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ansc 240 uiuc

ansc 240 uiuc


School: University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign
Department: Animal Science and Zoology
Course: Zoo Animal Conservation
Term: Spring 2017
Tags: zoo, animals, nutrition, reproduction, and conservation
Cost: 50
Name: ANSC 406 Final Exam Study Guide
Description: Emphasis on Material from Exam 3 and after. Includes notes on the Videos shown in class Re-introductions, Demographics, Reproduction, Nutrition. How Zoos work.
Uploaded: 05/08/2017
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Where are the hozords?

Diets w/ high carbohydrote Contact - what to do?

How to decrease surplus?

Exom 3 Study Soup Demographic Management of Zoo haviorals 1. Founder Phase 2. Increase pop. may have over-emphasis on certain individue) keep all alleles. 3. Stdorlize Cerrywy capacity Sot ) Study Soup Study Soup Study Soup pleaths) Study Soup Studs @ Demography Science of vital stats C# of animals, 1 #s, cwsity, distintout ow, bith Okapi Colapia Jonestowi) -Native We also discuss several other topics like ksu ece
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to Raw Forest C. Africa Sou Lustre + Found 1901 Age Purceid: # of males to females. studySou studySoup lestability within populchow k a Lorge a screpoxies in sex nato or age classes Jeappropriak sex rotto for polygamous Not enough individuo's in young ace >07 proteine Decreasy / low # in reproductive age class Increased # w elderly class. lot buie Study Soup Study Soup Ploowia of reproductive mees o torola Like history & knowledge of species must be known * kameles.bred early a fertility compoed to later age ) * 1 breeding fecommodohow every 12-15 yrs. of Purpose Species bred for display -> Nimit nyertedwg depression If species ooly exist w captity more management Study sou Treinforcement New encourt) studySoup @ Popolation growth role formule... Nexti) = N (B-D)+(-E) N= pop, siz ot tarmet Be Births D Death 1Immignotiow E- Emignotto Study Soup Study Soup i Study Soup Growth Role o Study Sol Stud that Shadi soud Mouacement 11. Calculate Target pop, size 2. Coleviałe Growth more. 13. Calculdke Birth + Breeding poirs. 441. Fander e qevetic informatwa SV SOUS Assited Techn. *Artificiel lugeminotion *Embryo flushing : boar d (TAG) Taxonomic Achisory Groups Ly implmat regiowol Collection plass CBCRs). Diese 50% compliance - A u to limit pop of plan zebras & warthog sismint to wscrease space for Grevysis Zebra Pi River Hog. studySoup udy Soup Study Sou SP (5xcept Survival: Phao) uchut va luong can ( Complexa ) intensive guette derneacophie Monagha Mardoting x Stud Books PMP - Population Management Plow (not -Breeding & Trousse Recomm. mondatory? Study Soud Gheaffe had consequences due to these plase -were port of SSP but chauged to PMP x35 graffes were trows served out of Aut eos. .) StudySoup StudySoup Surplus Monagement Is Not needed for goal. Surplus happens because Toute babies appeal to de visitors Ygoals chouge choga fou resources - Culling: euthanasia of sur plus animals - Selling excess to institutious a private individuels. Regionel Retirement Centers was la Study Soup Study How to decrease surplus? -Cootraception - More plowing to moke breedius efective Study Soup Mood 202 sup Introduction t Sociolizato r u ) Phusiool wtroduchowl placing of cuimols iste navel enwauw ts. Social latroclue how place with me informiliar conspecifies to the farma how a ww breeding aan i short-term stress o Few Universal pricapot - New exhibits nuta -Genetic movagemat needed. Studysoup Study Soup Introductions. Considerchons. Predator Chicle) vs. Prey (flight) such annat e Territoriality Previous exposure to glass in terriers. Dominant vs shy Traived 3 Evaluate 3 vets, security + Negalang reinduwt Success of New enclature മാറി മാറ StudySoup @StudySoup Encloure Hotuose Electric fence) Boucles de flogged marked - Study Soup Study Soup Study Soup Study Social Physical introclochon i Processa d o s -Min. lmth. - Avoid extre temps su r le Early morning - Noutor stress #free access to holding facility -Feed off-exhibit to encourage them to go