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ASU / Psychology / PSY 472 / dars report asu

dars report asu

dars report asu


PSY191: Achieving Academic Success Fall 2017 Class Number: #76617 Day & Time: Monday 9:40 am – 10:30 am Classroom: G. Homer Durham Language and Literature Room 270 (LL 270) Instructor: Phoebe Chang Contact Info: Phoebe.Chang@asu.edu Office Hours: Tuesday 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm or by appointment Office: PSY Advising Office (PSY 202) Teaching Assistant: Thato Seerane Contact Info: Thato.Seerane@asu.edu Office Hours: Monday 3:00pm – 4:00 pm or by appointment Office: PSY Advising Office (PSY 202) Course Description This course is a 1-credit course. It is designed to introduce you to the College of Liberal Arts and  Sciences as a Psychology major. You will learn about the university and be exposed to possible future  outcomes within and outside the field of Psychology. In addition, we will focus on how to be successful  academically at Arizona State University; as well as how to constantly achieve desired personal and  academic growth. Course Objectives Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: • Understand Academic Integrity • Obtain adequate knowledge of ASU Resources • Integrate into college life and become a true Sun Devil ☺ • Understand the essentials of personal and academic growth  Course Materials • ASU Blackboard • Academic Planner / Calendar • Electronic devices (e.g. cell phone, laptops) are needed upon requestCourse Format This is a seminar course and participation is expected. Participation includes discussions, group  projects, assignments, as well as being respectful and attending classes on time. Expected Classroom Behavior Please turn off any electronic devices or put them on silent mode before the class starts as a courtesy.  Answering cell phones during class is not tolerated; please step outside to the hall if it is an emergency.  However, students who constantly answers their phone in the hall will be considered absent. I reserve the right to ask students to leave if any behavior is interrupting the class. For example, eating  food, unrelated readings, constant talking, text messaging, listening to music, ringing cell phones, etc.  The use of any electronic devices is strictly prohibited during class time (unless otherwise instructed). Attendance Attendance is an essential part of this class. You can have up to two unexcused absences. A third  unexcused absence to the class will result in an automatic failing grade. You may be no more than 10  minutes late to class; anything more will result in an absence. If you are absent, you are responsible  for turning in your assignments on time. Excused Absences If you are absent for a circumstance beyond your control, please email Phoebe.Chang@asu.edu no  later than the next class you are able to attend. You will need to provide documentation regarding the  situation for the absence to be excused. After receipt of your email and documentation, the instructor  will determine if the absence will be excused. If the absence is excused, the instructor will work with  you to determine make-up timeframes for any missed assignments, as appropriate. Some examples of excused absences are: • Illness (self or family) • Death in the family • Religious Practices (see ACD 304-04) • University Sanctioned Activities (see ACD 304-02) Assignment Policy Turning in all assignment through the course Blackboard site on the due date before the beginning of  class, unless otherwise instructed. If your assignment is not submitted before the beginning of class, it  is considered late. No late assignment will be accepted. If you are absent on the day an assignment is  due, it is your responsibility to submit the assignment by the due date and time.Grading Scale There is a total of 100 points available in this class. The grading scale is as such:   Letter Grade Point Distribution A+ 97+ points A 90 – 96.9 points B+ 87 – 89.9 points B 80 – 86.9 points C 70 – 79.9 points D 60 – 69.9 points E Below 59.9 points

What soft skills will be important for you to develop?

We also discuss several other topics like What is the definition of kenndy's law?

The points breakdown is distributed as below: Mandatory Activities Points for Each Activity Total Points Academic Success Activities 2 points 10 points ASU Sponsored Activities 2 points 10 points Psychology Lab Tours 2 points 6 points

Class Assignments Total Points Syllabus Assignment 8 points Four Semesters Plan 5 points DARS Report Quiz 4 points Goal Setting Worksheet 4 points GetSet Exercise: Preparing for My Career 5 points Library Resources Worksheet 5 points Mickey’s Mad Monday 5 points GetSet Exercise: Financial Literacy 5 points Resume Draft and Cover Letter Outline 8 points GetSet Exercise: Handling Stress 5 points Group Project: Campus Resources Scavenger Hunt 10 points Group Project: Psychology Careers Presentation 10 points

How can you spend your time outside of class preparing for your career?

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We also discuss several other topics like What is the meaning of basic derivative rules?

