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REL 222 Midterm Study Guide

by: Amy Marks

REL 222 Midterm Study Guide REL 222

Marketplace > University of Oregon > Religious Studies > REL 222 > REL 222 Midterm Study Guide
Amy Marks
GPA 3.71
Intro to the Bible 1

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About this Document

This covers the Old Testament books of Genesis through 2 Samuel, along with key vocabulary relating to the Hebrew Bible and comparative studies with ancient religions.
Intro to the Bible 1
Study Guide
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This 15 page Study Guide was uploaded by Amy Marks on Wednesday April 29, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to REL 222 at University of Oregon taught by Riley in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 348 views. For similar materials see Intro to the Bible 1 in Religious Studies at University of Oregon.


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Date Created: 04/29/15
REL222 Midterm Study Guide IDs asterisked items require a biblical citation Scriptured religions Islam Christianity Judaism Canon A compilation of multiple scriptural texts that a community believes are authoritative in their religious beliefs Tanakh Mikra The Hebrew bible three parts TorahTeachings KetuvimWritings and Nevi imProphets 39 books Books in the Pentateuch GELND Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers and Deuteronomy GELN Origin ELND Moses Sets up covenant with the LORD and background for Israel in the future books Former prophets Joshua judges Sam King 8th century prophets MchH Micahlsaiah from Judah Amos and Hoseafrom Israel are included in these prophets 7th century prophets Zepheniah Habbakuk and Jeremiahmajor prophet 6th century prophet Ezekiel Prophets to Asemsyria NAH Jonah and Nahum Prophet to Edom Esau who Prophets Obadiah and Malachi talk of Postexilic prophets Haggai Zecheriah Malachi Obadiah and Joel Wisdom books The books of Ecclesiastes Proverbs and Job are for sure considered wisdom books As some sources point that Psalms and Song of Solomon should also be a part of the wisdom books the ancient reckoning believes so Canon and community Pertaining to the canon and the community of the Hebrew Bible Sirach and the Dead Sea Scrolls were some of the main scriptures that the Hebrew Bible was made from at the end of the 2nd century BCE at the Council of Jamnia The creation of the Mishnah Hebrew BibleOld TestamentHebrew Scriptures The holy books of the Jewish people Whom their belief is in God and their laws revolve around the ten commandments SeptuagintLXX The Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible Targums The Aramaic translation of the Hebrew Bible Peshitta The Syriac translation of the Hebrew Bible Vulgate The Latin translation of the Hebrew Bible Apocrypha Writings that were not included into the canonn REL 222 The Hebrew Bible Pseudepigrapha Falsely attributed works or writings SHEM not the person SyriaPalestine Hittite Egypt Mesopotamia regions of the ancient middle east Via Maris A very important trade route in ancient Israel Traveled along the Mediterranean Sea through Megiddo and ends at Damascus Parallelism A major characteristic of Hebrew poetry When one line parallels another line Rhymes in concept as opposed to sound Fundamental differences between Gen 1 and 2 The two chapters have different creation stories Gen 1 the days Made animals before humans No Eden Gen 2 A stream brings water from the ground Then human is made from dust then Eden heavy emphasis and woman Abraham s prophetic characteristics Intimacy with God Genesis 15 Divine council Interceding with people Documentary Hypothesis That there were many different authors that wrote 4 different documents These documents are the JEDP documents that pertain to certain books and discusses certain topics Julius Wellhausen The attributed articulator of the Documentary Hypothesis JEDP Jahweh Yahwist documents Elohim Eloist documents Deuteronomist Priestly documents Anachronism Something that is out of place in time Exodus 1 11 Pithom and Rameses were built for PharaohSuppIy Cities Pithom was not to be built until later in the Hebrew Bible s chronology Yahweh Originates from the unpronounceable word of God YHWH Another name for The LORD Many places in the Bible have the LORD an example is when Moses was getting instructions from the LORD for all the newborns for Passover The LORD said to Moses Consecrate to me all the firstborn whatever is the first to open the womb among the Israelites of