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UT / Educational Psychology / EDP 363 / fetally androgenized females

fetally androgenized females

fetally androgenized females


School: University of Texas at Austin
Department: Educational Psychology
Course: Human Sexuality
Professor: Daley
Term: Spring 2015
Tags: Human and sexuality
Cost: 50
Name: Exam 3 Study Guide
Description: These notes cover everything that will be on the third exam
Uploaded: 05/09/2017
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○ Using homophobia for $ and political power: conservative audience ■ Question: On what grounds do you pick and choose the bible laws?

○ What to do with your time ?

How does HIV infection lead to AIDS?

Exam 3 Notes Gender Roles: ​An expectation of your beingness as a male or female that is reinforced by social rewards or punishment ● Everywhere in life ○ Walking ■ Female: elbow in hands out ■ Male: Elbow out, palms in STDS - Sexually Transmitted disease - Chap We also discuss several other topics like political science uri
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15 1. Which STDs now have preventative vaccines? a. Syphilis 2. Which viral STD can lead to cervical cancer? Is there a preventative vaccine for this? a. HPV infection, vaginitis, genital herpes, 3. Which STDS have cures, which do not have cures but treatments: bacterial STDS or viral STDs? 4. Is it possible to transmit herpes if you do not have a current outbreak? a. Yes 5. How does HIV infection lead to AIDS? a. HIV, a retrovirus, . 6. Worldwide, is AIDS mostly spread by heterosexual or homosexual contact? Which birth control methods if any can prevent STDs including AIDS? a. Heterosexually b. Condoms or abstinence 7. Once a syphilis lesion has healed, does this mean that the syphilis infection is now gone? Is it true or not true that for most STDs that you can get from intercourse can also be spread by oral or anal contact? a. No, does not mean infection is gone. b. True, you can get STDs both through oral or anal contact. 4 Major Punishments: ● Name calling- Associated with sexual orientation ● Ostracization - Not letting them join the club ● Hurt them financially ● Beat them up physically 4 Major Rewards:● Praise ● Join club/ask them to sit next to you ● Help them financially ● Do not beat them up Advantages ● You don’t have to decide what to do ● You are told how to avoid punishment ● Gives society a sense of order/direction ● Makes world more predictable and safer ● Develops complementary vs competitive relationships Gender roles have a necessity because women could only breast feed, which caused them to stay around children. Men had to go hunt for food. It is not wise to take babies on the hunt because it endangers the people on the hunt. (Biological) Inventions allowed us to play around with gender roles: ● Baby Formula- 21st century invention ● Birth Control- Abortion as a backup ● Electric Motor- Washing Machine/Dryer Complementary Role- ​They are roles that complement each other, surgeon and nurse are both necessary to do a surgery, both have areas/strengths, not taking turns ● Builds trusts and fondship Competitive Relationship- ​Men/women commute for who is going to do what/not what to do. Builds distrust and dislike. ● Everyone keeps score, nobodys wants to the the loser ● Keeping score builds distrust/high divorce rate Selfish Sexist-​ Favor the gender roles that are in your favor. You can develop complementary relationships not based on gender but what you like to do, skills, etc. Disadvantages of having strong gender roles 1. Less freedom 2. Less rewards to gender roles that is less appreciated by culture 3. Less Self-acceptance and expression of “Shadow” side 4. Less power for the person who does not earn money in culture which emphasize owning “things” (possession) as power. ● Human Beings are a mixed of soft/hard energy - men and women are more alike than opposite. (99.6% DNA similarity) ○ Men and women share 20% of DNA with (couldn’t read writing) cells\ ○ 80% of DNA w/ chickens ○ 90% of DNA w/ cows ○ 98% of DNA w/chimpanzees○ 99.6% of DNA between men & women ● Triune Brain: ○ Reptillian brain ○ Paleo-mammalian brain, lubre system (emotionality) neo-mammalian brain ● Can give you different messages, you kind of argue with yourself. You’ll have an argument w/yourself when alone ● We’re born selfish and self-centered. ● Over-generalization ○ Men are more comfortable with their sexuality ○ Whenever you say men are… and women… that’s an overgeneralization ● Men and Women have Existential problem - living together ○ What to do with your time ? ■ Set goals - achieve- celebrate- ge bored ■ Bet on things/money/clothes/sex ■ Don’t bet self-worth ○ How to be loved and compassion to everyone ● Women have to face 3 existential situations, not easy to handle/solve. Telling you this to have compassion for each other. 