into holding on L-Put there back before closing time and clesti Considerations: - Social e Demissua Relchenships ally" agaust aggression e a -Temperamolof new mole: aggrave -> Atrodiveedom fork. hetimo subondinate femole. IntroductioN (Social) -Scent e sound pool health & Pharm. medication choose temperment) Gmin. clouscous to anatomy thows) Consideration Study Soup Permit limited tackle contact across barrice. Positive Reinforcement studs Smell memmels = panthen the enclosure chi StudySous Study Soup Socialization away from human to conspecific - Adult Great Apes a r de u ma - Marmel individ = teccher's young teach play Mothers deficients in motonet skills put with proficient mothers 3) study Soup StudySoup The Role of Coptive Popolations in Peintroduction eregnoms Peintroduction Revase of cookie cins to bodde ste with the wolucol rouge Arabic oryx Oryx leuconyx) anklope Loup Arbion Peninsula Desest -> 600 miledou * Hucked for meatwildenal purposes -Expopotion of the Species by 1972 Cooses: Oul, Veaces freesins 1962: Operation Croy . 2 moles e 1 luncle Paddiwood fudes. sest to Phoenix zoon Today: 6000-7000 in Roos, naogas e etc. Extect in wad --> Endangered - Uudete Vulwesele 1980 Re-whoduction to the wild -Oma, Saudi Arabia, Jorda..... Studs @ Study sou ) Study Soup dy Soup @ StudySoup Saule Stralegies 1. Threats wcrease amor shoold be cophared e moistoimed w zoob. 2. Il pop <20 females remoning oumals should be captured. 3. Pop size dwindles smoller (wilde zoo). - Capture breeding programs should wreese, Retas Diversity *Mikinita Vorosce w reproductive bueuss Callindividuo's equal Prevent artifical Seleches X Recreatiua cohous similar to time of onine (wild) = weokeys arectional selection that is adoptanity for captivity. Study Soup Daermero Tun kaum StudySoup Study Soup ) Study Soup Developing Sustawoble. Pop. 1. Capture wild pop individuals. ## of founders & that number of animals captured - less of a issue with current reproductie tech assistance 422 chetans (SSP) -> 83.wert oly fewders 2004 2. Growth of the captive pop... * Rapid growth rate more gevette diversity. soup. Mantan a self-sustainable pop * How importout in each cuimel. Genetic Considerchou fos Releases Strategy A Over-represcuted liweages for Release. the bigger the pop → release less represented ouincis Strategy B! less - represented weages 5 reproductive SOLLESS we wild Bechteresoole Adid Cost: & Risk of wbreedy. Beucht! Smelliest rase of noored nas Cat Smew # of Relecrecbe walio Studysoup Stud a Barefit. Greater # of udySQUE Study Soup Source Pop. -Coptive Pop => biosecurity risk that trauslocation of wild. -Do Not use sick /UNKNOWN animals - wild borne rewhroduchou more successful. Annels with valuoble gouette backgrounds are better off in coptivity x more core e offspring life History Theory Tradeoff between # e sunrival. - R-selected. Reproduce early e a lot but few reach maturity little to no core) K-selected: Reproduce Jew but more survive #More core. les @Study Soup Debrero Finol Section. Study Soup Study Soup idy Soup -) Study Soup study Soup Studi K prolouged juvenile stage. * Release adults ha sif philopotric (stoy to one location) would promoe success. If behavior of Juveniles improve success rate the better to release them over the adults. Lue li learning experience with Video California Coudoe Vancover - Boja 9.5ft wing spa. Pleistorene 60yrs k. selection "Die iw dignity" - asked why sove them. Consevetou Konovotio Double Clutching: remove first egg e put in incubator so poreuts breed again. - allows for 4 babies per yr. XKnow genetics - Salguard govetic lines Disease → West Nile. Micro-trash harmful to birds by they eat glass, plastic. locals Study sou Study SOUD Study Soup Today: 400 + population today at Imprinting - make birds think humous are scary o to allow species to thrive without huma contact Back to Notes Animals that have a slower population growth a live longer lives. Finol Section StudySoup divideos StudySoup Release - Predict sustawoble #'s -If the release of a special animal, more *altered behaviors - homoo friendly Need to be released Post Release Monitoring Importooths - Are they reproducing ? o "Are they alive? Dead? StudySoup Study Soup Studi @ Study Soup Release Example -Mexicow wolf Canis lupis baileyi * Numbes started to dective after bounties were put a On this species for killing livestock 1950s > No loops food io uos 1976-> Noned ou Endangered Species List 1980 - 5 left! ( Captured for breeding) 1988 - Re-Release! Today 300 in Zoos. -Death increased due to illegal shooting, hit doy cars, 13°l Natural Death, Rest. Ukod situations StudySoup sup udy SOUP Study Sour Re-introdua Hous are had Stud Father Davids Deer for predators preu. studySoup last Meta - Qualysis → 44% bid/mamnols traslocotou could be consideed successtol 1% would stoy capture Stock *IUCN > No reintroductions due to excess stock! StudySoup Study SCS Study Soup @ StudySoup ) GORH A Nterior Pituitory > increases ESHP LH males o incos FSH > allows for spumatoopuests Steroli cells: semim forous tubules. LH > Leydig cells androgous (testosterone) Negative Feedback study so Androgeus > hypotholamus GnRH+ LH stoblize hormones Testes size: change during the years o Ly shows reproductive stotos. Spermatogauers' produchou e development of mature Snem. Starts by: LSH Mantawed Testosterone Sperm reach Epididymis moturation done. Overcondition overweight & overheating of body - 1 sperm abnormalities Deficiencies in vitamins 4 AA couse abnormalities Stud Stud How long does sperm stoy inside female receptor ) * Tertile spem. 1 2 days -> dogs 72hrs rhesus moukey 5 days -> Horses Study Soup Study Soup Factors affecting reproductive success. 1. Photoperiod axis tilt > causes day chouges csecsous) Deylaugth (variations 2 more extreme farther from equatore Photic retinas -> Neural signals -> optic nerve Neves meet the optic chaism wear the duso Study Soup hypothalamic su prachasmotic Nucleus. DSCN Study Soup Nlight Lights should be red L> arcadiou clock. do not use blue / while lights. Study SOUT tudy Soup SCA outside Ejet lag L> spinal cord > back up to pineal gland ->produce melatonin Stuch estrus. 2. Temps Extremes. · Mele Femele Delcy puberty, late reproductive season. inregular cycles, increase or decrease in cycle. 3. Nutritos -suppress: LH RumNouts: î provision of fots in diet the decrease in feed. (Flushing) tudy Soup V sou dramatic - Study Soup studySoup Reproduction I - Soul Factors be z oels valor Pheromones Vomerono -Nevronel bindirect) -> hypotholomus -Auxiliary Olfactory system Flehmen response - lip curling, traustor scents to lt bron. PrimiNg Phemoves: -Phermones from other femoles (fomily) Suppress repro activity - Advouce puberty -Terminole Pregnancy Study Soup Dolpo Study Soup >) Study Soup Preguout but the novel mole euters e termindes preguan Mõles presceve increase ovulation ees hous Synchrony Delay pubesty or suppress ovulation (subordinates) Ls increase contisol Cskess hormone -crowding decreases fertility Extreme cases: mole dasyurid marsupiols >> Soup brush death after mating Solitary species -Cheeton - if grouped w/other sendes I cortisol e go into anestrous Social Species Isolatou reproductive success. Study Soup Stue dy Sous Ovariou cycle temple reproduction cycle usati Divided into phases. Uterus! fertilized egg imploutotion & development Graation cycle fluid-filled vesicle in the ovary ruptures Curly owlotow to release ou egg stu Studys Corpus luteum secetes progeskove durwg pregnancy Yellow-bodynne Follicules Phase Growth development of follicle before rupture FSH - FSH + LH -> increased eskogen -> cause es tus matram Ovulation stimulate LH terminales rupture of follicle. e release ovum. Mawcvulor! Longer monnels Orum litter size elephout shrews ovulole 120-180 but only have 2 offspring Induced VS spoutoveous loans ovulotors xNeed stimuli -No sexual stimuli rayon -Cats - Rocoon -Alpaca StudySoup ) StudySour StudySoup Ovn Luted phase after ovulation secretory phose. cortex primary follicle developing follicle - cuptored tincture follicle I follicle ovulation → Fluid filled Cavity corpus lotoum → degenerating corpus luteum. Menstruel phese -> Old World movkeys e apes. Stud Gdy Soup Studs Soup Study Video Homove Lob Pouda) Ficol sample (NON-rovosive) -ovulote once a yo. he 4 48hr fertile period AI-proges mogilios -> 45 days pseudopregnata Conservation reproduce African SU Study Soup Lion Study Soup Study Soup Prolactin hormone prevent an lotion. Study Soup StudySoup Study Soup Study Soup ( Studysomo StudySoup stud @ Reproduction 3 Moles - Difficult to assess. endocrine, enviroumet, Nutrition azoospermic: No living sperm Physical Exem: L. Age 2. Reproductive Season 3. Disease 4. Environment 5. Nutrition 6. Pregnancy 7. Libido 8. Reproduction of Relatives. 