human beings and animals is mine Exodus 1312 Jehovah A latinization of YHWH JHVH Adonai vowels sounding of JaHoVaH elohim Literal translation is God or god god because the word elohim can also be translated into a being that is representing God or a divine Judges 58 when there were new gods to be chosen in the midst of war el shadday The Almighty or God of the Mountain appears in Genesis 171 when Abraham was 99 YO God appeared and said that he is God AImighty E Shaddai and said walk before me and be blameless Two etymologies of Moses name Masah and MosehHebrew and Egyptian etymology meaning to draw out Pharaoh s daughter drew him out of the river Exodus 2 Ark in Gen and Exod Tebah in Genesis Genesis 69 with Noah s Ark Exodus Ark Exodus 256 where Pharaoh s daughter drew Moses out of his tebah that he was floating down the river In Blood s purposes in Passover and Yom Kippur In Passover For Pasah or protection the Israelites would put the blood of a lamb on their doorposts to display that they were Israelites to spare from the destroyer Mashit In Yom Kippur blood is used as an atonement for the sins of the people It along with the animal sacrificed is substitution for the sinner s transgressions Apotropaic symbol A symbol or sign that shows that the person who is wielding the sign is protected and avert wrath Exodus 12 the blood on the doorposts are an apotropaic symbol to show Yahweh that they are Israelites and to protect them to pasha Samaritan Passover The Semitic community in the present still does celebrate Passover but do not actually sacrifice animals The Samaritans that have passover celebrations now still do sacrifice animals and people can watch the celebration for a fare Deuteronomistic Dtr History The history of the Israelites from the conquest of Canaan to the destruction of Jerusalem Many authors but one Historian that compiled everything and added little citations from different books of history Our modern day primary concerns were the Dtr History s secondary concerns and Holy things such as worship Yahweh prayer devotion and the temple were the primary concerns in the Dtr History Fundamental question of the Dtr History Did the Law work Not entirely because the law is still going on today for Semitic cultures but the temple was burned down and destroyed multiple times Judges Kings Samuels and Joshua are part of the Dtr History because they seem to be based off of Deuteronomy Two recurring themes King Jeroboam s sins and King David s faithfulness 4 subtleties in the Dtr History Sight Deuteronomy 6 Judges 21 1 Kings 15 Horses Deuteronomy 17 2 Samuel 8 High places Deuteronomy 12 1 Kings 11 2 Kings 23 Heart Deuteronomy 1717 1 Kings 11 4 2 Kings 2325 Mal ak Divine being that looks human in appearance but is a messenger of the LORD Mal ak s purpose is to execute the LORD s will and to command his armies Genesis 18 1 9 and Joshua 5 Cherub Divine beings that are protectors transportersGen 3 Ezek 1 Seraph Imperial protectors with many 6 wings many faces eyes and feet Isaiah 6 Sons of God Divine beings Job 16 Satan also comes to the LORD with these heavenly beings Divine council Divine being GOD Prophet and a questionEx 24 at Mt Sinai 5 fundamental themes in Judges StatusquogtRebelliongtPunishmentddgtCryoutgtJudge REPEAT Marduk Patron deity and god of ancient Mesopotamia of 18th century BCE Farming judgement and magic gods build Babylon for him Tiamat The monstrosity of the Primeval ocean Marduk kills her and creates the universe with her carcass and blood Ka The spirit and life force of both gods and humans EaEnki Patron god of Eridu god of seawater lakewater mischief intelligence Enuma Elish Babylonian Akkadian creation story Anunnaki Babylonian gods Atrahasis Noah character of the Babylonian creation story Enlil ruling deity of Sumeria Hammurapi Babylonian king who decreed the first set of laws Ever Merneptah Stela The first documented reference to Israel in history Babylon Ancient capital city of Mesopotamia Lex Talionis eye for an eye law principle Casuistic laws If then Apodictic laws You shall not Short answer Genesis Questions 2 How does the Gen 1 narrator define the day Does he do it the way we would in 21 st western world Hint your answer is in verse 13 And there was evening and morning the third day 7 What divine appellation does the serpent use Just God not LORD God 9 When the LORD God interacts with the man and woman what does he do four times Asks questions 10 The LORD God curses two specific things after man and women sins 2 things what are they The ground The serpent 11 What