Participation Considering attending classes are the duty of students, no points will be rewarded. However, if student is absent without an approved excuse or is not engaged in class, 2 points will be deducted per class.  Extra Credit Any extra credit opportunity will be described in the description below or made available at the  discretion of the instructor. Check the Blackboard announcements for reminders! Mandatory Activities Description Academic Success Activities — Due on November 27th 9:40 am You are required to participate in at least five different academic success activities throughout the  semester. To successfully obtain the credit, you must submit documentation of the activity to  Blackboard. Documentation may include: a signed log sheet (posted on Blackboard site), a signature  on a business card, or a signature on a handout. A signature on the sign-in log or on something  from the activity is required. Examples of the academic success activities include, but are not limited  to, SI sessions, tutoring, writing center, first year success coach meetings, faculty office hour visits, etc.  ASU Sponsored Activities — Due on November 27th 9:40 am You are required to participate in at least five different ASU sponsored activities throughout the  semester. To successfully obtain the credit, you must submit proof of attendance and 1 paragraph of  reflection for each activity to Blackboard. Proof of attendance may include anything you received (e.g.  ticket, wristband) during the event or a selfie. The purpose for the paragraph to reflect your thoughts on  the event as well as demonstrating what was gained during the event. Examples of the ASU sponsored  events include, but are not limited to, welcome events, ASU sports events, PET events or meetings, Psi  Chi meeting, Greek life activities, career service workshop or events, ASU Gammage shows, etc.  Psychology Lab Tours — Due on November 20th 9:40 am This assignment is an opportunity for you to gain exposure to the research labs in the Psychology  Department. To receive credit for the lab tours, you must select at least one of the lab tour opportunities listed below, visit three Psychology labs, and receive signatures from each of the labs proving  attendance. If you are unable to attend any of the lab tour sessions, proper documentation must be  provided. If so, an alternative assignment will be offered to receive full credit.  Lab tours will begin every 20 minutes – on the hour and :20 and :40 of each hour • Lab #1 Friday, September 15th 9am – 1pm • Lab #2 Thursday, October 12th 12pm – 4pm • Lab #3 Wednesday, November 15th 11am – 3pmClass Assignments Description Syllabus Activity — Due on August 28th 9:40 am Go through the syllabus for all your classes and input all the due dates for assignments and exam  dates on your planner. The planner can be either electronic or paper-based. You can submit it through  Blackboard by uploading screenshots of the planner or show me the planner before it is due.  Campus Resource Scavenger Hunt Presentation — Due on September 11th 9:40 am During the second week of class, you will participate in a Campus Resources Scavenger Hunt, which  small groups will be assigned. You will be visiting different facilities or buildings on campus. Further  research on the service are needed so you can introduce your assigned facility to your classmates.  Further instruction on the details of the presentation will be provided on Blackboard.  DARS Report Quiz — Due on September 18th 10:30 am To receive the full credit, please bring your laptop (preferred) to demonstrate your understanding of  your DARS report. If you cannot bring any electronic devices (not including your phone), please print  out your DARS Report prior to the class period.  Goal Setting Worksheet — Due on September 25th 10:00 pm During the class period, you will be introduced to effective ways of setting your goals. We will complete  most of the worksheet in class together. Submit your completed worksheet to Blackboard to receive full  credit. (Note: documents should be scanned; further instruction is on Blackbaord. Please inform me  prior the end of the class period in case you have any difficulties.) GetSet Exercise: Preparing for My Career — Due on October 2nd 9:40 am Before attending the career service workshop, visit the GetSet Exercise and complete the assignment.  Think about your future career, the roles you will play and skills you will need. What soft skills will be  important for you to develop? How can you spend your time outside of class preparing for your career? Four Semesters Plan — Due on October 9th 9:40 am Create a list of courses you would like to take from Spring 2018 to Spring 2019. We will go through the  requirements in class and how to use your DARS report. Submit the completed scanned document to  Blackboard to receive full credit. Extra Credit: If you can further schedule your semester plan until you  graduate, you will receive 3 extra points! Resume Draft and Cover Letter — Due on October 16th 9:40 am During the class period, you will be exposed to all the workshops and assistance the Career Service  provides to ASU students. For you to be well-prepared, a draft of your resume and a simple cover letter  should be submitted via Blackboard. If you need help, you are encouraged to schedule an appointment  with the Career & Professional Development Services or visit the instructor’s office hours. Extra Credit:  You will receive 3 points if you show the proof of your LinkedIn account. You can either submit a  screenshot or a link via Blackboard or show me your profile before class starts on October 16th.Mickey’s Mad Monday — Due on October 23rd 9:40 am To demonstrate your understanding of time management, you need to help Mickey, who is an  extremely busy college junior, to prioritize and organize his insane schedule on Monday. Be creative  with the tool of your choice to organize his day. Make sure to level the urgency yet maintain a good  balance for Mickey. The assignment is required to be submitted through Blackboard. Library Resource Worksheet — Due on October 30th 9:40 am During the class period, you will complete a worksheet provided by the library to acknowledge what  resources are available for you. Submit your completed worksheet to Blackboard to receive full credit. GetSet Exercise: Financial Literacy — Due on November 6th 9:40 am After the Financial Aid Workshop, complete the GetSet exercise to receive full credit. You should think  about a difficult financial situation you experienced in the past. What financial literacy skills that you’ve  learned since then could help you avoid similar situations in the future? GetSet Exercise: Handling Stress — Due on November 13th 9:40 am Before the lesson on Stress Management, complete the GetSet exercise to receive full credit. You  should think of a time you reacted poorly to a stressful situation. What could you have done differently?  What can you do in the future to better handle stressful situations? Careers in Psychology Presentation — Due on November 20th 9:40 am Groups will be assigned prior to the presentation. You will create a 5-7-minute presentation in any form (e.g. role play, PowerPoint presentation, etc.) to provide information about a certain career that is  related to psychology. If the presentation does not require any written information, please submit a  short paper (1-2 pages) summarizing where you obtained the information you presented. All citation  needs to be in APA format. Class Schedule  Date Topic Assignment Due August 21st Starter: Review syllabus; “Get to know you” activities

