are Formed 91 high em o via carbocaT390n 7H H L in HH 7 a MW MW WINW 1 Z Reactor soricallg hindered bases make alkmes J CHAPTER 3 e e icmcohols it39d 3 Shana 6 391 0 read 9042 is 33000 leaving group K 2600 ReacTionfi fedchion loses 0x330 andaains kgdmgm L NQBHqEEMIHq H30 hemm are good real veers w Hquot F M O H I I 6 PU zzJ oncs omdah on uses Cr03 Cr2070r PCC V 7 39 0 O OHLLOLA GO O WH 00 0A0 0H g Oi quot1 0quotquot 0 H SO39IIHIO 2501 0 0 39 39 9 0H MM nard Haemons 4 orm w maBr 0 quot300 N thg riadd 3n alkanc HKR QA 39 RK CHAPTCR 0 I CaTions reafrange 4 or s rablli rg 2 gt 7l 3 MBFlt 0 use O i 39 w N7 whys or g 3 7 Strong bases ikc A k NaHiVL w makc S L acids um SNZ m rh Primary alcohols 1m 6 above 130 C 1 s1 is used 4w 2 z339 e1 about IOO C For and 254 For339 wrong melanoma adds We HI HBr can cleave bers 9 L 520 ch are broken vi by HC 9I OH9NRI zgrugnard 3 o x N quTHF 0H Q JigQ A3A8fo AOHBrAI HINW I KSUWW analogs fesuH whw I7 0X5d52 quIS I CHAPT R H 39 Increasing 39193133 2 l 1 lt l s a ran5 is kwored over c sz unlcss m a ring 19 BEHmanvs 234ch Rule making 1 unshbyc Producf v59 3 large base whim8A vs 106 39 Produc l39 r A CHAPTQQ 136 7 DA A Kmkgn amom maktaood nuc vH LAWS QQW K S hron bases Perm 91131110655 halo maMon cfcans wanes L ng can In roTaHv revsha 0 alkancs using Hz 2 90z K Lindar39s cafalvsTs make as alkcnes Na makes mn5 vk Markovnikov hadm rion makes ke39l39ones Via Hgsoq m L 9ufomerizaT 0n Wms anols info kev on 65 mm by 0394qu 5 0 so N HMJH WHBase ef nzsomzo n 5H QHLy f x J


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