does the man name the woman Eve 17 What is special about Enoch In chapter 5 He walks faithfully with God and so God takes him off the earth 19 What do the Sons of God divine beings do with the daughters of the men How do you describe the condition of the earth and mankind after this event They marry them and have children called nephilim The earth is a violent place and God is unpleased and angry 20 Describe Noah With what terms does the narrator describe Noah s relationship with God Have you seen these same terms with another character before Godly man walking with the LORD Righteous and blameless Compares to Enoch 21 When God is talking to Noah he says someone is bringing the flood to the earth who is it How many of each animal is Noah to bring aboard Are you sure Who closes the door to the ark God is 7 pairs of clean animals 1 pair of unclean animals and 7 pairs of birds God closes it 16 25 After the sacrifice The LORD makes what two promises He won39t curse the ground and he won39t destroy world by flood 27 Genesis 9 documents a shift in the relationship between humans and the animal kingdom what is this shift Animals are given as food 33 When the people arrive in the land of Shinar what do they propose to do How does God feel about this What does he do They were going to build a giant city and tower as tall as the heavens God didn t like that idea so he scattered them and mixed up the languages 43 Who is Melchizedek He was a King of Salem Jerusalem He blessed Abram 49 How old is Abram at the end of Genesis 16 99 50 The sign of God s covenant with Noah was a rainbow what is the sign of the covenant with Abraham How old was Abraham when he was circumcised Circumcision 99 51 When the LORD appears to Abraham by the oaks trees in Mamre describe Abraham s hospitality What does Sarah think is so funny Abraham was sitting at the heat of the day and 3 men appeared and Abraham said that he would wash their feet they were God walking and prepared a meal she laughed because she is too old to bear children 55 What does Abraham do to Abimelech that is similar to what he did to Pharaoh in Genesis 12 What evidence is there that Abraham is a prophet Why does God heal Abimelech and his women In a dream God comes to King Abimelech and says to him that Sarah is Married and if he doesn t return her to Abraham then he will surely die but if he does return her Abraham the prophet will pray over him 56 How old is lsaac when he is circumcised What is funny about this narrative 8 days 57 What happens with Haggar and lshmael They are sent away 61 Who is Laban Rebekah s brother 62 How does Rebekah feel about this marriage proposal when she is asked She was neither excited nor displeased but she agrees 64 What spurs on God to open rebekah s womb that she may bear children lsaac prayed to God so that Rebekah wouldn t be barren 67 What happens to the LORD and Isaac in BeerSheba The LORD blesses his descendants 70 whom does Isaac intend to bless What does Rebekah do to intervene What does Jacob do to deceive his father When Essau returns what happens Does Isaac bless Essau Does Essau now have a vendetta against Jacob He intends to bless Esau Rebekah tells Jacob to bring two kids from the flock to make a savory meal He puts animal skins on his arms so that he feels as hairy as Essau He comes back and Isaac is confused because he thought Essa had already came He blesses Jacob and he does have a vendetta against brother Jacob now 71 What marriage prohibition does Isaac put on Jacob When Essau heard about this what does he do Don t marry a Canaanite He married a canaanite 72 What does Jacob see in his dream As the chapter ends does it read as though Jacob is a committed follower of the LORD Why Jacob s ladder stairway to heaven No He would believe in his father s God if his way was protected 74 After reading the first half of Genesis 30 who seems to wear the pants in Jacob s family The Women 76 What does the angel of God say to Jacob in his dream Go back to your hometown 79 Why does Jacob pray to God when his messengers return from Essau Because Essau says he s coming to meet him 80 Outline Jacob s wrestling match This time when Jacob is asked about his name is he honest Displaces Jacob s hip Yes he is honest 83 What are Jacob s sons upset with Shechem What do they the men of Hamor Shechem must do in order to receive Dinah in marriage How do Simeon and Levi take matters into their own hands Because he defiles Dinah Jacob s daughter You and all your people have to be circumcised They kill all the people while they are recovering