4/18 1. What do do w/ your time Babies cry: For food They’re tired Diapers are dirty Bored/Lonely, want attention. ● We bet on things in order to make them interesting ● Do not​ bet your self-worth. “If I don’t graduate from college, I’m a loser.” 2. How to be loved: You are essentially alone. Always hard to find someone to love. You should have more compassion for everyone 3. Existential truth of death. ● Drunk driving: don’t do it! ● Dr Brownstein: You should try to get rid of should’s. You don’t really need to have should’s in your life ● If you have a roommate who has sex with a partner while you’re trying to sleep, try to talk w/ the roommate in order work it out. ● Fetally androgenized females are statistically more likely to identify as lesbians as adults. Sexual orientation - 4/20 Androgen Insensitivity syndrome -​ genetics males who produce testosterone but cells are unaffected by it.● Look female ● Reach Adolescence with no period/breast development even though was raised to look like a girl. ● Brain has been feminized with estrogen ● HORMONES affect sexual orientation ● Example: David Burner “Brenda” ○ Circumcision gone wrong - gets a vagina ○ Twine Brother, raised as a normal guy ○ During child years, identify more tomboyish - identity confusion ○ The Dr. in charge lied about the data and told parents to hide what happened ○ Brenda never accepted being a girl. She hated it, was terribly teased, and became very depressed. ○ Dr. Mooney may have molested/sexually abused both twins. ○ Key**: they can’t change the brain development prenatal/ 8 month (already set) ○ BRAIN DEVELOPMENT: affect sexual preference later (Nature>Nurture) ○ Both Twins has psychological issues ● Homosexual arguments for unnatural 1. Homosexual doesn’t exist in the animal kingdom ○ Flaw: There are things that humans do that animals do not. Ex.: wearing clothes, driving cars 2. Vag and Penis are made for each other ○ Flaw: any sexual activity not involving both the vagina and penis would be wrong or unnatural. Ex.: oral/anal sex would be wrong 3. If everyone is gay, there will be no children ○ Flaw: if everyone were “x” there would be no children → “x” can be anything…Ex.: ”x” can be female/male but being female/male is not necessarily wrong 4. Homosexual is not the norm ○ Flaw: homosexuality is always present, just as a minority opinion--just because something is not the norm, does not mean its bad. Ex.: being left handed 5. It does not feel right ○ Flaw: “its like saying left handed people are wrong” 6. It's not psychological normal ○ Flaw: Proved psychologically ok by a psychology professor 7. Homosexuality is a sin ○ Flaw: implies that homosexuality is a choice ● Homophobia: irrational dislike and fear of homosexuality ○ Doesn’t mean that they are heterosexual ○ Causes: Was taught that it is wrong ○ Concerns for one own’s masculinity/femininity ■ Prove self-masculinity by putting down gays and lesbians (protection)○ Concerns for one’s sexual orientations ■ Attack gays to prove that you are not gay- resort to alcohol treatment ○ Study of homophobia- University of Georgia ■ Homophobia group: 20% no, 26% moderate erect, 54% full out erection ■ No-homophobia group: 66% no, 25% full out ■ Have a hard time proving that bisexual is not the norm ○ Scapegoating: -blaming a group for other people’s problem. ○ Using homophobia for $ and political power: conservative audience ■ Question: On what grounds do you pick and choose the bible laws? ● Marriages: ○ Compromise to raise children together ■ Business team- time/energy/money/emotional investment ○ Sources of poverty - single parenting to raise a children. ○ Reason for divorce: infidelity, abuse, career, etc… ○ Things to discuss: ■ Family vs marriage ■ Why would you leave? ■ Etc etc etc.. ○ Why you should like yourself before entering a relationship: ■ Respect others in the relationship leads to happiness ■ Tend to focus more on what you can give ■ Tend to believe that partner/spouse loves you and care for you ● Laws of projection: “” ■ Less anxious that their mate will leave you - less likely ● Become over protective ● Man: dominant power/control ● Woman: ask questions for insecurities ■ More flexible on wants vs needs ■ Less jealous and less revengeful ● Otherwise a poison relationship ○ Disagreements ■ Active persuasion ● Name calling, standing, harping (?) , hitting, threatening, bringing up the past ■ Passive Persuasion ● Seducing, withdrawn, not talking, dishonest, crying (emotional blackmail), not keeping agreement ■ Short term work but long term destroy the relationship ○ Creating interest - in relationship so you can keep growing and learning ■ Enthusiasm on the outside things to keep your interest (not get bored) ■ 3 interest ● Relatively easy to share with other people ● Relatively inexpensive● Relatively available and local ■ Interest lifts depression ○ Living with another person ■ Look at life easier with a Sense of humor - ○ Forgiveness ■ Everyone makes mistakes (cue miley Cyrus songs ♩) ■ Options: be angry/upset or learn how to forgive ■ Alternative options: hold on anger/resentment - gives you headache/bad feeling/upset yourself ■ Learn to forgive = peaceful mind ○ Love ■ Willingness to create for another a field of living that encourages their growth and development in a (usually) respectful manner ■ Sex may be added for flavor when mutually wanted (desert) ○ Appreciation ■ Everyone wants to be appreciated ■ Usually, Appreciations becomes dreaded expectations /complains ■ Always look for things to appreciate in other people. ● From 5/2 ● Ill-Advised Active Activities to Bend People to Your will: 1. Standing 2. Yelling 3. Name-calling 4. Harping (repeating something over and over until the other person gets sick of it and gives in) 5. Hitting (no hitting doesn’t just apply to men. Not okay for women to hit men in a relationship either) 6. Threatening 7. Bringing up the past Ill-Advised Passive Activities to Bend People to Your will​: 1. Seducing 2. Withdrawal 3. Not talking (silent treatment) 4. Being dishonest 5. Crying (not honest smiling, dishonest crying to get your way) 6. Not keeping agreements Sometimes, in a relationship, you must create interest. If you and your partner know how to make interest, you can keep growing and growing, which will help you stay young. Enthusiasm initially meant “being in a state of God.” What we mean when we say this is that you are absorbed in something other than yourself. Creating interest helps you not be bored. In a healthy relationship, both people create interest. If only one personcreates interest, it doesn’t work well. Both people must create interest. Interest keeps relationships moving in an upward spiral rather than a downward spiral of boredom. Dr. recommends that in life, you must have at least 3 interests that meet the following three criteria: 1. Relatively easy to share w/ other people (can be social), and you can share it with more than just one person 2. Relatively inexpensive (don’t have to be rich to enjoy it) 3. Relatively easily available (if only thing you like is skiing in Colorado, you might be bored and unhappy during non-ski season) You should have 3 different interests so that if you get bored with one of them you can do another. Dr. Brownstein recommends hiking (especially at Big Bend). Georgia O’Keefe​ is well-known American painter. She writes about being depressed for about 3 weeks. She didn’t leave her home, she just didn’t do anything. Finally, she got “bored” with being depressed, and went for a walk through her home-town of Abecue. She forgot how much she loved the hills around Abecue. She said, “I am in love with color.” As soon as she saw that again, she couldn’t wait to get back home and paint. And then she wasn’t depressed anymore, because she recreated her love of color. When you are depressed, you only think of yourself. When you create interest, you will not be depressed anymore, because you will start to like life again. Sense of humor​: It’s not easy to live with somebody else. This is why, in the 3 existential situations of life (1. Contemplating death, 2. What to do with your life, and 3. Who to love and how to find someone who loves you), you should have some sympathy for each other. Life is much easier when you can look at things with a sense of humor. Louis Kahn ​was the architect and founder of the Salk Institute. Dr. Brownstein reads aloud from a book about Louis Kahn. In order to get a sense of humor, put a full-length mirror in front of the toilet. This will help you not take yourself so seriously. Put a joke book in your bathroom, and then share a joke with another person every day. Forgiveness​: Humans are flawed animals. We make mistakes. We’re not always polite to everybody. We’re not always in a good mood. Sometimes we say hurtful things. Sometimes you can be angry and upset, or you can learn how to forgive people. When you are angry, your anger lives in your mind and body and upsets your body. It makes your stomach upset and gives you heart attacks. It gives you headaches. It makes you feel bad. For you to be angry at someone else you have to create all that anger inside of you first. It may or may not affect them, but it will affect you. This is why Jesus said, “god forgive them for they know not what they do,” as he was dying on the cross. He wanted to die peacefully, not angry. You can be angry as much as you want, but know that it’s mostly hurting you. When you forgive other people, it doesn’t mean you have to agree w/ what they did, you are just forgiving them for their mistake. You should resist others w/love in your heart. This is also what Buddha taught. People only change with love, not hatred. Dr. Brownstein’s Definition of Love:​ Love is the willingness to create for another a field of living that encourages their growth and development in a usually respectful manner. Sex may be added for flavor when mutually wanted. I hope all of you, in your life, find people who you want to give that love to, and who want to give you that love.

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