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Ecology Study Flash-Cards

by: Huda Khan

Ecology Study Flash-Cards Bio 120-001

Marketplace > Towson University > Biology > Bio 120-001 > Ecology Study Flash Cards
Huda Khan
GPA 3.0
Principals of biology

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About this Document

Study cards with answers from the guide
Principals of biology
Study Guide
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This 7 page Study Guide was uploaded by Huda Khan on Monday July 27, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Bio 120-001 at Towson University taught by Partain in Spring 2015. Since its upload, it has received 314 views. For similar materials see Principals of biology in Biology at Towson University.


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Date Created: 07/27/15
interpret a population pyramid Correlation between female education income and fertility Population a group of individuals of the same species that share the same habitat and interact with each other to the point of being able to interbreed Carrying Number of individuals of a certain species an area can support The I 39 h39 r 39 dB capacnty 223322 gct i rtttgarl tieellot Demog raphic continued p0puation increase despite reduced m 0 m e ntU m reproductive rates Diversity in community stability Hetertroph consumer gt primary herbivore secondary carnivore Keystone A species with a dominant role in shaping SpeCIeS the community structure Resource Using different parts of a resource to avoid or partltlonlng reduce competition climate change brought about by increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide function of mitochondria amp chlorophyll 2 Laws of Thermodynamics Bioaccumulation The gradual build up over time of a chemical in a living organism This occurs either because the chemical is taken up faster than it can be used or because the chemical cannot be broken down for use by the organism Acid rain Acidic gases go into the atmosphere and are carried by the wing then dissolve rainwater and form acid rain Kills plant life pollutes and erodes stone work Smog Smoke and Fog lnflames breathing passages decreases lungs working cap Ozone depletion


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