from their circumcision 87 How is Joseph a tattletale How does Israel feel about Joseph How do his big brother feel about him What do these same brother do with Joseph and the coattunic that their father gave to Joseph Israel loves Joseph His brothers hate them They sell joseph they sprinkle blood on his coat and said an animal killed him 88 Tamar does not have good luck with men what happens with Er Onan and Judah What curious development occurs when Tamar is giving birth Er dies Onan dies because he spills his stuff his special goodies on the ground Judah gets her pregnant Baby puts hand out and ties ribbon on it pulls hand back in and then the twin goes out 89 Why is Joseph so prosperous successful when he s working for Potihar In spite of his success what is Joseph39s demise while in Potihar s house Because the LORD is with him Potiphars wife accuse him of rape 91 Does the chief cupbearer remember Joseph What is the minimum amount of time Joseph is in prison No two years 95 After the brothers return to Canaan they explain the situation to Jacob They say We are honest men Is this true or false False 99 When Joseph reveals to his brothers his true identity how does he do it When Pharaoh s house hears the Joseph s brothers are in town how does pharaoh respond Where does Pharaoh say Joseph s brothers are to live When their father discovers that Joseph is alive how does the narrative describe Jacob He says I am Joseph He is stoked Goshen He is stunned he doesnt believe it 103 When Israel is blessing Joseph s two sons what does he do How does Joseph feel about this When Jacob is blessing his own sons how does he describe Reuben Why Why is he upset with Simeon and Levi He blesses aphram He is unhappy He says reuben is powerful but not happy with him Because simeon and levi are wrathful and they killed those people Exodus questions 3 What are the Hebrew midwives to do with the Hebrew children upon birth Do they obey Pharaoh if it is a son then you shall put him to death but if it is a daughter then she shall livequot But the midwives feared God and did not do as the king of Egypt had commanded them but let the boys live 5 Does Moses have credibility with the two fighting Hebrew men whom he tries to break up Why No they knew Moses had killed an Egyptian 7 Who appears to Moses in the Burning Bush An angel of the LORD 9 How does God demonstrate his power to Moses in regard to his staff his hand turns it into a snake turns it leprosy 10 As Moses makes excuses about his speech How does the LORD respond to him What finally causes the anger of the LORD to burn He tells Moses that he will be with his speech Moses keeps saying that he doesn t want to talk with the Israelites Moses asks God to send someone else 12 What happens at the lodging place on the way to Egypt God is about to kill Moses But they cut off his son s foreskin 26 Who is to die in the last plague All the firstborns of the Egyptians 27 On what day of what month are the Israelites to take a lamb What is a family to do if it is too small for a lamb What are the qualifications of the lamb What purpose does the blood on the doorposts serve Day 10 of 1st month Exod 124 Now if the household is too small for a lamb then he and his neighbor nearest to his house are to take one according to the number of persons in them according to what each man should eat you are to divide the lamb the animals you choose must be yearold males without defect Sign of Passover apotropaic symbol 28 What are the Israelites to tell their children when the kids ask why this practice is done Is there a home in Egypt besides the Israelites where there was not somebody dead Who actually does the smiting Are you sure Tell the Children 39It is the Passover sacrifice to the LORD who passed over the houses of the Israelites in Egypt and spared our homes when he struck down the Egyptiansquot39 no home has their full family God does the smiting 29 How many Israelites left Egypt 600000 men plus women and children 30 Why are the Israelites to separate the firstborn of every womb to the LORD because the Pharoah wouldn t give the Israelites back and that is the LORD s first born because God spared the Israelites first born when the death angel struck down the Egyptians first born so they are to be dedicated to the LORD 32 When Pharaoh is in hot pursuit what do the people say to Moses How many Egyptians survive when the Israelites cross the Red Sea Let us go back None 33 Whose sister is Miriam What supernatural ability does she have Aaron s Prophetess She can fly she can soar like an