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Final Exam Study Guide

by: Sarah Stoess

Final Exam Study Guide Crm_J 330

Marketplace > Washington State University > Crm_J 330 > Final Exam Study Guide
Sarah Stoess
GPA 3.5
Crime Control Policies
Duane Stanton

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About this Document

Crime Control Policies
Duane Stanton
Study Guide
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This 7 page Study Guide was uploaded by Sarah Stoess on Wednesday April 29, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Crm_J 330 at Washington State University taught by Duane Stanton in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 475 views.


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Date Created: 04/29/15
Final Exam Next Wed 13PM 40 MC 2 Essay Q39s What kind of urban neighborhoods did Shaw and McKay say that delinquency was foundin heterogeneous What kind of activity would we expect to see in a homogeneous neighborhood gang activity Can schoolbased crime control bene t children after school yes What ways discourage drug use among juveniles scare tactics fear arousal dissemination of information educann reasoningdecision makingappealing to their morals What is the title of programs like DARE and GREAT Instructional Interventions What types of people are targeted in the school transitional environment project STEP high schoolers What is a community coHec ve size less populated than a city What is the combination of racial composition poverty and family disruption concentrated disadvantage Are normative education programs shown to be effective yes What kind of locations are most susceptible to crime abandoned buildings ba rstaverns What are the tags that are placed on clothes called and set off an alarm when leaving a store electronic article surveillance EAS What is the bond that people have when they have a positive attitude towards their community motivation reinforcement What is it called when police make it more dif cult to commit crime target hardening What is it called when you build a community center activity support Who are motivated offenders associated with that discourage them from committing crime handlers What is the name of the theory that focuses on the places that criminals are more likely to target crime pattern theory Does target hardening include displaying posters and crime stopper ads no What are some examples of crime control methods that we know don39t work scared straight boot camp random patrol reactive patrol What is the most commonly cited for the decline of crime in the 199039s the strong economy Why is gun control considered to be an ineffective method of crime control black market gun trade What demographic shift arguably lowered the crime rate baby boomers aging out Why has the prison population increased war on drugs drug offenders s parent training and education effective for crime control yes Why is big brothers and big sisters effective provides positive in uencesrole models Does environmental criminology deal with manipulating with the environment yes What racial ethnic group have the highest incarceration rate Native Americans What is the percentage of substance abuse on Indian reservations 85 Does the Bureau of Indian Affairs handle all cases no 13 BIA 23 tribal gov What does the 8th amendment protect against cruel and unusual punishment What are tribal police trying to do when they impose sanctions create harmony and restitution What does a place manager do watch over the property and make sure crime doesn39t happen Do offenders avoid or frequent behavior spaces frequent daily What is territorial cognition places offenders are attached to What is the difference between an awareness space and a behavior space an awareness space is an area in which offenders are familiar and a behavior space is a location that offenders frequent in their daily lives What is the incivilities thesis the theory that minor breaches in community standards create crime similar to broken windows theory What is access control limits access to places Does target hardening make it easier to commit crime false Do surveillance and camera systems ensure that offenders will be seen yes Does the solution to crime appear to be within or beyond the criminal justice system beyond ls early intervention or late intervention more effective early Essay Questions List 5 tribal correctional system issues lack of funding lack of staf ng infrastructural issues sanitation overcrowding juveniles and adults in jail together medical and mental healthcare See slide 61 on tribal policing for more Why are tribal jails important focus on native religion focus on treatment close in proximity to family drugalcohol treatment domestic violence treatment diversion from state prison process


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