August 28th Academic Integrity; GetSet Program Syllabus Activity September 4th Labor Day – No Class GetSet Orientation September 11th Group Presentation: Campus Resource Scavenger Hunt Campus Resource Scavengers Hunt  Presentation September 18th Freshman Workshop DARS Report Quiz September 25th Goal Setting: How to Stay Motivated? Goal Setting Worksheet October 2nd Career Service Workshop GetSet Exercise:  Preparing for My Career October 9th Fall Break – No Class Four Semesters Plan October 16th Time Management: How to Stay Organized? Resume Draft and Cover Letter October 23rd Library Resources Workshop (Meet at Hayden C41) Mickey’s Mad Monday Assignment October 30th Money Management & Financial Aid Workshop Library Resource Worksheet November 6th Study Abroad 101 & Internship and Research Opportunities GetSet Exercise:  Financial Literacy November 13th Stress Management: How to Stay Calm? GetSet Exercise: Handling Stress November 20th Group Presentation: Careers in Psychology Presentation Careers in Psychology Presentation November 27th Last Day of Class! Academic Success Activities ASU Sponsored Activities Lab Tours Documentation

What financial literacy skills that you’ve learned since then could help you avoid similar situations in the future?

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The course schedule and assignments are subject to change. Please read your ASU email, check  Blackboard announcement and attend class to be informed of any changes.  Technology Support In the case of technical difficulties, your first contact should be the 24/7 help desk number at 1-855-278- 5080. This team will walk you through any issues you may have, as well as provide record of the  interaction, in case you miss a deadline due to a technology issue.Academic Integrity Academic honesty is expected of all students in all examinations, papers, and laboratory work,  academic transactions and records. The possible sanctions include, but are not limited to, appropriate  grade penalties, course failure (indicated on the transcript as a grade of E), course failure due to  academic dishonesty (indicated on the transcript as a grade of XE), loss of registration privileges,  disqualification and dismissal. For more information, see http://provost.asu.edu/academicintegrity. Disability Accommodations Qualified students with disabilities who will require disability accommodation in this class are  encouraged to make request at the beginning of the semester through office hours or appointment.  Note: Prior to receiving disability accommodation, verification of disability must be received by the  Disability Resource Center (DRC). Disability information is confidential. Establishing Eligibility for Disability Accommodations Students who feel they need disability accommodation in this class, but have not registered with DRC  should do as soon as possible. Their hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday thru Friday. Their  office is located on the first floor of the Matthews Center Building. DRC staff can also be reached at:  480-965-1234; 480-965-9000. For additional information, please visit:  www.asu.edu/studentaffairs/ed/drc. Policy Against Threatening Behavior  All incidents and allegations of violent or threatening conduct by an ASU student (whether on-or off  campus) must be reported to the ASU Police Department (ASU PD) and the Office of the Dean of  Students. If either office determines that the behavior poses or has posed a serious threat to personal  safety or to the welfare of the campus, the student will not be permitted to return to campus or reside in  any ASU residence hall until an appropriate threat assessment has been completed and, if necessary,  conditions for return are imposed. ASU PD, the Office of the Dean of Students, and other appropriate  offices will coordinate the assessment in light of the relevant circumstances.
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