eagle Leviticus questions 1 Where does the LORD now speak to Moses Before a man slays a burnt offering where is he to place his hand What is the purpose of this offering How much of the burnt offerings should be burnt ie Are there parts left over Tent of meeting on the head of the offering Pleasing to God it is for the atonement of sins Burn it all 3 Leviticus 2 addresses grain offerings are such offerings burned in toto What is the destination of the remainder How is salt involved in the grain offering No parts are given to Aaron and his son And every offering of your grain offering you shall season with salt it is the salt of the covenan 4 Before a man slays a peace offering where is he to place his hand On the head 5 True or false the peace offering was eaten True eaten by Aaron amp sons 6 Can Israelites eat fat or blood No 17 What happens with Nadab and Abihu What is their father s response Burned to death by the LORD He is silent 18 What are Aaron and his sons forbidden to drink when on priestly duty Alcohol 20 What are the two major classifications that a land animal must have in order for an Israelite to eat it What two things are sea animals to have that make it permissible for consumption Land animals chews the cud and cloven hoof Sea creatures fins and scales 21 As this chapter ends The LORD outlines his ostensible rationale for this diet what is it Because he is holy 25 What happens to the two goats One is scapegoat wanders into desert and one is sin offering 29 How does Leviticus feel about behavior that is incestuous homosexual or bestial He is very against them detestable to the LORD Numbers Questions 9 What does the LORD command the people of Israel to do on the first month of the second year in Sinai Celebrate the passover 11 What is the indication to the Israelites that it is time to travel Cloud by day when the cloud moves they are to follow it 16 Outline the sibling rivalry They re jealous of moses they can prophesy too 17 What happens to Miriam s body when she and Aaron speak against Moses How humble is Moses To whom does Aaron appeal To whom does Moses appeal She gets leprosy Moses To God 18 What is the other name of Hoshea son of Nun For how many days do the spies spy the land After the spies bring back their report where does Israel decide they want to go What is response of Aaron Moses Joshua and Caleb to the people when they say they want to appoint another leader over Israel Joshua 40 days Back to Egypt They believe they can take the land because God promised it and is with them They start praying to God 19 The LORD pardons Israel s sin but there is a consequence What is it What two men do not have to deal with this consequence What is the end of the spies who brought the bad report When the people decide that they want to enter the Promise Land anyways what happens with them No one who saw miracles and grumbled will never enter promise land Joshua and Caleb They got the Plague and died They are killed Deuteronomy Questions 1 Who spoke the words of Deuteronomy Where What is the date as far as the narrator is concerned Moses Beyond the Jordan in the wilderness opposite Suph between Parin and Tophel Laban Hazeroth and Dizhab Deut1 40th year on the 1st day of the 11th month Deut3 3 To whom has the LORD given Mt Seir To whom has Ar been given as a possession Mt Seir was given to Esau Ar was given to the people of lot 8 The speaker compares Israel s laws to the laws of other nations How does Israel s laws compare They are more righteous than any 9 The speaker is concerned that the Israelites will make something as a result of not seeing the form of the LORD who spoke to them on Mt HorebSinai What is it Idols 10 What part of creation does Moses call as witnesses to Israel Heavens and earth 12 The LORD says that he is a jealous God To how many generations will he visit a father s sin To how many generations will he show kindness to those who love him 3rd and 4th Thousands 17 For what reason has the LORD brought Israel out of the house of slavery Because he loves us 19 What is the penalty for serving other gods and worshiping them How many witnesses must confirm this fact Stoning two or three witnesses 20 Is a nonIsraelite allowed to be king What is he do to with the law No Read it everyday 23What happens to a prophet who speaks presumptuously in the LORD s name or in the name of other gods How are the people to know if a prophet has spoken presumptuously or not Death If their prophecy doesn t come true Joshua questions 1 What does the LORD say to Joshua three times when he