9. Toxic substance exposure StudySoup StudySoup sup Study Soup Testiculer size, shape & Condition Cryptorchidism moved wolves, jaquers Study so Study StudySoup StudySoup StudySoup Finol Section, Study SOU Study Soup Study Soup @ StudySoup 14060 Nutrition Herbivores -rely on anaerobic fermentation of fibee. 1. Pregastric fermeuters Romisautsi cattle, ou telope, girale XNou-romisarts hippoplomus, koogado e colobus Monkeys → Convert B-vitamius e Nitro ou into amino acids Cao detoxify body utilize cellulose 2. Postqastric fermasters x Cecom or blind sac of colon X Copybaras, rabbits, hores, elephauts, apes XDong> coprophagy -> recyce Nutricots 2 Stud Study Soup torage reduce dried e harvested. sterotypic behaviors prolonged chewing Study Soup Study Soup Minimal dry-matter content should be 85%d if above 83% Nutrients may be lost. ASUN-Cuning = 1 Vitamin D but will lose Vitamin A Grasses e legumes -> used to produce Hay! L> Nitrogew-fixed Chigher iw proteis calicum. Selenium (supplement StudySoup Study Soup Browse -twas, sprouts, small trees. Pelleted - Dit Colour other feed, if feed Blesbook Autope will not consome Sheep - cooper toxicity - Deer = require copper Stud Diseases Studysou StudySoup SOUTO Bloot = gas accumblation in the crombers of romeu. tressure wot ople toeruetote. → preveut respirato Death. Study Soup Stud Vitamin E Deficiency a nd Young forages = high in Vit, E x Declines as forage Sets oldery Cobbja. e during storage. xIf te deficient e se white muscle Disease. L Re-sorption of fetus. ram studysson L Softening of the Brain. RomeNitis (inflammation of rumeu) > PULDID capid fermentation Diets w/ high carbohydrote Contact - what to do? Increase fiber dy Soup Study Soup StudySoup StudySoup Tall Fescue toxicosis. Handy e Durable. •Fund endophyte - toxic to herbivores.. Symptoms 7 Body Temperature. Fescued foot. StudySoup Enterolithitis by stones in the intestines. & Epids (Zebro) - Too high in protein. - Magnesium e phosphorus Study Soup StudySoup - Alfofa Hay. StudySoup Stud @ Study Soup Veolithiasis L stones in the univory tract. a & Water Supply Young ruminouts - î magnesium Carnivore Nutrition. Obligate Carnivores cant form vit A from Coroleve. X Cao get Rickets. Fed muscle I b y Ca. Petc. Need to be supplemented! Raw meat diets - muscle, orgass, fets perishable. Extructed diets. meot Crowd) w/ supplements e pasteurized. Give animals now bones - help teeth. JU Study Soup ud SOUD Skuds Souto Study Soup @ Study Soup Whole Prey Rodents, poultry, fish. X Fat us lead body mass. StudySoup Wsch Exoskeletow & Ca.. Osteomalacia (soffering of boves). Rickets (soft, wook bowes) Study Soup .) Study Soup StudySoup Taurine Deficiency Petol development cordiac function. If deficient L» Dilated cardiomuppathy Cweakeved. estorged heart boats & dogs. Stud Study Soup Vitamin Dona Some animals are unable to synthesize Vit D. to use UVB light Study Soup Immunodeficiencies Detory ZINC. hy whole host of immunodeficreicies Irow Storage (Hepatic Iron #lemors.. Disease. Overbad) Study Soup StudySoup Study Soup CustiNoria. Animais do not properly ther Kidneys. ch absorb cysteine. U StudySoup studySoup Study SOUD Quolity Control Hazard Analysis. X Humon food Critical safety Control Point Study Soup Study Soup • HACCP monitor. food. t. Detect potential hazard or risks. 2. Identify Critical pts. 3. Where are the hozords? 4. Health risks. S. Estobish monitoring procedures. 