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A100 Final Exam Study Guide

by: Mike Krumtinger

A100 Final Exam Study Guide A100

Marketplace > Indiana University > Information technology > A100 > A100 Final Exam Study Guide
Mike Krumtinger
GPA 3.0
American Studies

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About this Document

ID terms and definitions for the A100 (American Studies) Final Exam.
American Studies
Study Guide
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This 10 page Study Guide was uploaded by Mike Krumtinger on Wednesday April 29, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to A100 at Indiana University taught by Andersen in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 113 views. For similar materials see American Studies in Information technology at Indiana University.

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Date Created: 04/29/15
Trv to tie thinds toqether instead of iust describind them Final exam format will be similar to the midterm Gender Inequality A different kind of stratification distinct from racism and class prejudice recall Stereotype Content Model class differences and gender egalitarianismfeminist ideals and practices 21 st century USA sociological data generalizations there are always many outliers among elite classes higher educational attainment more gender egalitarianism more wage equality fewer children ampthey re born later more marital stability among the poor and working classes less gender egalitarianism less educational attainment esp for men men s job prospects often worse that women s so fewer marriage prospects children born earliermuch less marital stability Belicia Cabral s superpower Yunior and Oscar as doubles Two opposite personalities that combined to form a single personality like a YingYang Yunior was the playboy Oscar was the strange one however Yunior was nerdier when he was around Oscar and expressed his true personality He also acted as Oscar s protector quotambivalent sexismquot vs quothostile sexismquot Ambivalent sexism is the exploitation of women usually depends on gender essentialist stereotype women have higherwarmth and lower competence than men A Answer This term is from Douglas massey s book Categorically Unequal Ambivalent sexism connotes how women are often exploited paid less passed over for jobs etc through dominant stereotypes of women39s essential nature as higher in warmth than men but lower in competence This stereotypes is not outrightly hostile like race and class prejudice but instead mixes esteem for feminine qualities and hostility for unfeminine qualities among women When women violate expectation of high warmth sexist stereotypes are reanimated When a female boss or person of authority is regarded as a bitch or unfeminine or mannish When women violate expectation of high warmth sexist stereotypes are reanimated bitch unfeminine cold mannish America s Two Gender Systems Definition of EGALITARIANISM 1 a belief in human equality especially with respect to social political and economic affairs Class differences and gender egalitarianism feminist ideals and practices 21stcentury USA sociological data generalizations there are always many outliers Among elite classes higher educational attainment more gender egalitarianism more wage equality fewer children amp they are born later more marital stability Among the poor and working classes less gender egalitarianism less education attainment esp for men men s job prospects often worse than women s so fewer marriage prospects children born earlier much less marital stability Basically rich people are more privileged than poor people not sure what it has to do with gender really Varieties of Transparency What is transparency The window metaphor But who sees what Public life surveillance cameras and republic spaces security cameras and private spaces SeeChange and public life is Circle prodemocracy or a tyrannical monopoly Police and body cameras who sees it Where does privacy fit in Citizen monitoring of police in public smartphones Michael Brown Eric Garner Walter Scott Freddie Gray Private life surveillance and privacy rights Patriot Act expanded access to personal records held by 3rd parties no reasonable suspicion required minimal judicial oversight Private life as public life gov t surveillance datatracking and Big Data social media and user sharing as route to monetization of free apps Tie current day surveillance with how surveillance is used in The Circle quotAnd either I39m nobody or I39m a nationquot The quote at the beginning of the book A Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao Poem by Derek Walcott that author Junot Diaz decided to use A nation that erases individuals is no nation And an individual who believes they re completely disconnected from everyone else is equally absurd So much hybridity within nations protesting surveillance at the Holland house Mae s parents cover all but 4 of the cameras in the house stereotype content model and selected female roles Used to rate the warmth and competence of social groups positive groups esteemed group and pitied group Negative groups despised out group and envied group Interstellar and California drought Interstellar is a movie about a crop disease ruining food for Earth and an exNASA employee needing to jump through a wormhole to see if there is a chance that the human race could be transported to some other planet California s drought is the worst it has been in a long time forever and people may soon need to move away just to survive Gendered division of labor and occupational ghettos Differentiation in the jobs that females and males have Three categories of jobs white collar blue collar pink collar White collar is high end jobs businessMEN doctors primarily male jobs blue collar mechanics also male jobs and pink collar nurses mostly female jobs Basically there are tiers of work and they are mainly separated by gender Based on gender essentialism pink collar support staff vs blue collar manual labor Gendering of the caring professions ex teachers nurses dining service human relations domestic labor nannies babysitters cooks the Three Wise Men The three main faces of The Circle Eamon Bailey the public face of the company Ty the lone creator of the