addresses him at the beginning of Joshua1 9 Be strong and courageous 2 When the two spies enter Jericho whose house do they enter What is her profession What does she know of Israel and lsrael s God What is her personal request What sign is to tell the Israelites to spare her house Rahab Prostitute quotI know that the LORD has given you this land and that a great fear of you has fallen on us so that all who live in this country are melting in fear because of you spare her family Red Rope in her window 3 What is to happen when the priests who are carrying the ark step into the Jordan The river gets blocked up so they can cross 4 What purpose are the standing stones to serve when Israel sets them up after crossing the Jordan Remember the day the lord blocked up the river 7 Joshua encounters a man with his sword drawn and asks the man which side is he on what does he support Neither LORDs army 11 How do the inhabitants of Gibeon hoodwink lsrael They act like they are from far away Joshua promises not to kill them Judges questions 3 What is the problem with the generation that follows Joshua s generation They re worshiping other gods 7 What is Deborah s gift Who is the heroine of this narrative on Deborah and Barak Prophetess Jael 9 What does Gideon do with the fleece When the LORD is downsizing Gideon s army he directs Gideon to observe how men drink water what does this indicate Sets it outside Who gets to come people who Lapped up the water to drink got to fight 13 What is Jephthah s vow that he makes to the LORD before he goes to fight the Ammonites Does he fulfill it Sacrifice first thing that comes out of home Yes he sacrificed his daughter 14 What purpose do shibboleth and sibolleth serve And it happened when any of the fugitives of Ephraim said quotLet me cross overquot the men of Gilead would say to him quotAre you an Ephraimitequot If he said quotNoquot then they would say to him quotSay now 39Shibbolethquot39 But he said quotSibbolethquot for he could not pronounce it correctly Then they seized him and slew him at the fords of the Jordan 16 What is Manoah s wife s plight When Manoah asks the angel what his son s vocation is to be what does the angel say barren He will be a Nazarite to God from the womb to the time he dies 19 Samson kills 1000 men at Lehi what is his weapon of choice After he uproots the Gaza city gates where does he bring them jawbone of a donkey to the hill that faces hebron 20 Where does Delilah live What is her payment if she successfully extracts Samson s secret Write out Samson s prayer to God when he is leaning on the pillars she lives with philistines 1100 shekels of silver lord give me strength and my sight basically he is humble for the first time 22 Many years have passed since the conquest of Joshua In spite of this does the tribe of Dan have an inheritance yet Whom does this tribe send out to search for land no they don t 5 men from their family 26 Of the Benjaminites still living how do they acquire wives for themselves they steal the wives when they are dancing 1 Samuel questions 2 To whom does Hannah become the mother of She recognizes that the LORD has given this child to her what does she do in return with the child Samuel She dedicates him to the lord 4 What are Eli s sons doing that upsets their father they eat the sacrifice and banging chicks all over the place 5 The LORD is calling to Samuel but Samuel believes it is Eli eventually Eli detects that it is the LORD calling What does Eli tell Samuel to say the next time he hears the call here i am Lord your servant is listening 7 What happens to Dagon when the Philistines put the ark in his temple falls on his face on the ground before the ark of the LORD His head and hands had been broken off and were lying on the threshold only his body remained 12 God says that they are rejecting the LORD when they request a king God lists the warnings do the people still want a king Yes 14 How does Samuel have access to advanced information How does he help with Saul s search Samuel has access to advanced information because he is a seer He helps Saul with his search by telling him the donkeys have already been found 22 How is lsrael armed right now Are there blacksmiths in Israel Where are the Israelites to have their weapons sharpened Not well no weapons just farming stuff no blacksmiths philistines 25 What specific command has the LORD given Saul in regard to Amalekites Why What is Samuel s response to Saul s disobedience Do not spare anything because the LOrd is punishing them No longer king 27 Where does God send