6. Record keeping Studs ShadySOU Mycotoxins Aflatoxins. > high moisture → corn. Critical Temperature Storage -Notrient loss e quality degradation -30°C 18°C. CFrozes) et Study Soup sup Study Soup Visitors, conservation e Design 70-80s > Zoos = place for education . Watch our bado Seafood Pocket Guidecent 3031 con How to protect Widlite throuah recycling v Soup Study Soup dheu lecovina Parow the audiece Pobiic a Envirou meutel Protectio doch Next generation • God's. Creation • Live in healthy envirowmente StudySoup 4 Teaching about conservato most be age specific 3. Iwteractive experiences are better thou passive experiences, Pol vs Sious 14. Animals are key differentiator Live vs Models t o 5. Well-isformed, thoughtful anthropomorphism is okoy 6. Natural Environments provide strong positive affects. 17. Certain activities make behaviors chouge more likely. -) Study Sour StudySoup Study Soup Study SINOV SOUD Berovional charges • Incentives Social Support "Practice Mokes Perfect" e Public Promise. 3d Frosted Conservatoos National Geographic e Jacques Cousteow Studysoup "Modify their methods to get max conservation efforts impact) : living collechows, visitors, P. conservation stories. Exhibitry - 2 I First Zoo - 4300BP - Iraq * Kings oblawed exotics to display powee. 18the traveling menageries (zoos). StudySoup LONDON Zoo - first institution named a zoo e studys built after scientific principles were established. com Carl Hagenbeck's - Zoological port Bor less enclosures / dry moat. Naturalistic enclosures Mixed Species. Study Soup Study Soup ady Soup Study Soup 2 Study 20th Century to Coretakers preference asimol's well-being. Desigpers mode structures that were questionable for awincts health. 70's Seattle's Woodland Pork Zoo wel • Natural landscapes * Landscape Immersion Grout Joves) & Lots of resistance & low replication. Education in Zoos * little to no evidence to show that bu attending zoos, wit Visitors response to Conservation efforts or chouge their contest behavior. Zoo Exhibit Design Principles. Animal's Stadards. O 2. Time e space (for exhibit to be finished e. to allow enough space 3. Visitor e Staff Needs. 4. New ideas (Purpose of exhibit. I designs) 5. Basic Essetidsb 4 The more space the bettee. con Mixed Specics Exhibits tal camera andra Hageubeck will two different species benefit each other? Is it harmful? Barbary Macaque with a Barbory sheep StudySoup sup oup StudySoup StudySoup Study Soup 3) StudySoup @studySoup Study Sour Stud Disadvoulages Improper Imprigting • Vectoes of Disease x Squrriel Monkey can cause disease in black tailed marmosets. - Misinterpret Warning signs. • Individual diets. 9 • Aggression #avold mixing species w some buoys of display mor Oggression - corned bottle Solutions -Have retreat zoves ou ou Diff sizes e little competition. by reduce interspecific aggression. Inter! Different species Intra. Some species Rounding walls are better but more expensive. -Nontoxic point. Fencing for ungulates should be 1.8-2.4 m hig Drainage yo u rse Slope <5% gode Nou-skid Study Soup Study SOUD Study Soup Study sou @ Study Soup Doors Study Soup Opening word Sliding doors -> Prindes et ad Big Cats Study Soup mudy Soup StudySoup Movore from Permoveul Post Entry Quaroutine. -> must be stailized pathogous USDA = MiN stoudards for care a soll. Doplie display 2. Pestricted Area Marine Mammol facilities OS - Underwater viewing areo. - Medical pool - Aneos disinfected with 4.5% Sodium hypo Chlorite Study Sour Stus Study sou Water Systents 1. Open Systems Neor other body of water #Pollution -Continous exchouges of woteet 2. Semiclosed Systems X controlled additions of filtered n owfiltered. 3. Closed Systems x Recycled pool wake Test Woters pH Tempercture Trace miverols Coliforms x Chlorine = No more than 1ppm Concentration @studySoup rudy Soup Stud Vegetation Live vegetation for cuinds e visitors. - Provide for easy replacement. 50% of Root System must remain intact Study Study Soup Trawino and 7 positive reinforcement get nd of bullhook.) Study SOUT studySoup keads -Apinal Decratchows - Control ReNewdl. - Exhibits due to wew tech e -Behind-the-scenes tours. - Night Zoos. l chouge after 20yrs. philosophy. o l © Stue Study Soup Habitat Destruction on saat Invasive Spaces Pollution Pop. growth of homous. Over novesting IUCN 18,00 species threatoed. Study Soup Habitet DestructioN. Ivory -billed Woodpecker. bolestie •Extinet 1920s? 1938 few individuol see •2005 video ap of possible sighting StudySoup StudySoup Juvcsme Speles. Stephaus Isloud Wren > New Zealad 1894 Cat Issue. Sky Soup Study Soup Study Soup Study Soup StudySoup Study Soup Study Soup Stud: Over harvesting Tasmoso toer to Morsupici x Killed by hunters! 