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review of reactions

by: kathleen Dunleavy

review of reactions CHEM 241B

kathleen Dunleavy
Organic Chemistry II - Lecture

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About this Document

Organic Chemistry II - Lecture
Study Guide
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This 3 page Study Guide was uploaded by kathleen Dunleavy on Friday May 1, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to CHEM 241B at University of Arizona taught by in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 120 views. For similar materials see Organic Chemistry II - Lecture in Chemistry at University of Arizona.


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Date Created: 05/01/15
KEY CONCEPTS Substitution Reactions of Carbonyl Compounds at the a Carbon Kinetic Versus thermodynamic Enolates 234 O a Manda o mwmmaooma o Favorad baaa beam LOAN781 mm 3anva W O it WM 0 Thmwbsumudanoiah membuammnWmmWCmcup mmw W anoiata Haloganation at tha a Carbon 1 NW 3911 acid 23 0 x C H n c cmcoou X3 1 33 8393 U l Mmmmwmm o WNXMHoocmmmaoobon 2 Haioganation h baaa 2878 0 manual it c OH H H mamactionoocursviaanoiatammaa 0 NWnuuonoiXiorHooctnonthaacarbon xz39c ava39rulz 3 Wm airnalhyi kWh baaTho haloionn motion 2378 xancaa Hex 0 Inactionoomwnhmathyikammmu a CH 0 3 Macadacarboncarbmabond X OC gB39aI3 Reactions of aiiaio Carbonyl Compounds 2370 i Elimination to form milMurat cubonyi compounds o 0 L500 maumdaunmamn quot LBr bondgivhgma wmm 3 OW l2 Nudaopniiic substitution 0 o mmmiolowsanwmacnanhmaanamhgm a a 8 quotu ammwmmpouw Alkylation Reactions at the a Carbon 1 Direct alrytatlon at the a carbon 238 0 ma mwmamccmoomoam Cquot H 39 O t X o LDAiaacomnonbasausodtotormaninwmiata C 2 RX 0 o The alkybtion in Stop 2 io oms an 52 machinistn l2 Malonic ester synthesis 239 quot39 quot39 quot H 2 x 39 H c coca 3 HJO39 A o In mutton ts mod to propsquot carboxyuc acm mtn 0 onscrtwoalxyigroopsonthoacarbon cooe mmoc IlNaOEt i mquot I hswml I S I am My Wt 213x 2 M IICHOOOH 3 H039 A 3 Aootoacohc aster syntnoscs 2310 IIINOOE o 2IRX 3 H A c a H I so on c H 000C any woman quotI quot003 I quot05 max anx 3H0 A Thembusodtomkatonenwmoneortwo akyigroupsonthoaoubon The alkydtron tn Stop 2 bliows an 52 th KEY C Carbonyi Condensation Reach The Four Major Carbonyl Condensation Reactions We InctlonMCCbondsmshovmhnd O OH RCH CHO OH H quotAdd mm 24quot 2 no c H 9 ac ccucuo aquot cc quot1 H R Hp39 H R W runway carbonyt E and I or tattoos oarpound Lbunammod carbony compound m WOW 0 Clam nacho 45 2 o C C m n a new on I21 0 new cu on39 R m Moro me O O O O 3 menu reaction 2amp8 OH39 or Hp H OH 39 39 n abutstum camor39M 154am cornpwnd 0er compound compound on 4 Robinson annotation 249 Hp o o o 3 mummytum can a d 3 2cycIOHMnono Useful Variations McCMImMnhnd 1 06mm aldot mcuon 243 O quot0 o n c n I39ILOA quotOH n new w 21 acuo Cquot C a 91320 H R W quot0 H R 9quotquot0quot WM Ede compound womath COMM mad 2 mm m auction 244 o O NoOE With 14 I dicarbowl compounds 0 Bo I O O most I wan 15dtcubony1 compounds 0 Bo l3 Diockmann reaction 247 OE o O C a With 16m 0 mm 06 o 2HO39 OS 06 O O C b Wm 174m 0 o UN06 os 21 30 06


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