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uiuc hdfs

uiuc hdfs


School: University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign
Department: Family Studies and Human Development
Course: Families in the Global Perspective
Term: Spring 2017
Tags: HDFS, 220, and UIUC
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Name: week 13 notes
Description: These notes cover what's going to be on our next exam.
Uploaded: 04/30/2017
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Refugees: Who & Where Are They?

Refugees: Who Are They?

• What factors led Europe to colonize Africa?

Section IV:   Problems and Progress HDFS 220/ANTH 210 Week 13, Spring 2017Week’s Outline 1. Resilience: Family Strengths in  Adversity 2. International Violence – Violence and War As Legacies of Colonization – Impacts of Violence on Families 3. Forcibly Displaced Persons – RefugeesRESILIENCE SCIENCE From Developmental Psychopathology:  Study of how and why indivWe also discuss several other topics like econ 201 sdsu
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iduals develop  _________________________Risk Factors • Events/characteristics that ________________ • Different types of risk factors at multiple levels  of the ecology: – Biological  – Personal  – Family  – Social  – Stressful eventsResilience • ___________________despite exposure to  threat or adversity • Resilience as a process • Capacity of a system to ______________ to  disturbances that threaten its equilibrium in  a particular domainOrigins of Resilience Science • Ann Masten • SRCD Presidential Address – (7:20 – 12:20 mins.)Protective Factors • ______________of risk factors • Allow ________________________ • Protective factors … – Can function at multiple levels of the ecology – Can be internal or externalINTERNATIONAL VIOLENCE “Conflict remains the biggest threat to  human development” (MDG 2015, p. 8)Violence Takes Many Forms • War and conflicts • Oppression and discrimination • Human rights abusesCurrent Wars  Around the World • About 40 armed conflicts worldwide • Over 90% of wars are in _____________ • Many wars are in former ____________Linking Past Colonization and  Current Wars • Colonization = process whereby one  nation (or group of nations)  _____________ another nation • Colonial systems set up to benefit  _______________Case Study: The “Scramble for Africa” • What factors led Europe to colonize Africa? The Scramble for AfricaEuropean Power Had Common  Objectives, But Used Different Tactics • Common objective • Different tactics • Varying levels force used to  maintain controlColonial Rule Characterized By … • Oppressive systems that created  entrenched structures of _____________ • Rapid transition to independence  undermined _______________ • Progress difficult due to _______________Take Home Message • “The legacies of colonialism die slowly …”  (Karraker, p. 105)IMPACT OF WAR ON FAMILIESWar Affects Family Life in Many Ways • Separations and reunions • Combat and civilian deaths / injuries o Sesame Street • Family formation Sexual Violence During Wartime • Military sexual slavery • Rape as a weapon of warArmed Conflict May Offer  Opportunities … to Women • Participation in liberation  struggles and post-war  reconstruction may give  women new powerFORCIBLY DISPLACED PERSONSForcibly Displaced Persons• Refugees • Asylum seekers • Internally displaced Refugees: Who Are They?• Top 3 source countries are: Refugees: Who & Where Are They?• About 40% of the world’s refugees are          ____________________ • _____ in 5 refugees are hosted by  developing countries Refugees Often Experience … • Physical threats • Interruption of education • Psychological threatsWar Threatens All Families, Not  Just Those Directly Involved • Conflict affects physical health • Multiple societal institutions affected • Multiple generations affectedCase Study:  SyriaWatch and take notes  on impact on families:  2015 VideoCase Study: US & RefugeesLearn More / Help • Local Agency: o East Central Illinois Refugee Mutual Assistance  Center (http://ecirmac.weebly.com/) • United Nations: o http://www.un.org/en/globalissues/briefingpaper s/refugees/howyoucanhelp.html o http://www.unhcr.org/pages/49c3646c344.html

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