Samuel to find a new king Who is the new king Describe his appearance Jesse David he is tall handsome and flawless from head to toe 28 Describe Saul s exchange of spirits What is done to soothe Saul s spiritual sorrows His good spirit is no more and God places an evil spirit into him through his mouth David plays the harp to sooth Saul s sorrow 30 What song do the Israelite women sing about David and Saul Saul killed 1000 men but david killed tens of thousands 35 When Ahimelech asks David what he is doing in Nob how does David respond Is this true How about David s other responses are they true Who is Doeg Describe David s behavior in Gath he gets some bread and a sword no doeg snitches 36 How many men gather themselves to David Describe them 400 the distressed in debt or disconnected gathered to david 40 How does David feel after cutting a piece of Saul s robe off Why When David admits to Saul that he out part of his robe and says that there is no harm in David s heart toward Saul how does Saul respond ls Saul consistent in his behavior He feels bad Saul is the king you are more righteous than i Saul is not consistent in his behavior 43 What drives David to Philistia What does Achish give to David How long is David in Achish He doesn t want to be killed by Saul Ziklag a city in Gath 1 year and 4 months 44 What has happened to the mediums fortune tellers and spiritists in the land of Israel When Saul seeks inquires the LORD does he answer Saul when Saul visits the spiritistwitch whom does he want her to consult Describe the spirit Saul killed them the LORD doesn t respond Samuel old man wearing robe 45 As the Philistines are gathering to Aphek and the Israelites are camping at Jezreel for whom is David doing mercenary work Achish but also the LORD not sure 46 David s life goes from bad to worse what happens at Ziklag to highlight this Who is responsible for this What do David s men want to do with him as a result of this What is David s response How does David bring deliverance to this situation All the women and children were taken captive by the Amalekites they took David s and the soldier s family They wanted to stone David He went to take back their children and some spoils from the Amalekites 2 Samuel questions 1 There are two accounts of Saul s death at the end of 1 Sam and at the beginning of 2 Sam what are they What is David s response when he hears of Jonathan and Saul s deaths ln 1 Samuel Philistines killed Saul s sons but Saul s armor bearer kills him because Saul asked him to In 2 Sam the soldier reports that Saul and his sons were killed in battle David mourned for both Jonathan and Saul 2 ln David s lament over Saul and Jonathan does it sound as though he harbors ill will towards either Saul or Jonathan No he shows compassionate mourning towards both of them 5 What does the narrator highlight about Asahel s speed That he has a swift foot like a gazelle 8 After David reigns in Hebron he moves to another city What is its name Jerusalem 9 What kinds of instruments are used to celebrate the ark coming to Jerusalem What happens to Uzzah when transporting the ark Lyres harps castanets cymbals tambourines The LORD struck him down for touching the ark 10 Write out 2 Sam 614 How does Michal feel about David s dancing And Daniel danced before the LORD with all his might And David was wearing a linen ephod Despised him in her heart 11 What does David want to build for the LORD What will God in turn build for David After David finds out what God will build for him what is his immediate response David will build God a house of cedar in return God will build his kingdom from David s descendants He proclaims the name in worship 13 Describe David s kindness to Mephibosheth He restored the land of Saul to him and had him eat at his table always 15 As chapter 11 opens where should David be Where is he Whose wife is Bathsheba What happens to Bathsheba s husband Write out the last sentence of chapter 11 He should be in battle In Jerusalem Uriah the Hittite David has him killed The Ammonites won the battle 16 The LORD tells David that he sinned privatelysecretly but how will he discipline David What happens to the first child that Bathsheba births He told him that his house will raise trouble from within he dies 17 How does Ammon sin against his sister Tamar After he does this how do his feelings change What is Absalom s revenge on Ammon Ammon fell in love with her and rapes her His feelings are gone for his sister afterwards Absalom kills Ammon for the rape of his sister 21 What does Shimei say to David