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School: North Carolina Wesleyan College
Department: Science
Course: First Aid and CPR
Professor: Carol carson
Term: Spring 2017
Cost: 50
Description: Shemm Ritchie Case Studies 3/20/17 Case 1 A25-year-old construction worker has been badly cut on his thigh by a circular power saw
Uploaded: 07/01/2017
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How would you care for this victim?

How would you treat her until EMS arrives?

How would you as a co-worker stop bleeding and treat this victim for shock until EMS arrives?

Shemm Ritchie Case Studies 3/20/17 Case 1 A 25-year-old construction worker has been badly cut on his thigh by a circular power  saw. Blood is flowing heavily. The cut is about 6” to 8” long. He appears to be pale,  anxious and restless. How would you as a co-worker stop bleeding and treIf you want to learn more check out cstu 101 learning activity 3
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at this victim  for shock until EMS arrives? You will need to get a pair of gloves to protect yourself from any being harmed, then  cover the wound with sterile or clean dressing. Apply direct pressure to the wound until  the bleeding stops. If the bleeding continues you need to add more dressing to the wound. You will need to find a clean material that you can use as a tourniquet to cover the  wound. It should be placed 2 inches above the wound and tightly tied. You then would  treat him for shock, elevate his feet 12 inches unless you suspect broken bones, back, or  neck injury. Make sure he lays flat on his back. Monitor his breathing and preform CPR if needed and then tell him to keep calm there is help on the way. Case 2 A pan of hot grease catches on fire, in her effort to put out the flames Tracy’s blouse  touches the flame and ignites, sending fire racing up her arm. Her screams bring you and others racing to the kitchen. She has second-degree burns on about 7% of her body.  How would you treat her until EMS arrives? The first step would be to wait for the burns to cool, secondly apply a thin layer of  antibacterial ointment to the burns and cover the burn with a loose, dry, nonstick, sterile  or clean dressing. Covering the burn will reduce the amount pain, while keeping the burn  clean and prevent evaporation moisture loss. Case 3 You come into the office and see the custodian lying on the floor next to an old, frayed  electrical wire. His face is pale-white with blue coloring underneath the eyes and around  the lips. How would you care for this victim? I would call 9-1-1 immediately and then I would turn off the electricity. Once the area is  safe I would check to see if the victim is still breathing. If the victim is not breathing, I  would start CPR, then check for any burns or injuries. If any burns are present, you will  cover the burns with sterile dressings to prevent contamination. Case 4 While cleaning the gutters your neighbor slips and falls from his ladder. He landed on  the cement patio. When you come out of your house you see them lying on the ground.  They are unconscious but breathing. You see cerebrospinal fluid coming out of his ears  and nose along with an open wound on the back of his scalp. What first aid would you  provide this victim?Apply a sterile dressing to the wound and hold it in place gently. After you would control  the bleeding by pressing on the edges of the wound and gently on the center of it. A soft  pad could be useful in applying pressure around the edges if a skull fracture is suspected.  Finally you would call 9-1-1. Case 5 The office clown plays a practical joke on a co-worker. The victim hits his nose on the  office clown’s elbow causing his nose to bleed. How should this person help this co worker? Since the victim hit his nose you will need to treat him for broken nose. Have the victim  lean slightly forward, don’t allow let the victim to lay down or lean his head back. Pinch  the nostrils shut completely for 10 minutes and tell him to breathe through his mouth and  don’t swallow any blood. If bleeding had not stopped tell him to gently blow his nose.  Then pinch the nostrils shut for another 10 minutes. If the bleeding continues try an ice  pack or other methods to stop it. Medical care is not needed unless nose is broken or if  the bleeding won’t stop. Case 6 A teenager falls off his skateboard and breaks his two front teeth in pieces. The teenager  is in a lot of pain. The victim’s dentist is minutes away. What should you do? Collect all the teeth fragments. Then rinse the teenager mouth out with warm water. For  the swelling over the injured area place an ice pack on the outside of the cheek to help  ease the pain. Also provide the teen with pain medication. If a jaw fracture is suspected,  first stabilize the jaw and wrap the bandage under the chin and over the top of the head.  Finally take the teenager to the dentist with the teeth fragments. Case 7 At the scene of a car accident, you do a scene survey and find the scene safe. You find  the passenger lying on his back with blood coming from his head. He complains of loss  of sensation and can’t move his toes in both lower extremities. What injury would you  suspect? And what first aid would you provide this victim? The driver is unconscious and trapped in the car. How would you handle this situation  with two seriously injured victims? I would suspect would be a spinal injury. First I would call 9-1-1 then without moving the victim. Then I would wrap the scalp to try and control the bleeding and blood loss. Tell  them to remain as still as possible and try to stabilize them. I would do this by placing  both my hands on both sides of the head with palms over ears and hold until EMS arrives. I would then ask someone to check on the driver and make sure he is breathing. After I  had stabilize the victim with the spinal injury if the driver was not breathing I would ask  someone to help me and guide them through CPR if needed, since I will be stabilizing the spinal injury victim.Case 8 A man’s shirt got caught in a piece of equipment cutting open the whole left side of his  abdominal area. His organs are exposed. What first aid would you provide this victim  until EMS arrives? You don’t need touch any of the organs, but you will need to cover them with a moist  clean dressing. Call 9-1-1.Then I would tell the victim to stay in a comfortable position.  Most likely laying on his back. Then I would Place a loose plastic wrap or occlusive  dressing if available and loosely tape the plastic wrap or dressing in place.  Case 9 A bicycle rider skids on loose rocks, catapults over the bike’s handlebars, and lands on  his extended arm. He complains about severe pain in his shoulder and holds his arm  away from his body, unable to rest it against his abdomen. You look at the shoulder and  find it greatly deformed when compared with normal rounded contour of the other  shoulder. The suspected injury is a clavicle fracture. You should first treat the patient for shock and  apply an arm sling to stabilize and rest the arm. Apply an ice pack to the area for 20  minutes three to four times during a 24 hour time span.  Case 10 During a recreational league basketball game, one of the players turns his right ankle. He hobbles with difficulty and complains of pain when he reaches the sideline. How would You help your teammate? Your teammate might have a sprained ankle. You should use the RICE procedure (REST,  ICE, COMPRESSION, ELEVATE). Ice for 20 minutes and you can apply and elastic  bandage to keep ice in place. After apply compression with an elastic bandage for 3-4  hours. Repeat the cycle of compressions and ice for 3-4 hours. To elevate raise your ankle to reduce swelling. No medical attention is needed unless the bone is broken.  Case 11 At a chemical company, an alkali product is accidentally splashed on the left upper body  of a 47 year old male. His left eye is also splashed with the solution. What first aid  would you give this worker? For the eye you will need to hold the eye open and flush the eye with warm water for 15- 20 minutes. Remove all clothing and jewelry. Immediately flush the burns with cool  water for 20 minutes. Don’t use the water on high pressure.  Case 12  An 18 month old has bitten through a household electrical cord. He has third degree  burns around his mouth. How would you treat this child?Check for breathing, if the child is not breathing begin CPR. Call 9-1-1 immediately.  Cover all burns wounds with sterile dressings. Seek medical help immediately. Because electrical burns cause the paralysis of the breathing center you must be prepared  to do what when treating burn victims? You must be prepared to preform CPR on the victim if he stops breathing.

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