company also ends up being Kalden Tom Stenton the flashy CEO connecting Terminator and Walking Dead Terminator is the savior in a dystopian future similar to how Rick Grimes is the hero from Walking Dead in a dystopian future life at the Googleplex as model for the Circle In the Googleplex it tries to cater to its employee s needs 0 much so that it isolates them in a way from the outside world by providing nearly every service an employee could need such as food transportation day care etc This is a model for the circle because the Circle does much of the same things as the Googleplex and also ends up isolating its employees from the outside world just as the Googleplex does quotAmerica39s two gender systemsquot class differences and gender egalitarianism feminist ideals and practices 21stcentury USA sociological data generalizations there are always many outliers Among elite classes higher educational attainment more gender egalitarianism more wage equality fewer children amp they re born later more marital stability Among the poor and working classes less gender egalitarianism less educational attainment esp for men men s job prospects often worse than women s so fewer marriage prospects children born earlier much less marital stability Yunior and quotdoubleconsciousnessquot epigraph of The Circle There wasn t any limit no boundary at all to the future And it would be so a man wouldn t have room to store his happiness John Steinbeck mixed race identity in Dominican Republic France brought slaves over from Africa to Haiti while the Spaniards controlled the Dominican Republic Haiti was the first successful slave rebellion that won independence and was primarily black The DR was primarily brown at the time because Spaniards intermixed with their Dominican slaves During Trujillo39s rule he felt that white was right amp black is wack and wanted a more lightskin population Color prejudice became a thing in the Dominican and darker skinned people were associated with poverty and savagery Ties together with Oscar Wao Belle looks dark skinned despite her parents being lightskinned which is interpreted as Trujillo s curse on the family Mae39s problem with LuvLuv She was embarrassed when Francis decided to go on stage and call her out in front of all the circle employees She was still new and didn39t want everyone to know all her private information She became very upset with Francis but he thought that he was in a way doing her a favor Mae on the other hand did not and it put a strain on their relationship The LuvLuv app allows for people you date to see everything about you before you have even met so that you can plan what39s called the perfect date The app gives you so many details that it even allows for you to see what the person s allergies are Demoxie and tyrannical monopoly Mae proposes the idea that voting should be apart of the Circle membership and people will be required to vote in any election Also can be viewed as completing the Circle which TyKalden has been trying to avoid from the inside the whole time older couple in the bay Mae sees them as a representation of her life if she turns against the Circle and does what Kalden Ty wants her to do The couple represents what the world used to be Without technology and worries Galactus comic book character Oscar Wao what happened to Google Glass Google is currently revising it for reintroduction to the consumer electronics market The problems included introduced to the market too soon high price 1500 the sound was not good not comfortable to wear battery life was very short not much storage memory grains The devices implanted in those in the TV Show Black Mirror capable of recording and playing back all memories experienced by the owner Showed wife cheating on husband 1965 and national origins quotas Trujillo s death lead to a loosening of immigration restrictions More Dominicans were allowed in the United States Related to Oscar Wao Belle came to the United States after Trujillo s death quotsharing is caringquot ln Dave Egger s novel The Circle Mae Holland goes out one night to a local kayak shop that she regularly visits When she arrives hoping that they are still open she comes to find that they aren t but a kayak has been left so she goes out to the water and takes the kayak with her When she returns to shore she finds the cops are there waiting for her Mae had been caught by one of the SeeChange cameras When she returns to work she she has a meeting with Eamon Bailey and they both decide to have a talk in front of all the Circles employees While speaking in front of everyone Mae says that sharing is caring What she means by this is that if you are willing to share all of your personal information with everyone then you care about the population more because you are willing to share your ideas interests etc and that makes you a more caring individual compared to people who don t share all of their private information It also prevents you from doing things you wouldn t want other people to know you do those are usually bad things the loves of Lori Grimes Rick Grimes and his best friend Shane Walking Dead Tquouth Technology from The Circle that was designed by Mae s on and off again love interested Francis The technology was originally called ChildTrack Francis had a very traumatic childhood and was separated from his two sisters They all went to different foster homes and eventually his sisters were abducted and brutally murdered To solve the problem of child abduction Francis designed a microchip that would be give to all children and implanted in their bones so that they could never go missing and if they did they would be found instantly Annie Allerton39s family history Annie becomes the guinea pig for the new technology PastPerfect The technology allows you to trace your ancestry all the way back to the beginning Annie soon learns that her family members were slave owners They owned lrish slaves when they lived in Europe and when they migrated to America on the Mayflower they owned African American slaves This sickened Annie She couldn t believe that she was the descendant of slave owners It is also revealed that her parents allowed a man to fall to his death into the ocean and they didn39t even bother to help him Annie is driven mad after