How does David respond That David is a murderer and a man of blood That the LORD will bless him for the curse Shimei put on him 22 What does Absalom do with David s concubines How many men does Ahithophel request to take in his pursuit of David What does the LORD do with the counsel of Ahithophel Who is to bring calamity upon Absalom They lay with all the concubines 12000 men Defeat on the counsel to bring ruin on Absalom David is to bring ruin on Absalom 23 How does David want his men to deal with Absalom How does Absalom die To deal with him gently Joab thrusts three javelins into his heart and his 10 armor bearers surround and kill Absalon 24 When David learns of his death what is his response How does Joab respond to this What is Mephibosheth s condition during this time He said that he would rather die than his son to die Joab responds by saying that his son is more important than his entire kingdom So David sat down Mephibosheth looks raggety for he hasn t shaved or washed since last meeting David ARNOLDBEYER QUESTIONS 1 Eridu Genesis parelelling opening chapters of Genesis 1 As Nintur muses on the creation of humans what purposes does she conceive for them An Enlil and Enki are other Sumerian deities 5 Epic of AtraKhasis ie the flood story 1 What are the gods doing The some of the lesser and one of the higher gods killed that god Then the higher gods create humankind 4 What eventually brings Enlil to tears When he 5 What is humanity s purpose in this story in favor of him 6 Mankind is conceived what happens after nearly 1200 years has passed The god by this noise and addressed the greater gods so that they may plague the land for destruction 10 Who closes the door to the ark 11 How do the iods respond to the death of humanity 12 How does Enlil respond to the survival of AtraKhasis 6 Enuma Elish or The Epic of Creation 2 Who is Tiamat and what does she personify Tiamat is a monstrous 3 What does medium Marduk use to create the Universe Humanity He creates the and 10 When Tiamat hears of Apsu s her husband death what does she do She is pleased and 17 How does the author ostensibly perhaps but probably not feel about humanity What is man s purpose according to him The author feels that To build Babylon for the gods and to do their manual labor 18 After humanity is created which city is fashioned Is there any irony present the lesser deities there is irony present because the 14 Adoption of Shennima 1 Shennima is the adopted son according to this adoption contract under what circumstances will he be supplanted from his position of primacy 4 Who is the biblical counterpart to Yalampa in the AbrahamSarahHagar narrative is provided for Abraham she is Sarah s maidslave Just as Yalampa is Gilimninu s slave woman 25Treaty between Ashurnirari V and Mati ilu 2 The author says that the spring lamb has not been brought out for a number of things what has it been brought out for It has been brought out to 3 What does the amb s head symbolize It symbolizes the 26 Treaty between Mati el and Barga yah 2 In additions to the other gods what other witnesses are summoned 3 Complete the sentence Just as the calf is cut in two 30 Laws of Hammurapi 1 How do Hammurapi s laws compare with the laws of Exodus in Exodus 20 222333 Or Exodus 202333 They have many similarities including the Lex Talionis principle and The main difference between Hammurapi s laws and the laws prescribed in Exodus is that The other severe difference is that the 45Sumerian King List 1 In this document Eridu Badtibira Larak Sippar and Shuruppak are city names What two features of this document are reminiscent of the early chapters in Genesis F1In Genesis and tells the reader who their descendants were In The Sumerian King List there is the list of king s names and who came after them in which city F2 The second reminiscent feature is that 50 Merneptah Stela 1 Who is Merneptah Stela and what did he do accordin to Arnold and Beyer Merneptah was 2 Why is Merneptah Stela important for the history of Israel Included in the list of destroyed cities is Israel and marks them as a citystate which means that but were not yet viewed by Egypt as an established political state 3 Has Merneptah fully exterminated Israel or does he leave the possibility that some Israelites survived I used the example of that in the Merneptah Stela it says that Israel is wasted bare of seed Which can mean that their women are barren and that there is no way to reproduce a fully 100 Israelite The second option is that


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