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Chapter 1 vocabulary flashcards

by: Katherine Smith

Chapter 1 vocabulary flashcards Span 1010-02

Marketplace > Middle Tennessee State University > Literature > Span 1010-02 > Chapter 1 vocabulary flashcards
Katherine Smith
GPA 2.9
Elementary Spanish 1
Soraya Nogueira

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About this Document

Elementary Spanish 1
Soraya Nogueira
Study Guide
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This 16 page Study Guide was uploaded by Katherine Smith on Wednesday August 19, 2015. The Study Guide belongs to Span 1010-02 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Soraya Nogueira in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 46 views. For similar materials see Elementary Spanish 1 in Literature at Middle Tennessee State University.


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Date Created: 08/19/15
Hola Hi Buenos oll39as Good morning Buenas tardes Good afternoon Buenas noohes Good evening Good night Adios Goodbye Nos vemos See you Hasta luego See you later Hasta la vista See you later Hasta pronto See you soon Hasta manana See you tomorrow Saludos a Greetings to Chau Bye Como esta usted How are you form Como estas How are you fam Qu hay de nuevo What s new QU pasa What s happening What s going on Qu ta How are you How is it going Muy bien graoias Very well thanks Nada Nothing No muy bien Not very well Regular Soso OK Pardon me Con permlso Excuse me De nada You re welcome Lo siento I m sorry Muchas gracias Thank you very much ThanksaloD No hay de qu You re welcome Pardon me Perdon Excuse me por favor please se or Sr don Mr sir se ora Sra do a Mrs ma am se orita Srta Miss C mo se llama usted What s your name form C mo te llamas What s your name fam Me Name My name is gY usted And you form Y tL39J And you fam Muoho gusto Pleased to met you El gusto es mI39o The pleasure is mine Delighted Pleased to meet Enoantadoa you lgualmente Likewise EsteEsta es This is I would like to introduce you Le presento a to form Te presento a I would like to introduce you to fam el nombre name De donde es usted Where are you from form De donde eres Where are you from fam Soy de I m from gCu ntosas How muchmany de qui n whose sing gde qui nes whose plural there is not no hay there are not Argentina Argentina Costa Rica Costa Rica Cuba Cuba Ecuador Ecuador Espa a Spain Estados Unidos United States M xico Mexico Puerto Rico Puerto Rico el autobL39Js bus Ia capital capital city el Chico boy Ia chica girl Ia computadora computer la comunidad community eIIa conductora driver Ia oonversaoion conversation Ia oosa thing el ouaderno notebook el dia day el diario diary el diooionario dictionary Ia esouela school eIIa estudiante student Ia fotografl39a photograph el hombre man eIIa joven youth young person e I piz penoH a leooion lesson Ia maleta suitcase la mano hand el mapa map la mujer woman a naoionalidad nationality e namero number e pal s country Ia palabra word eIIa pasajeroa passenger e problema problem ea profesora teacher el programa program eIIa turista tourist el video video ser to be


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