learning this information and she ends up collapsing in her office and falling into a coma quotthe Admiralquot and the eye of Sauron Admiral refers to Columbus eye of Sauron refers to main antagonist in Lord of the Rings Admiral is linked to Oscar Wao and Trujillo s curse Fuku USA Patriot Act and immigration The purpose of the USA PATRIOT Act is to deter and punish terrorist acts in the United States and around the world Able to spy on American citizens How far is too far with regards to privacy and protection Links with the Circle memory grain technology This was from the episode of Black Mirror where the husband was suspicious of his wife cheating on him so he made her replay her memory to show that she did in fact cheat Liam the main character ends up cutting out his grain at the end of the episode so he will not be able to replay all the memories from when he and his wife were together Bracero Program A longdiscontinued US federal program to authorize temporary guestworkers from Mexico to work legally in the US Massey Ybon Pimentel the older woman who lives next to La lnca who Oscar falls in love with and loses his virginity too However her boyfriend the captain of the police force sends his henchmen to beat Oscar to near death forcing him to leave the country Oscar returns for Ybon so the henchmen kill him quotsegmented assimilationquot The term refers to the different experiences an immigrant may face when trying to adapt and fit into a new societyRace Class Gender etc epigraph by Derek Walcott Christ have mercy on all sleeping thingsl From that dog rotting down Wrightson Road to when l was a dog on these streets if loving these islands must be my load out of corruption my soul takes wings But they had started to poison my soul with their big house big car big time bohbohl coolie nigger Syrian and French Creole so I leave it for them and their carnival l taking a sea bath gone down the road know these islands from Monos to Nassau a rusty head sailor with seagreen eyes that they nickname Shabine the patois for any red nigger and l Shabine saw when these slums of empire was paradise I m just a red nigger who love the sea I had a sound colonial education have Dutch nigger and English in me and either I m nobody or I m a nation The Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao linked to Mixed Race end of Abelard39s family quotunofficially disposable workersquot Massey s chapter on immigration farm workers domestic workers many are from undocumented workers Fiddler39s Green and allegory Fiddler s Green is the building in Land of the Dead that the richest people in the city live in It is an allegory for the upper class of the time period It is an allegory for rich people being in the tower middleclass people doing things for them and being protected living an average life and poor people on the outside barely surviving zombies PastPerfect Allows you to trace your ancestry all the way back to the beginning Annie works on this and is also used as the guinea pig to testing it out and track her family history While working on this project Annie discovers that her family owned slaves in the past which makes a lot of people upset when the information is released They also later discover that Annie s parents witness the death of a mentally ill man and did nothing to help him Belicia Cabral39s superpower her body kayaking to Blue Island After Mae steals the kayak she decided to kayak out to Blue Island an island across the bay that no one has been to before It is a dangerous trip and once she gets to the island she climbs up the mountain which was also very dangerous However it was also a beautiful view Ana Obregon Oscars love in highschool that he met in his SAT class She and Oscar spent a lot of time together but he was never more than a friend to her Oscar Wao Who killed Mercer Technically himself drove himself off a cliff but also everyone at The Circle mainly Mae for tracking him down kept following him and refusing to stop bugging him importance of Tquou Makes it impossible to be anyone else but yourself online No more trolling destruction of privacy quotDreamersquot and immigration politics Dreamers is a movement by young MexicanAmericans who have lived in America for their entire lives but are not deemed as citizens in attempt to reform immigration laws They face deportation but Obama wants to do immigration reform allowing dreamers to be automatic citizens Movie Documented on Netflix gender and quothorizontal segregationquot Francis Garaventa Inventor of Tquouth Family history sisters kidnapped from a foster home Takes a video of his and Mae s sex act Becomes Mae s lover later Also volunteers to test out LuvLuv in front of everyone which upset Mae Delores de Leon amp Isis quotpollution theoryquot of gender discrimination the shark octopus amp the sea horse All of these animals were brought to the circle by Stenton He had developed along with other circle employees a submarine that was able to go to the depths of the Mariana s Trench After his exploration he brought them back to the circle where they all lived in massive but separate aquariums Compared to the octopus and sea horse who were relatively calm creatures the shark was very aggressive and destroyed all animals turtles lobsters etc Stenton decided that he wanted them all to live together like they would in reality He first put in the octopus and the sea horse and finally the shark who eats both of them without hesitation In the novel the shark can be representative of the Circle because like the shark the Circle destroys everything in its path because the Circle like the shark knows that no one else stands a chance SkyNet and Completing the Circle Basically the act of controlling the world The Circle is trying to close and Kalden Ty warns Mae that this will create totalitarian society Stenton says If you can control the flow of information you can control everything page 439 Cuban Ruben quotthe great American doomquot Diaz Oscar Wao author described this as the curse of the fuku that Christopher Columbus brought to the New World Default Mode DM Network quotThe Entire History of Youquot Black Mirror Season 1 Episode 3 Grain technology that allows you to replay any moment that you have seen quotgang of fortyquot The gang of forty