1930 last one killed so cose Pollution Greenhouse gases. ct 210g Melting polor te cops. Bleachios of Cord Reefs. Water Pollution/ Coutem vation. Terms. Global Warming1 temp associated with humous Greenhouse Effect: nodlohou tropped in allen infrared absorbing Qases. Global Climate Change Ranfoll e temperature charges in of locations 1..6°C tempertire. Since 1861 2. CO2 é temp. corneleted. 3. in snow, ice cop covers since 1960s 4. P700 yrs up to 20cm sea level increase 5. HUMAN'ACTIVITY! Other sources of Greenhouse Gases! • Methove Chy Nitrous Oxide N20 - fertizers Cordificult Chloroflourocarbous CCFCs) Lozone loss) USA. 4.5% of total World Population but 30% of CO2 emissions. Pee Study Soup tu StudySoup Study Sou @ StudySoup StudySoup Study Sour @ Stud Stud - First Mommel Goes Extract - June 14, 2016 - Im T See level not only threadous people BUT Aquatic life, Birds, & Big Cats.it Ocean acidity = +30% March 15, 2017 - Australia's Great Reef Dying Cause species to more Northward or higher elevshown to Pod of humous al cotton wou will only couture to grow anot ci i Population Diagrams Study Soup Death cast Death Role ack A u Beath Rate. Study SOUD ↑ Brush Role ucySoup ( Birth Rake sas. Tuo Birth Rote. Study Soup Study Soup tudy Soup 3) StudySoup StudySoup Bebnd the Scenes: Smithsonian's Nettosol 200 • Restaurant Grade food phs 2000 quiniels. Desde Distribute e allow for oumols de forcje Speckle Bear - Nicky. .200 + lbs overweight. Lost weight e introduced to fenole. Foodbonveilluesses e food handling 76 mil Illness 235000 Hospiphatod Chemical inso wicht . Physical Bidericol. 03 Beckic Protozoas s tation stud Viros Study sou Acidity at Oxygens TAI TOM. Temperature Moisture 41-135° Bactera Zone. LOSDA e Grade A Milka StudySoup Study sou studySoup StudySoup diaapolis Zoo Commisery -inventory (Imth worth) •Prep dey before. Popcorn. Gorlic flovoring 240lbs of Sweet Potatoe Food Coloring Butter beaus. Deart Butter Study Study Soup SOUN WOVOUS ) Study Soup King en aday studySoup ved Judy Soup @Studs Dubai Aquarium -75 mil people lyr. -Soud tiger Sharks. 20 wdopered wildlife specres Sharks. reloxed in their courament. King Croc: cout be returned to public. Weer hat - feeding time. Golden LioN tamarios wat net Alatic Costel Rangforest care Hobitet loss. - less than 2% of rouge left. Be-reintroduced 200 30 years ago -> Todoy 1500 Wild Omitically endangered sto ovdaçoed. Spring - set free N Beares Volley free neage. Gould go to White Hoose of awarded. Nest Box sleep inside. History of Loudon Zoo. Quagga 1872.. Evideos and postoto grophs of Qumok Sup Study Soup Study Sow StudySoup StudySoup StudySoup Study Soup Past Present, e Future of zoos co-exeting. Biofilia by culturol. Study Soup ) Study Soup StudySoup Uozco Bioparks Study Soup Modern Zoos Immersio Zoos Naturalistic Virtual Roos Frozen Zoos Stud Study Soup Study Soup sup Assomption -Gobolizchod slows - Polonnction of wealth.. - West exports Zoo Tech. USA, stogapore, Austria Future Broil, indonesia, Africe Countries Is it suitable for other countries Immesion Night zoo e interactive Zoos Post - Immersion - to swel around pork. The chances of the World Chooging Lot 1200 Turtles - Mosty Eodaugesed. 7 30,000 Turtles beius bought I hy used for human consumplion purcncked to sore them. Study Soup Study Soup Study Soup StudySoup StudySoup Study Soup StudySoup dy Soup Elephout w the Living Room. . Ego • Obtain animals at young age. Terry Bromfield 4 battle depression 6lious Thetforuchou 3 electrified cage = lion died 1 Reclity TV Stud StudySoup ody Soup @Studysoup Zonesville Tragedy.at 49 Nincs Dead 6 Block Beer. Beugel Tigers e Lions After he let them loose - he killed himself sup Study Soup Study Soup StudySoup StudySoup Study Soup StudySoup

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