represents the most important people that work at the Circle They make all of the big executive decisions and decide whose ideas are going to be picked up by the Circle and who won39t Annie Mae s good friend is apart of the Forty They also were some of the only people who did not go transparent showing that they were working towards some form of complete rule over the world Kalden39s identity It is revealed at the end of the novel The Circle that Kalden the mystery man that no one seemed to know and the guy that Mae had been fooling around with was actually the man who started it all Ty Mae is shocked to find out his true identity and is completely disgusted with him Stenton and Bailey are the only ones to know about this before Mae finds out Mae turns on Kalden Ty at the end of the novel by going to the other two Wise Men and telling them of KaldenTy s plans to destruct the Circle even though she promises Kalden she won t quotthe Lucky Onesquot doublethink at The Circle La Inca She is the aunt of Beli who also raises Beli She has different way of raising Beli unlike Beli who resorted to whipping her kids She instead dresses Beli39s severe burns and never pushes Beli to discuss where they came from or anything else about her evil fosterparents She lets Oscar write fantasy fiction when he visits When Beli misbehaves in the middle of the novel she doesn39t whip her even though this was an accepted custom at the time We see La Inca as a generous kind and truth be told magical mother We might even go as far as to say that La Inca has magical powers When the Elvises take Beli out to the canefields and nearly kill her La Inca prays vigorously for Beli39s safety And the novel suggests that it39s La lnca39s prayers that save Beli quotThe Rights of Humans in a Digital Agequot Kalden or Ty wants this kind of right to digital age behavior He believes we all have the right to autonomy He created Tquou so there would not be any bullying and everyone would be responsible for their own actions Also it is believed that not every human activity can be measured The ceaseless pursuit of data to quantify the value of any endeavor is catastrophic to true understanding The barrier between public and private must remain unbreachable We must all have right to disappear SeeYou this was presented at a Plankton session where random people come to try to sell apps they believe are the best and greatest This app in particular would give police the ability to see criminals through their retinals They could put on their retinals and see a red orange or yellow light on them indicating if they are a criminal and depending on their color how threatening they are to society Trying to prevent racial profiling but not profiling them on their past history in jail end of Trujillo regime Trujillo attempted to assassinate the Venezuelan president however his efforts failed causing world leaders to cut all ties with Dominican Republic Later while traveling in his car he was ambushed and gunned down by seven assassins Abelard Cabral The father of Beli and the grandfather of Oscar and Lola In his private time Abelard writes about the Trujillo dictatorship even though it is completely unrelated to his professional vocation doctor Trujillo finds out about how Abelard has been writing terrible things about him and he is imprisoned until he dies quotprivacy is theftquot In Dave Egger s novel The Circle Mae Holland goes out one night to a local kayak shop that she regularly visits When she arrives hoping that they are still open she comes to find that they aren t but a kayak has been left so she goes out to the water and takes the kayak with her When she returns to shore she finds the cops are there waiting for her Mae had been caught by one of the SeeChange cameras When she returns to work she she has a meeting with Eamon Bailey and they both decide to have a talk in front of all the Circles employees While speaking in front of everyone Mae says that privacy is theft What she means by this is if you are not willing to share all of your private information with the world then you are obviously hiding somethingThis is when Mae makes the decision to go transparent so everyone around the world can see what she is doing at all times everyday SaintDomingue Former French colony on Hispaniola Haitian slaves rebelled and earned their independence from France It was the only successful slave revolution Santo Domingo known officially as Santo Domingo de Guzman is the capital and largest city in the Dominican Republic and the largest city in the Caribbean by population Where the Cabral family originates from Liam Foxwell main character from quotThe Entire History of Youquot the third episode of the first series of Black Mirror This is set in an alternative reality where most people have a 39grain39 implanted behind their ear that records everything they do see or hear This allows memories to be played back either in front of the person39s eyes or on a screen a process known as a 39redo39 Liam Foxwell is a young lawyer who attends a work appraisal which he feels did not go well After leaving the meeting he replays his memory of it and dwells on a seemingly insincere phrase used by his employer He arrives at a dinner party hosted by some of his wife39s friends and sees his wife Ffion talking to a man he doesn39t recognise Using the grain he traces back her history and finds that she cheated on him in the past He replays memories of her and eventually drives him to the point that he cuts the grain out of his ear At the end of the episode as he is cutting it out it leads us to think he may have gone blind from cutting it out Crist bal Colon Christopher Columbus quotIt wasn39t a match I say It was a lessonquot Any story from the book quotCitizenquot that could relate to it such as Serena Williams quotofficially disposable workersquot from Massey immigrants fuku americanus curse placed on the Abelard family the quothistorical selfquot amp the quotself selfquot the things you had to go through to become who you are So in reality your historical self is who you were and your self self is who you are currently and written in first person Self self is also representative self so its how you come across to other people


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